This story is from a long time devoted and loyal slave who loves My control and Testing his limits. With My Character, this story definitely tests all limits.~giggles~

Most of the time my clients either understand, or quickly learn, the role of a submissive. But there are those who are either rude or want to use their contact with Me to get something different. This second group of clients annoy Me, and I send them away.

From time to time there is a third type of client, those who persistently and aggressively try to take over, completely refusing to understand either the purpose or the roles that I demand. These “clients” really piss me off, but instead of sending them away, I put them in My special folder for more advanced “treatment”.

Peter was one of these. I discovered he was a very wealthy, dominant and aggressive, pro football player whose aggression and arrogance with competitors was matched only by his overbearing relationships in his private life.

During our second phone call he interrupted the session after only a minute. “Now, Shelle, or whatever your name is, let’s cut to the chase. I know what you really need and it’s not some pathetic loser, just looking to jack off. What you really need is a man who will fight back, someone to kick that superior female ass of Yours, someone who knows what a woman wants, and can deliver.” He talked like a famous big shot who always got his way.

I waited five seconds, enough time to decide to join battle and give him an attitude adjustment. I baited my lure. “Peter, you may be right. You certainly caught Me at the right time. It can be hell pandering to these people and today was the worst. So what the hell. Maybe tonight will be different. What do you have in mind for us, baby”.

“That’s better sweetheart. You must be southern with that accent. You anywhere near Atlanta?”

This was going to be good. He must have checked out my site and decided to call someone local. My most recent blog talked of my moving there, which I also knew was his hometown. “I moved here recently, and don’t know anyone yet but it’s a nice place. If you live
or visit here maybe you could show Me around? I’m giving a hypnosis lecture next Friday, and if you are good and come to see Me, maybe I’ll give you a chance to –how did you say it? Oh yes, ‘deliver’. I’d love to meet you.”

Friday night Peter came to the show. I saw him in the front row and called him up as a subject. I put him under and put him through the usual fun and slightly embarrassing tricks. While he was under, I leaned in close to him and whispered one of My favorite triggers.
“Peter, when you hear Me, and only Me, say the words “Heel, boy”, you will become completely placid and compliant, obeying all my instructions and doing whatever I tell you to do. This will last 6 hours or until you hear Me say the words “Release, boy”.

After the show, I found Peter waiting outside My changing room. “Hi, Peter, thank you so much for coming.” I smiled my sweetest southern belle smile, and he grinned back. This was going to be TOO easy. “Now I would like to give you what you deserve. Why don’t you let Me buy you a drink?” “ Oh yeah”, Peter said, foolish grin still plastered on his face. “I knew you would want me, Shelle. No woman can resist a stud like me. Pardon me for sayin’ so, but it ain’t braggin’ if it’s true.” At the bar, Peter ordered a beer. “See, baby, this is how it should be, You buying ME a drink. You just needed a real man to show you the way, Shelle”. “Or whatever My name is, huh Peter?” I smiled at him coyly, and he grinned in return. “I think you are right” I continued. “Peter,
I have to admit that I am getting turned on in a way I never imagined. You have a feral magnetism I’ve never felt before. Everything about you radiates power, control and sexuality”. I leaned close to him, speaking softly, and ran My hand up the inside of his thigh. “I can’t wait any longer” I cooed. “Take Me home and make Me your dirty little girl.” “Yes baby” Peter said as he took Me by the hand. “I am going to do things to you that you have never imagined; make you feel things you have never felt; and take what I need from you. You will be my dirty little girl and I will make you scream with joy and in pain.” I smiled for a moment and replied, “I’ll give as good as I get, Peter. I promise you will also feel things you have never felt before, and after tonight, you will NEVER be the same.”

We leave the bar and Peter drove Me home. As We arrived at my apartment building, I leaned in to kiss him and whispered “Heel, boy”. As I expected, he was under immediately. I gave him a chaste, sisterly kiss on the cheek, and said “Go home, Peter. You will call me tomorrow”. Peter smiled, got back in his car, and left without protest.

