My spouse and I scheduled a 10 day trip to Alaska, a long awaited vacation. My only regret would be that I would only have limited contact with Mistress Shelle due to the remoteness of the trip.
The flight up to Alaska stops at Dallas, Portland, until it finally arrives at Anchorage. We arrived and settled in to the hotel room awaiting the introductory meeting with our tour guide at dinner. At dinner we began to meet the other people, when 2 women came walking in. They sat down next to me at the table in the last 2 empty seats.
I looked to my left and OH MY GOD! I recognized Mistress Shelle!! I was also sure that Lady Helena was sitting next to her. My mind was going crazy! Was my secret Mistress going to expose me on this trip? Then, I calmed a bit, trusting Mistress Shelle as I always have. There were general introductions as we got acquainted while we ate dinner. As everyone chatted after dinner, my wife excused herself to use the restroom.
Mistress Shelle leaned over to me and told me that I owed her 13,000 for this little surprise vacation. She also mentioned that She would expect the payment through PayPal in the next 5 minutes. Opening PayPal immediately I transferred the funds. My wife arrived back at the table and I heard Mistress Shelle’s phone ding, indicating She had received the funds. Mistress Shelle then stood and thanked everyone for dinner, as She and Helena left, I was sure Lady Helena winked at me. Not a great night for sleeping, since I knew Mistress Shelle was in the next room. This was going to be a very interesting vacation.
Day 2 was spent touring Anchorage and then into the van for a trip to Talkeetna. I helped our guide load the bags and he asked me if I would sit up front with him for ride to Talkeetna. I checked with my wife and she said it was fine. She chatted with the other travelers. As everyone took their seats, I noticed in the rearview mirror that Mistress Shelle had seated herself next to my wife. They chatting for the entire trip. It appeared they were becoming good friends and really enjoying each others company.
We arrived in Talkeetna. It appeared that Helena, Shelle, and my wife (Julie) were becoming very good friends. I helped unload the bags and took them to the hotel rooms. Dropping my bags in our room, my wife asked if I would please take Shelle’s and Helena’s bags over to their room, and invite them to dinner at 8.
I retrieved Shelle’s and Helena’s bags, carried them to their room, which again was right next to ours. No such thing as light bags as I grunted them up the stairs.
Mistress Shelle thanked me and said she would love to attend dinner with us. She asked if I would place the bags on the bed. Then, she ordered me to kneel and raising her skirt she walked over to me. Planting her bare pussy against my mouth, commanded me to lick as She outlined exactly how the rest of this vacation would continue. Every day I would ride at the front of the van, so the girls could chat freely. I would carry the bags from the van each day, just as I had today. I would invite the ladies to dinner each night. I would kneel and lick either Mistress Shelle or Lady Helena to orgasm each day as I delivered their bags. I noticed Lady Helena with a video camera. She was filming me kissing and licking Mistress Shelle’s pussy. Lady Helena told me that the video would remain private as long as i complied with every instruction from the 2 Women.
I would be allowed to stroke as I kissed and licked each day. Mistress Shelle asked if I understood and I nodded yes. Then she told me one more thing. She said that since my cock belonged to Her, She would make sure it was useless, even to my wife for the duration of this vacation. I wondered if this was intended to embarrass me with my wife. Domina said stroke and cum…..and hurry up since my wife might be wondering why it was taking me so long to return. Furiously, I began to stroke as Shelle and Helena giggled and laughed. Soon the cum flowed and all to quickly it was over. Licking up my mess I stood and headed silently back to my room.
8 PM came and we headed downstairs to dinner. Mistress Shelle arrived shortly after us with Lady Helena dressed to kill. Both of them so sexy, low cut dresses Mistress Shelle sat next to me. Helena sat on the other side of Julie. We ordered our dinners and I ate quietly while the women chatted about everything.
Dinner ended and of course I paid the check.
Day 3 began peacefully. We loaded into the van and took a trip to an old gold mine at Hatcher pass. Shelle and Helena were dressed for hiking, jeans and t shirts. Shelle had on a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame T shirt, which I had bought for Her. Nipples poking out in the cool air made my cock twitch a bit.. We toured the mine. It’s amazing how hard those miners worked. Back into the van for our return to Talkeetna and lunch.
That afternoon we went on an airboat ride to see a glacier up close. Tight quarters caused me to sit leg to leg with Mistress Shelle. I could smell her scent, though She appeared to ignore me completely. I knew that She knew exactly how crazy She was making me. The glacier was huge looming up above the boat. Lots of pictures, the size was amazing. It was also quite cold and I could see Mistress Shelle’s nipples and also Lady Helena’s.
