I am a loving slave to Domina Shelle. i live in servitude and enslavement to My Domina. You are my obsession and addiction. i crave Your domination and control. You keep me hard and allow me to stroke.  My greatest pleasure is serving and pleasing You. I serve and please You with gifts and tributes for permission to stroke. I love and obey my Domina Shelle.


I start everyday waking up in the semi-conscious bliss of feeling and being Domina Shelle’s obedient good boy, running the mantra She gave me through my head, thinking of ways to please Her, to show My love, to get closer to Her. To take care of my Domina for keeping me aroused and horny.


By the time I get to “please You with gifts and tributes” I am rock hard. I slip my hand down and slowly stroke. More and more my pleasure is connected to obedience and my need to spoil and please Her. The more I tribute, the harder I get. I need to be used and useful to my Domina and take as good care of Her as i possibly can.


It’s Saturday, so I don’t have to get up and I can just lay here when I am alone in bed. What if I could get Domina to tell me exactly what She wants from me so I can please Her and submit to Her control more completely. “Domina, I yearn to please You and make You happy with me. Take more control of me. I am Your obedient slave.”  As my eyes get heavy, I slip deeper into sleep, hearing My Domina’s voice speaking to me.


Put your collar on, slave. you are My owned property. I know you want to be My very favorite good boy. you want to be useful to your Mistress. you are so addicted and obsessed with Me. you wish I was there in bed with you, right now, letting you stroke for Me, putting My hand over yours, whispering in your ear and stroking you up and down. “Yes, Domina, more than anything.” I see how hard My cock is……Now, stop stroking.  I will spoon feed My baby with your need to please your Domina to take care of Me to do everything you can for Me. To live your life serving your Domina.


you can’t resist the pleasure you get from the sound of My voice melting away your world and bringing you into My world of ultimate erotic pleasure.  My voice and words seduce you into a relaxed state of trance. you are addicted to My control. your mind is addicted to the sound of My voice and you always obey. The deeper the addiction, the greater the pleasure. The more you crave My attention, the greater the need to please Me. you need to take care of MY needs, to send tributes and spoil Me, you want to pamper Me and make Me happy with you….“Yes, Domina.”


“There is nothing I wouldn’t do for You…i need You….i need to serve You…..i would gladly do everything You desire. i can’t stop thinking about You. I ache for you, Domina. Please train your unworthy slave to please You.” Yes, you need to be trained to know what I desire without being told. To anticipate My whims and expectations, My needs and requirement. So you don’t have to be reminded, but it’s second nature to you….to stay in servitude as My slave…..I will train you as My tribute slave, My worker slave who searches ways to serve and please Me.
Do you think you are worthy to earn My time and attention? “I will do my best, Domina, to be worthy.” That depends on you, My pet, how much you want to be with Me. Show Me how much you want to be My good boy, My loving slave, who cares for the Woman he loves, and send Me those little surprises, like you would if I were there with you…coming home with flowers. And so you send your little surprise gifts instead that bring you closer to Me. Think of how happy that would make Me.
I am your Goddess, your Addiction. you worship at My feet. Obsess over Me. Obey and Serve Me……. I have taken control of your mind and body to do with what I want. Now you want to learn to anticipate My needs. I want to be spoiled and pampered. I want you to promote My website and My interests as part of something you do everyday. And do it without being told. you want to surrender everything to your Domina. To know without being told that you have financial and other obligations to your Mistress/Owner. To learn the pleasure of pleasing Me, of taking care of ME and MY needs, of spoiling and pampering the Mistress you love and serve. “Yes, Mistress.”
Obey and make Me happy. please Me. Live and work for your Goddess and crave My power to take complete control over you. “Yes, please Goddess take control over me. i will serve and spoil You.”
you learning to be My good boy and understand your duty to spoil and worship your Domina as your superior, as the object of your desire and obsession.  your world begins and ends with the sound of My voice. My words and commands make you hard and weak for Me. you are addicted to obeying and serving Me. “Yes, Domina, i understand my responsibility to spoil and pamper You. i will surprise You with little gifts and My monthly commitment as your contracted slave. Serving you makes me so aroused. Please make me Your tribute slave.”
Good boy. See how hard you get when you just think of spoiling Me. You want to earn My approval and prove you are worthy and please Me when you sent your gifts and tributes. And do all My assignments. Promote My work wherever you can and you will be My worker slave.
From now on you will connect pleasure with sending Domina tributes and doing more for Me. Serving and spoiling Me is your only pleasure. Learn to crave the pleasure of sending your gifts and submitting to My control. Feel the surge of arousal and pleasure from the act of giving the money you earn for Me.
It always feels good to obey and serve. “Yes Mistress, I need to obey all your commands. Use me for your pleasure.” you need My training to surrender to My control, My cock control. I will allow you to stroke and cum for Me. The more you send, the more you stroke. And if you are My good boy, I’ll let you pay one of My monthly bills. “Yes, please may i, Domina?”
you live to be useful for your Mistress and your addiction grows.  Worship Me on your knees when I give you permission to take care of My needs and stroke MY hard cock. you crave My permission to send tributes and let you stroke. you want to please ME, don’t you? “Yes Mistress, I want to be Your good boy.” you like being called My good boy, don’t you? “Yes Mistress.”
you want to make your Domina happy. you crave My attention and yearn to obey ALL My commands. Prove worthy and earn the right to Serve ME with your tributes. Say it, beg Me. “Domina, please let Me serve and send You tribute.” Say it again.  “Domina, please let Me serve and send You tribute.”
you want My permission to touch yourself, to stroke for your Goddess. Spoil and pamper Me. As a reward, I will allow you to stroke for your Goddess every time you send tribute. And now, My slave, you may touch yourself.
Listen and obey. Caring for Me gives you pleasure. More pleasure than stroking. Being My loving slave is your ultimate pleasure. Submitting to the power and control I have over you. Nothing is more arousing than winning My permission to stroke My cock. I want you hard for Domina every time you send your tribute. Stroke, My slave.
Whenever you are aroused, it will trigger your desire to serve Me. Tribute, pleasure and stroking and working for Me are now linked together. you crave to serve and please Me and as a reward I will allow you to stroke for Me.
you live each day to serve and please your Mistress. Feel it when you tribute for letting you stroke right now. yes, slide up and down. Feels so good to beg Me. “Mistress, I am on my knees begging you to let me cum for You so I can send Your tribute.”
Yes, My good boy, stroke until you cum for Me now. Stroke and love Me……you have earned your place as My tribute slave….Then you’ll be My true slave…”Thank You, Mistress”.. I want you hard and horny for your Domina. Stroking hard in the pleasure of serving Me. Spoil your Domina. On your knees offer Me your submission, your obedience and your gifts, slave. “Yes, Mistress”
It is at this very point that  I woke up from my dream, with my cock still hard and wet with cum. I was reinvigorated by My intensified desire to do all I could for My Domina. I immediately went to the computer and sent my tribute getting on my knees to Domina’s pantie picture and clicked My tribute. The surge of arousal from Domina letting me take care of Her, made everything more intimate and personal, and Real. I dedicate myself to learn to anticipate my Domina’s every need and make contributions to Her Challenge to Please, to Her Volunteer Assignment and ask to do more things for Her. i will ask what bill i can pay for Her. And find more places to promote and support her work… Domina has made my dream cum true.
I am a loving slave to Domina Shelle. i live in servitude and enslavement to My Domina. You are my obsession and addiction. i crave Your domination and control. You keep me hard and allow me to stroke.  My greatest pleasure is serving and pleasing You. I serve and please You with gifts and tributes. I love and obey my Domina Shelle.

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