The next day Peter called and in a bewildered, almost angry way, asked me why I sent him home. I replied, equally angrily, “The minute we arrived at my apartment, I tried to kiss you, but you just said goodnight and left. YOU LEFT ME, standing on the sidewalk, more horny and frustrated than I can ever remember. If you want to see Me again, you will have to do something to make up for it”.

Confused, Peter said, “I can’t imagine what happened. I must have drank too much and blacked out. Shelle, give me another chance and I will show you what you have been missing all your life”. “Well”, I replied, “you could come over tomorrow night and make some dinner for Me, and then we can relax by a nice fire and see what develops. I’ll buy the food and you can cook”.

Peter showed up the next night, and after a short lived attempt to move straight to the bedroom, he went to the kitchen and started cooking. I told him to prepare the meal for 8 people so there will be plenty left. While he was cooking, 6 guests arrived, and Peter was furious, realizing he has been had. I told the guests to make themselves comfortable, excused Myself, and told Peter to come to the bedroom to work things out. I shut the door, and before he could speak, I said “Heel, boy. Relax. That’s a good boy. Tonight, you will be My butler, cook and servant for the evening. From now on you will address me as Mistress Shelle, and you will love serving Me and My guests. Every time you say the words Mistress Shelle, you will become aroused and your cock will pulse and ache for release”. I woke him up and We re-joined the others. Peter performed his duties perfectly, with a very noticeable erection the whole evening.

At the end of the evening, one couple asked if Peter was available to do a party at their house, and I answered that Peter is actually one of the escorts in My escort service business, and although he was still in training, he would soon be available for dinners and much, much more. Peter, still in trance, had no idea that tonight was the first of many training sessions, sessions that would change him completely, preparing him for his life in service to Shelle.

I called Peter the next morning and asked how he felt. Peter was more than a little unsure of himself, as he did not remember anything involving sex and he could not understand why. “Shelle, you have a strange effect on me. I’ve never gone two dates without having sex, but I had a great time cooking and serving you and can’t wait to do it again. I found cooking for you very arousing. I didn’t get drunk and make a fool of myself, did I?” I smiled inside. “No, Peter, you were just fine and everyone loved you.
You were the life of the party, though I am wondering if you really are the stud you claim to be, or if it’s an act. I’m beginning to have some doubts”. He looked stung. “Shelle, no woman of mine has ever been disappointed. Every one of them has begged me for more. I intend for You to beg me for more too”

Time for more training! “You know Peter, I was wondering if you would like to join Me tonight at a play in the city. Maybe a bite of dinner before hand. Peter laughed, “I told you I was irresistible, Shelle. I guess my little Shelle just can’t get Peter out off Her mind now, can She?” I smirked silently on the other end—what arrogance. The man was nearly insufferable. “True enough, Peter. I will pick you up at 7pm, okay?” “That sounds good babe, and make sure you wear something sexy for your man, ‘cause this time I’m going to blow your mind!” Little did Peter know that it wasn’t a mind he would be blowing!

I picked Peter up promptly at 7. He was dressed in a very expensive suit, wearing too much cologne. He stood at his door posing, trying way too hard to impress me. Instead of bringing him immediately to heel, I merely said “Peter, you look perfectly handsome tonight. Please get in as we have reservations at 7.30. I think you will like the place. They serve oysters and other seafood. I’ve been thinking about you all day, and longing for what you will do for me tonight”.

“You mean to you, Babe? I don’t need oysters to help me jump Your bones, babe. Play Your cards right and You may even get lucky.” Peter laughed, but I simply smiled, silently thinking of My real plans for him. I pulled into a parking garage on 8th Ave and told Peter we would walk from there. As we walked, Peter saw the street had XXX rated peep shows and topless bars. “WOW, this is an area I never saw before, Shelle. We could have some fun here, huh babe?”