Time for the boat ride back to the dock. Sitting alongside Lady Helena on the return trip. She whispered in my ear that she would be waiting in the hotel room for me to kiss and lick her this evening. Back to the hotel, I carried bags to our respective rooms. Lady Helena sat on the couch, spread her legs and waited for me to kneel and begin my nightly service. Her taste was different than Mistress Shelle but I still loved the taste. I began to rise after my oral duties but she indicated that her shoes needed cleaning and that I should stroke and cum, then lick them clean. Mistress Shelle’s shoes were next. Once I had finished them spotlessly clean I quietly went back to the room. It seemed that this night my wife wanted sex, but so close to just cumming in the other room I totally failed to do anything more than give her oral pleasure. She didn’t seem to mind at all.
At dinner the conversation got around to men and erectile dysfunction, which all the girls found very funny, much to my embarrassment. i hoped my face did not get too red as they talked and laughed. No mention of my failure, but i could feel the shame. After dinner the ladies all went out on the town. Leaving me to prepare for the next day.
Helena and Shelle talked my wife into having me get their things cleaned and ready for each next day. Scented panties, dirty boots.Their room was so messy everyday, with clothes everywhere. The beds not made, dirty dishes, coffee cups, good grief. They arrived back at the hotel quite late. i was in our room and i was sure that my wife had been drinking a bit. She asked if i had finished everything for Shelle and Helena, and i replied that i had.
Julie kicked off her shoes, removed her dress bra and panties, dropping them all on the floor. She told me to get those picked up and cleaned and then check with the 2 ladies next door to see if they needed anything before bed. As i picked up the items i could not help but notice a definite dampness coming from those panties as i breathed in the scent. My wife was getting so much sexier to me.
What a long day i thought as i headed to the next room. Shelle and Helena seemed satisfied with my preparations, but tomorrow i should come over after the night’s festivities and make sure everything was good to go for the next day. Back to my room where i informed my wife that everything was satisfactory and that they wanted me to check each night before bed to make sure the next day was ready. She said that was fine, a very good idea. Another restless night as i wondered just what these women had been talking about.
Day 4. I awoke maybe a bit late as my wife was already up and showering. I looked around the room and everything was perfect for the day. Julie came out of the shower and into the living room. Naked and sexy, toweling her hair she asked if coffee was ready and I nodded yes. Then she asked if Shelle and Helena were up and getting ready. I told her I had no idea. WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS! In a not very nice tone she said to get over there and MAKE SURE they didn’t need anything. I said ok but she had already moved on into the kitchen for coffee. i wondered why she was so concerned and them.
The ladies were up and dressed, and appeared a bit grouchy. Helena informed me that the alarm was not set correctly and there was no coffee made. She asked Mistress Shelle if maybe since I couldn’t get it right at night I should come by an hour before wake up and make sure everything was perfect. They told me to check with my wife first but they seemed very sure she would agree.
Of course my wife thought it was a great idea!
Denali National park was on the agenda today. Shelle and Helena sat a couple of seats back, chatting.
Julie however sat nearer the back chatting with one of the other passengers. I noticed it was a fairly handsome man  probably in his 30’s and they seemed to be getting very acquainted. I was beginning to regret volunteering to ride up front every day. Not a very fun day for me, but oh how lovely is Denali national park! It took all day to tour the park. We saw bears, moose, wolves, and caribou, so much wildlife.
Arriving back at the hotel, everyone disembarked from the van, Julie walking and chatting with Shelle and Helena while I trudged along behind with the bags.
Upon reaching our rooms my wife said she and Shelle were going out on the town and that I could entertain Lady Helena for the evening. She would need my credit card for shopping. I just knew that the 2 ladies would go on a crazy shopping spree.


It proved to be a very interesting evening. Lady Helena seemed to be in a particularly evil mood when I arrived at the door. She asked me in and quickly ordered me to remove every stitch of clothing. As I stood in front of her, naked and semi erect she produced a couple of rubber bands and placed them tightly around my cock and balls. VERY TIGHTLY. Next she placed 2 clothespins one on each nipple. Pinching them tightly as I groaned. She then told me that if I made any sound I would be gagged and asked if I understood. I nodded yes.
My cock had grown very erect due to the bands. Lady Helena told me to lay over the kitchen table and she tied my hands to the opposite legs. She was going to take me like the slut that I was. Into my ass, I felt the dildo press, harder until eventually it slid in. Lady Helena spent what seemed like hours gradually using larger dildos as she used me completely.
Finally, I felt the last one removed and she untied my hands. I slid off the table and collapsed on the floor, exhausted.