More lewd comments came out of Peter’s mouth in a steady stream until I turned to him and said, “Hey, Peter, have you ever been into a peep shop?”
I was looking into the window of a peep shop which clearly catered to gay men. Peter laughed, and shook his head, his attention elsewhere. He was, in fact, staring across the street at a big poster of a topless woman. “Now THAT’S what I am talking about, Shelle.
Those are some GREAT TITS up there!!! I looked at him and quietly said the trigger phrase. “Now, Peter. Heel, boy. Peter’s demeanor instantly changed.

Peter was docile as I called him over to Me and said “Now Peter, we are going into this peep show. Just follow Me and do as I say, understand?” “Yes, Mistress Shelle” Peter said and he followed Me in to the gay peep store. I went to the back, rented a booth and brought Peter in with Me. This was the perfect place for Me to start Peter’s training in cock sucking for My Escort Service. I was laughing to Myself and enjoying My devious plans and how perfectly I planned it, and how easily Peter obeyed, even remembering to call Me, Mistress Shelle. “Now, Peter, you will kneel right here in front of that little sliding door” “Yes Mistress Shelle” he said as he knelt. I reached over and slid the door open. Little had Peter known that he was about to learn to suck cock and eat cum all night until I felt he had perfected his technique. I couldn’t wait to see this loud mouthed pig with a cock in his mouth and cum dripping down his chin.

We waited about 2 minutes before the first cock appeared through the hole. I took Peter’s head by his hair and guided him toward the cock. “Open your mouth, Peter. You need to suck it for Me, and you will get your dinner!” I giggled. I directed Peter to lick the head all around then up and down the shaft. “Next, Peter, take the tip into your mouth and suck on it. Do as I say, Peter – SUCK on it!” Peter took the cock into his mouth and I pushed his head forward and pulled it back, teaching him the proper technique, and he took more and more into his mouth. “That’s it, Peter. You are doing great. Suck that cock for ME, Peter. Suck it just like you would like ME to suck yours.”

Peter was gagging a little but that just made Me push his head farther and farther until he took the entire cock down his throat. With that, the guy started to cum and Peter gagged. I took his face in My hands, held his mouth shut and stared into his eyes as I commanded him to swallow the load of cum. “Eat it, Peter, eat that cum just like it was an oyster. SWALLOW now!” He obeyed, and I felt a little thrill of conquest. Laughing loudly I said, “I told you that you would be eating oysters tonight Peter. Mmmmm, now wasn’t that good, Peter??” Peter nodded and just stared ahead with some cum still on his lip. “Oops, you missed a little, Peter. I can’t allow that.” I wiped it with My finger, and put it in his mouth for him to suck it off as he continued to suck on My fingers.

Ok Peter, now get ready for the next cock, I thought to myself. Taking no chances, I repeated his trigger phrase: “Heel, boy, HEEL boy!” As Peter took a second cock in his mouth I reinforced this lesson. “Peter, you love this now and will always want to suck cock. Because you Obey Me. Every time you meet a man wearing a light colored tee shirt and blue jeans you will feel a desperate need to suck his cock, and will do anything to eat his cum.” It was a great night. Seeing this obnoxious guy suck cock after cock was so gratifying. It was even arousing me! I taught him more techniques with each new cock.

By the time midnight came around Peter had sucked 9 cocks and was quite an expert. ‘Ok Peter, it is time to go home now. I hope you are full!” I laughed and laughed as I took him out to the car. Peter was quiet for the ride home. I left him at his door and on the drive home, called his cell, and said the release phrase “Release, boy”. With that Peter came out of his trance and said in a dazed voice, “I think I need to stop drinking Shelle, because I don’t remember a thing tonight. I think those oysters may have been bad because they left this VERY strange taste in my mouth. Better let a guy choose the place next time, babe. Woman really can’t pick a good place anyway. Next time, I will pick a good place for us”. Grinning from ear to ear, I said innocently, “Yes, Peter. Next time you can show Me how to do it right. Good night.”

A few days later I called Peter and invited him to come over for dinner. He accepted with his usual obnoxious comments. “Hey, sexy! Sure I will come over for dinner.” I could hear the leering in his voice. “Maybe the little girl needs some desert too, huh baby?” “I think I might, Peter. I think I need a real man, and upgrade from the boys I usually deal with.” “That’s right, baby. Oh, by the way. I am going to bring You some sexy things I want you to wear for me, Shelle. You are gonna wear them for your daddy aren’t you?” “Yes Peter”, I said submissively. “Whatever you want. Do you have any toys, like cuffs and stuff? I REALLY need you to come over. How about Friday at 7?” “That would be awesome, Shelle. Somehow, I knew you would be little kinky! That’s even better. Friday at 7 it is. Be ready for me, Shelle.”

Friday night at 7pm Peter was at my door. “Hey sexy” he said as he breezed in past me, walked over to the dinner table and tossed some lingerie on it. “Hey sexy, why don’t we just skip dinner and get to the good part. That would be you in these and me showing you how to please a man right” he said with a big smile. I returned his smile, and said “Heel boy. HEEL, BOY.” With that, Peter’s face went flat and he sank into a deep trance state. I stepped close to Peter and said “Now We are going to have some fun, Peter. Pick up that lingerie and put it on, NOW!” Obediently, Peter stripped and started to put on the pink crotchless panties, garters and bra. “Oh doesn’t Peter look cute” I laughed. “You’re positively adorable! Now, Peter, bend over the back of the love seat, arms out and face down on the cushion.” Peter complied and I quickly tied each wrist to the corners of the love seat, then his ankles to the legs, leaving him bent over the back, ass up, legs spread and tied tight. He was totally helpless and his ass was spread wide, completely at My mercy. And I had none. I giggled.

“Oh doesn’t he look cute tied like that with his panties and bra on. I hope you are ready for our next step in training, My little cum boy. You did very well at sucking cock the other night, whore. Now We have to get that ass in shape to be fucked. Yes whore, We need to stretch that asshole a little so you can take a cock easily.” I paused thoughtfully. “Maybe even 2 cocks at a time, when you start working for My Escort Service and doing gang bangs. I pulled out an 8” dildo, lubed it up, walked over and spread Peter’s ass cheeks. “Now Peter, push out a little so the dildo will go in your ass. You want to please Mistress don’t you, Peter.” He replied, “Yes, Mistress.” I patted him on the head. “Good cum whore, good little cum whore.” With that I slid the cock up Peter’s ass slowly as he started to moan and squirm in pain. “Heel, boy” I purred, as Peter went limp. “Peter, I am leaving that in for a while so your ass stretches out good”.

Mistress will help you practice your oral skills with this strap on while your ass is stretching. You still need work on your gag reflex. Mistress can’t have you gagging while sucking cock for Me, understand?” “Yes, Mistress Shelle.” I strapped on my 9” dildo and sat on the end table directly in front of Peter. Grabbing him by the hair, I pulled it back until he moaned, and then ordered him to open his mouth wide. I spit on the dildo and slid it into his open mouth. “Mmmmm, doesn’t that feel nice going into your mouth, slave? Yes, of course it does. That’s it, whore, suck it nice like the slut you are. Now lick the head for Princess, that’s it. That’s the way to be a good little whore. Worship that cock, slave” I began to vigorously pump Peter’s face and drive the cock deeper into his throat. Then shoved it all the way in and held it there. Peter gagged, drooling. He was choking a little on it. “That’s it, Peter. Relax, so you can deep throat that cock.”

I took the strap-on off my hips and left the cock in Peter’s mouth, ordering him to continue to suck on it. I walked back around to Peter’s ass, still filled with cock, and re-strapped on the dildo. I started grinding the dildo into his ass in a rather forceful way, pumping hard and fast.

“We ARE making progress, Peter. Your ass is getting nice and relaxed so you can take this cock deep.” I fell into a nice rhythm fucking Peter’s ass, and he enthusiastically sucked the dildo in his mouth.

“I’ll bet my little whore wants to cum, doesn’t it?” Peter nodded yes. I placed a plate on the seat cushion under his cock and started to stroke it in the same rhythm as I was fucking his ass.