She pulled off the nipple clamps and OH MY the pain!
She told me to remove the rubber band and as I did, I noticed cum dribbling out of my now soft cock.
She told me to lick that up, get dressed and get out. Arriving back at my hotel room, it was well after midnight and Julie was still out with Shelle. I undressed and quickly went to sleep. Julie finally got home and was feeling pretty frisky, after a few minutes of trying to get my drained and limp cock aroused, she gave up and also went to sleep.
Day 5 I woke early, checked our room, woke Julie, who had nothing to say to me, I headed over to Shelle and Helena’s room. Got coffee ready and woke them.
I cleaned up around the room as they got ready for the day. Shelle wanted to know why I was still hanging around and not back in my room. I told her I thought Julie wanted some alone time to get ready for the day.
Lady Helena then told me to get back to my room and get ready for the day. Not even the hint of a mention about last night’s festivities.
Back at my room, Julie still was ignoring me, but she was dressed for the day. She did wonder why the bed wasn’t made yet and I went to do it promptly. I am now a slave to three Women.
This day was dog sledding and riding on a glacier. Again Julie sat with the man near the back of the van and they really seemed to be getting along as I jealously glanced in the rearview mirror. Shelle mentioned that she thought they made a nice couple. At the dog sledding pickup point we were told that only 2 could ride at a time, naturally I stepped up by my wife but she said no. She would rather ride with her new friend from the van. They were holding hands as they went to the dogsled. Shelle and Helena rode next. I rode last with one of the sleds owners.
Another long day in the van riding back. Back at the hotel I started getting ready for dinner. Julie informed me that she and Roger would be dining out tonight. With a sweet little smile she said she knew I wouldn’t mind. She said I should stop by Shelle and Helena’s room and see what they were doing tonight. I simply nodded and headed over to Shelle’s room. They were getting ready for dinner also and invited me. It was a lovely dinner. Mistress Shelle wore a very low cut black dress which really showed off her lovely breasts. Lady Helena was dressed to kill in a sexy red  short dress. As we were eating Mistress Shelle mentioned that Julie and Roger seemed like a nice couple. I almost choked on my salad, but I agreed. She then said that I should stay with them tonight, as Julie and Roger would be so busy with sex I would just be in the way.
Again, I sadly agreed. I saw this coming as the trip progressed, but I always hoped I would be wrong. Things were about to change for me.
During dessert Mistress Shelle mentioned that I would in fact be staying with them for the remainder of the trip. Julie had mentioned to Her that I had seemed to become very distant during this trip. The few times that she had initiated sex, she mentioned that I was completely limp and useless.
Lady Helena laughed at that and wondered why. Dinner over, I paid the bill and accompanied the ladies upstairs. Mistress Shelle placed a pillow and blanket on the floor by the bed and said I would be sleeping there from now on.
As I lay there wondering what could possibly be next I heard Shelle and Helena as they played together in the bed.
The days continued all jumbled together. Julie and Roger seemed very happy.
Day 8 was an all day trip to a native village. When we arrived back at the hotel, Julie asked if I would take the bags up to Shelle and Helena’s room as usual, but tonight she said she and Roger would be taking a long relaxing bath and asked not to be disturbed until dinner.
I arrived at Shelle’s room, placed the bags and knelt as I had every night. She asked me to get stroking, I was very drained after the last 7 days of orgasms but i did my best as i licked her sweet pussy. I was still trying to stroke to orgasm when suddenly Mistress Shelle bent down, raised my head and gave me the sweetest longest hottest kiss. Sliding her tongue into my eager mouth. Suddenly the orgasm came, dribbling into the floor. Mistress Shelle touched the tip and took some of the cum on to her finger then traced it on my lips like lip gloss.
What a vacation. My Mistress then let me in on a little secret because She said i was such a good slave to Her. My wife had taken a strong attraction to My Mistress.  All the time She and Lady Helena were spending with my wife had paid off. They had slowly spent time getting to know Julie and discovered her interest in becoming a slave to Mistress Shelle. After several trance sessions she became triggered to be more dominant with Me by taking more control over me for Mistress Shelle.
Shelle also explained that Roger was Lady Helena’s slave just being used to get me jealous, give me a bit of humiliation and make me even more eager to please my wife, since from now on, she will be acting on behalf of Mistress Shelle for the time i am not directly under Mistress’s direct control. This was an exciting future i saw for myself, under the control of three beautiful Women. My trust that Shelle would look out for me was well placed.
Mistress Shelle then thanked me for the wonderful time and what a wonderful wife I had and said we should do a trip like this every year. What a long way to get around to a happy ending.

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