“I want you to cum now, Peter. Shoot that cum for Me, whore!! SHOOT IT NOW, you little slut whore.” Peter moaned and groaned around the cock in his mouth and suddenly shuddered with an explosive orgasm, cumming hard as I slammed his ass harder and harder. His arms and legs were convulsing and straining against the restraints as he exploded at My command. “Yes Peter”, I crooned in his ear. Cum for Me, my little whore bitch …”

I once again left the cock in Peter’s ass and reached down for the plate of cum. I took the dildo from his mouth and knelt down at face level. Putting the plate right under his chin and said “Here, bitch. Here is your treat. Mistress wants you to lick up every little drop of cum. You love and crave the taste of cum, Peter, don’t you? This is your purpose now. You are my whore and my cum slut and will now helplessly crave cum and having your ass fucked. GOOD BOY, Peter! You ate every drop!” I stood up, but made no move to untie my new slave. I looked directly into his eyes and said “Now, whore, rest while you can. Mistress will give Her whore one half hour to recover, and then We begin all over again.” I couldn’t help but laugh as I told him “It is going to be a long night for you, Peter. A long night of fucking that ass and milking that cock of cum for you to eat. You are learning to enjoy this, My little whore, because soon My whore will be doing this at parties and making your new Mistress a lot of money”.

I sent Peter home early in the morning, but feeling like Peter needed to be broken down more and lose more of his arrogance, I put a large butt plug in his ass. Not only would it help to stretch his ass, but it was my prescribed therapy for his chronic personality disorder. I would love to have been there when he came out of his trance, and felt it inside him.

On his way home in the early morning, tired and sore from his “cum whore” lesson Peter was still in trance for another few hours. He’d left with a large butt plug in his ass, but was not yet fully aware of it nor that it had been “installed” by Me before he left.

I didn’t hear from Peter for the next few days, which tested My patience a little. I was dying to see how he was dealing with the slow recognition of what was happening, and the confusion of not knowing HOW it was happening. I realized that professional football camp had opened so I was certainly not worried, since I knew that My triggers would oblige him to come back to serving, sucking and being fucked. I had created in him a need for these things and for Me and to work as My slave. And I reinforced it. He had no option but to return to Me to have these needs met!

“What the hell happened to me”, Peter thought, as his eyes shot open, suddenly feeling a strange, but somehow familiar, taste in his mouth, and a searing soreness and pain in his ass and an incredible need to shit what felt like the hardest stool he had ever had in his life. “What the hell happened with Shelle, and why can’t I remember anything?” Rushing to the bathroom he felt that the turd was already coming out, and sat heavily on the toilet. When nothing happened he started pushing with more and more strength.
“Oh god, the pain, I can’t get—-it—–out—damn”. Tears welled in his eyes and he doubled his efforts. Suddenly, it came out, so big and hard it splashed cold water on his skin. His ass, however, was on fire.

Curious, he stood up and looked down in absolute amazement at what was definitely not a turd, but a very large butt plug. Peter froze, and it was like his whole world came to a halt. There, in front of him, was a sex toy that he regarded as disgusting. A pure homophobe, he associated ass play with a gay lifestyle. Although he thought of himself as tolerant, and comfortable enough around gay men and women, he had always been the Macho Man, straight as they come. His head swam, and he felt just the slightest touch of panic.

Peter could not move, could not control the seemingly random thoughts racing through his mind. “Shelle? How did this happen – and why is She the first thought in my head? I need to see Her again; I know that, but why? Did She do this? Did I do this? Good god, what must She think of me? I can’t call Her and ask. It’s too embarrassing. Plus I have a reputation to consider…but I must call Her”

Slowly, as his thoughts came together, Peter felt a strange longing. Something had happened with Shelle and somehow he was sure he needed more and needed…what? He suddenly remembered that first practice was in two hours, and his mind drifted to the locker room, then to the naked men in the showers. And he felt his cock immediately harden.
“What the fuck?
STOP! STOP!” The icy touch of panic he’d felt before was back, and he thought “Damn, this is all I need. I’ve got to get ready to work.” Peter giggled to himself nervously, and quickly started preparing for practice, rushing to do everything as quickly as possible, trying not to think about what had happened.

Once he was ready, Peter realized he had not flushed, went back to the bowl, and looked down. Not really understanding why, he gingerly took out the plug, wiped it off, and put it in his cabinet, thinking that he needed to return it to Shelle (or maybe even experiment with it).
The sudden thought, unexplainable and totally unwanted, shocked him. He shook his head in bewilderment. “Nahhh, not me.”

Football practice was hard—the first ones always were. Two-a-days started the next morning. In the locker room Peter was his usual loud self, leading the crude locker room humor and abuse that men throw at each other. Then, as he undressed, and he caught sight of his teammates doing the same, his erection came rushing back. He sat down, frozen, hiding his hardness. He sat there, hardly able to breathe, and felt his panic growing as his confidence and his bravado eroded. He found himself staring again. The player at the next locker, an immense offensive guard, noticed his gaze, and snorted derisively. “Hell, Peter you keep looking at me like that and I’ll have to break your fucking neck. You’re not goingqueer on us are you?” The lineman snapped his towel at Peter’s leg and a red welt immediately appeared. Peter was grateful for the pain, as it caused his erection to subside. He silently dressed without showering and left quickly.

That night in his favorite club, he put the troubling memories out of his mind. He drank hard, harder even than usual, and around midnight started making moves on a famous actress named Amanda, who was in the process of an ugly break up. Smooth and arrogant, he won her over and they departed for her hotel room. What exactly happened next depends on who is talking, but there was a fight, supposedly as the actress tried to change her mind and send Peter home. Amanda showed her bruises and cut lip to the media the next day, accusing Peter of attempted rape.

When I heard the headline story the next morning I knew that things had changed. I knew I needed to do something severe to correct Peter’s behavior for good. This was no longer a game.

Peter called the next Friday. “Hi, Shelle, I missed you” Shelle was struck by his demeanor. “Wow, that was a first—no bravado, no come on—we are making progress” I thought. “Can I see you tonight, please?” Peter asked quite timidly.

“Not tonight, Peter, but tomorrow. I’m going to George’s private party. He remembered you from our dinner at My place, and specifically asked if you were available for the night. I’ve already booked you, and I was about to call. We will meet there”

“Great, do I need to bring anything to this “booking” as you call it?” Peter asked. “No, just dress casually, light tee shirt and blue jeans. George always has his guests at these parties dress alike—it’s his little quirk. Oh, and I think you took something of mine last time—why don’t you bring it with you. And please make sure it’s clean….. There’s a good boy”. I was slowly and gently changing the relationship with Peter. I did not need to be aggressive to take control, as I already had him needing to please Me.

All five couples were there when Peter turned up, just as I had planned. He was dressed as ordered, and identical to all the men. The women were all dressed as Dominas, in black latex, short latex skirts, black stockings, and latex head masks. Peter looked at Me when I called his name, glanced at the women, but his eyes kept returning to the men. I laughed out loud when I saw his confusion, his discomfort, and his obvious erection. My triggers had clearly been perfectly powerful, even more than a week later. I already knew My power over My slaves, both men and women. In hypnotist circles I was famous for the complete control I had with My subjects in even the lightest of trance.

Tonight, I would leave Peter alone for the first part of the evening, watching him deal with his new desires, without trance. I introduced him, though everyone already knew he was the central character in tonight’s games. I watched as Peter engaged the men, smiling at the intimate and innuendo filled conversations and watched him as he actually flirted with them.

The mood was casual, and the dinner conversation full of laughter, but everyone was on alert, as the game had already started. Unknown to him, Peter’s role tonight was a detective and his job was to find which man was willing to let Peter suck his cock, and which one was willing to fuck him. The men had determined this beforehand among themselves. The women were wagering large amounts of money on the outcome. Or, more accurately, the
other women wagered money, but My bet was Peter himself, who would become the house slave of the winner at some future date of their choosing. No one questioned My ability to pay off if I lost My wager.

Now, Peter was becoming well trained, but not yet ready to play the whole game in real life in public yet. So over dessert, I leaned over his shoulder “Heel boy” I whispered. “You are now without care, Peter. You will let your base desires come out. There is no one else here, just five men and yourself. You need to find a cock to suck in the next hour—this is very important to Me. Do you understand—you need to obey and please Me by tasting cum.” “Yes, Mistress Shelle, I understand. I love the taste of cum.”

The men left the table and the music started—Jamaican music, full of soul, and perfect for grinding. Everyone went to the dance floor. Peter went up to Franco, took his hand, and began moving seductively in front of him. He quickly moved closer and started to grind into Franco, putting his knee between Franco’s legs rubbing his crotch. After a few minutes Franco, moved away, and one of the women sighed in disappointment. Peter, only aware that he had to find the right cock and that time was important, turned and put his arms round George from behind, wrapping his arms around his lower waist, gyrating in harmony, slowly lowering his hands to George’s cock. George was turned on too, turned around and pulled Peter’s face to his, kissing him long and hard. So soon I knew we had the first winner and I had won $600. Not bad for an evening of fun. Peter slowly went to his knees in front of George, unzipped his pants, pulled out what was a VERY large cock and put his hands lovingly around it.

I felt the moment had come to add a new reality to Peter’s life. Peter, on his knees, took George’s cock in his mouth and expertly licked and sucked, his tongue and mouth performing all the tricks I had taught him at the peep show last week. Peter was full of passion and with George approaching climax, it was time for Me to act. I leaned over and whispered “Peter you cannot stop this feeling, this need to suck cock. Nothing can stop it, ever, nothing can save you. And you must swallow, because you love the taste of cum.” I waited until I saw George within seconds of orgasm and timing My next action precisely, I spoke the words that would bring Peter back to reality. “Now- release, boy”. Peter came around, and momentarily started to withdraw but then went back to his task with even more drive, moaning, almost singing, and George exploded hard and loud, while Peter took it all in holding the cock firmly in his mouth and swallowing every drop, even licking the tip of the cock for the last little squirt. Enough for now,
I thought. I leaned over again. “Heel, boy”. I did not want to move too quickly with Peter’s “therapy’, as I found just the occasional mingling of trance and reality was even more powerful than just trance. “Now Peter, go upstairs and change in the bedroom on the left and then rejoin us. Take your time, and make sure you are dressed properly.” He obeyed at once. “Yes, Mistress Shelle”. As he climbed the stairs, the room was filled with applause. He did not look back, but I gave a bow and a grin in acknowledgement.

Money exchanged hands, and George gave me two more envelopes, each with $2,500 in them. “You know, Shelle, this is extremely cheap for this kind of service. You could charge much more.” “That’s true, George, but I got to enjoy it too, so I think $1,000 per couple is fair. I would charge at least twice for non friends or if I was not participating. Peter can be a star in this business for a while, until he has lost all his arrogance, abusive behavior, and nasty chauvinistic habits, and I release him. Of course he may not wish to be released”, I giggled.

Peter came down the stairs, on the arm of Adelle, George’s wife, who had been helping Peter get ready. He was transformed-literally. In fact, he was quite stunning, dressed in a low cut light blue dress cut about 6 inches above the knee, pale tights, matching light blue high heels, wearing a short blond wig. Adorned with earrings, a pearl necklace, and pale, light makeup, courtesy of Adelle, Peter arrived in the lounge and started eyeing the men again, clearly still needing more cock. He was going to be a big money maker,
I thought to Myself. And I would be suggesting for the privilege of serving Me he would be giving Me a percentage of his football salary.

The club music became louder with a stronger beat. I approached Peter and said “Now, Bridgette, for that is your new slave name, dance for us. You are a groupie and have the most sexual moves anyone has ever seen. Close your eyes, lose yourself in the music and when you find the one who wants you most, take off your panties and hand them over”. He didn’t hesitate a moment. “Yes, Mistress Shelle, anything for You.”

Bridgette closed her eyes, and slowly started swaying back and forth, no hurry, no cares, lost inside herself, following her instructions to the letter. It is at these moments that I allow myself a little pride, for Bridgette was superb. She must have watched videos endlessly, and probably spent much time in “gentlemen’s clubs” for even I was amazed at her sheer sexuality, eroticism and grace. Being in the body of a superb athlete known as one of the most agile athletes of his generation only made the performance more spectacular. She lacked a woman’s intuition, though, and had to test each of the five men before she found her prize.

Every man was given their money’s worth in arousal, and I am certain every one of them would have fucked our entertainer, had the outcome not been prearranged. At last, Bridgette handed Arnie her panties and I had them pose seductively for a photo. Money exchanged hands again (I am a dangerous gambling opponent) as we watched Arnie lean Bridgette over the arms of the closest chair, apply a generous amount of lubricant and slide his cock in slowly, gradually thrusting harder and faster. John, another guest, then took Bridgette’s cock and started stroking until she was almost exploding. As Arnie and Bridgette approached climax at the same time I said to her “You love to be fucked and you love to cum, My pretty girl. You will now always love to dress up as Bridgette, and be fucked and cum. You will do this not only at My specific command, but whenever you see a woman in a light blue dress. You cannot resist.” At this John brought Bridgette right to the brink, Arnie prepared to finish, and I simply said “Release, boy”. Bridgette/Peter exploded, screaming “Yes! Yes, oh god YESSSS, fuck me fuck me harder, more, more… ahhhhh.”

I left Bridgette for a few minutes, but George stayed inside her. As his head cleared, his thoughts slowly came back into focus, he looked stunned, bewildered, looking around at people watching, feeling a cock in his ass, and looking down at his dress, the tights around his ankles. I allowed him just two more seconds of reality. “Heel, boy”.

“Yes, Mistress Shelle”, he replied instantly.

A second round of applause followed, and this time Bridgette responded. Everyone started clapping and cheering for our entertainer, who after pulling up her tights and straightening her dress, quite happily curtsied and blew us kisses. One of the best “escort” evenings we could remember.

It was time to leave. I thought of making Bridgette go home as she was, but I knew the paparazzi might be around, and it was not my intention to completely destroy Peter’s life and career—(my apologies to those who hoped for that). I did, however, leave her bra and earrings on and put the rest in a small suitcase for her to have at home. As she was leaving I said “whenever you receive a text or email from Me with the words “Bridgette”, you will put on this outfit, remembering how wonderful it makes you feel. You will then put on some music and dance for 20 minutes, then stop and put on your previous clothes as if nothing has happened. For tonight, you will awaken at home when you hear the phone ring, and you hear My voice on the other end.”

“Yes, Mistress Shelle. May I ask you something?” “Of course.” “ I was thinking that I should be paying you for letting me work for You.” “Perfect. We’ll work out the details.”

I was quite aroused Myself, moist and wet panties—but enough about Me. Peter’s training was progressing very fast and very well. The mixture of trance and reality together is the most powerful influence on the subconscious mind, multiplying the effects.
I would continue to study him, to find out how Peter’s mind processed the two separate states—how he would deal with the reality moments that had no beginning or end that he could perceive, just a snapshot of the few seconds where he must have felt completely confused as the two worlds, conscious and subconscious, collided; reality and trance, the joy of pleasing Me and the humiliation of finding himself in a world he had feared and hated. Real memories so short, they might not even have happened, but with enough traces for him to know they had to be real.

My “treatment” of Peter started out to teach him a lesson, but his abuse of Amanda took my plan to a new level, even for Me.

I said at the beginning of part one that I am a gentle and sweet Mistress—but DON’T CROSS ME—EVER, and NEVER abuse women. Peter was learning and would continue to learn very hard lessons as his training continued—— for he deserved no mercy, and would receive little. But he was making very good progress. I was his judge and jury, and his life of serving Me had only just begun.


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