Enter the Queen of Domination By: slave drone

i have returned after dealing with personal family and health matters. Everything is much better now.

Goddess Shelle, Lady Helena and Princess Andrea Value and Care for Their Property. During that time i had Their full support and that made me feel Safe and Calm. i could not ask for more perfect Owners.

Hypnosis and Consensual Brainwashing are my ultimate Fetish. Their Soothing and Peaceful feeling Subjugates me. Goddess Shelle and Lady Helena’s Conditioning helped me navigate through these hard times making me Serene and Docile. My daily exchanges with Princess Andrea created a Stress free zone in which She gently Emptied and Silenced my sometimes worried Mind.

With their comforting presence, i continued to further my goals of Total Obedience and Exemplary Service. Goddess Shelle’s Influence is Subtle, Loving and motivates Passion. This Nurturing approach, combined with my Unconditional Trust in the Power She has over me, opens up my Mind, making it Malleable and Suggestible to Her Needs and Desires. When my inner Desires are compatible or can be influenced to Her Needs and Desires, they then become Thoughts and this Thought becomes Truth.

In my Mindless, Pliant state i Assimilated and Accepted Goddess Shelle’s Words, gradually being Programmed. A New Thought started to grow within me, ready for Activation if i so Accepted and Desired it. Step by step, The Files offered me the capacity to espouse further my predisposition towards Total Domination by reducing my insecurities. i Consensually Embraced the Cognitive Re-framing of my Thought. A Truth emerged : Ceding Control to my Owners felt Natural, Blissful and Expected.

i had begged and expressed my Desires for more Domination in my written exchanges with Goddess Shelle. Our back and forth exchanges created a Subconscious collaboration. My begging had propositioned my Response and Abated my Resistance to Her Programming. With carefully chosen Words in Her emails, Goddess Shelle Triggered reinforced Love, Arousal and Devotion when my Thoughts went beyond Submission and into the realm of Domination.

The timely arrival of Her Conditioning File Queen of Domination sealed the deal. With repeated listening, i became even weaker for my Goddess, eliminating my hesitancy and boosting my Confidence and Trust in Her. i stopped over-analyzing my Desire for Domination, concentrating on the feelings and purpose it brought me and wishing for the sweet and soft release of what i still Controlled.

The Chastity Cage

From the beginning, i had come to the understanding that my Happiness and Purpose centers on Serving, Obeying and Pleasing my Owners. As time went by, i dove deeper into my submissive nature, finding that this wasn’t enough. Being granted the privilege of sacrificing permanently my orgasms and being kept in a Chastity Cage was the first step i took into releasing a more direct and Total Control in my life.

Now, i was unable to even stroke for Pleasure and unless specifically Commanded by my Owners, i would always sacrifice my orgasms even when the option was given to me in a Conditioning File. Chastity removed my need for self-Pleasure. It incensed within me Calm, Docility and increased my Suggestibility. When i listen to my Conditioning, my Mind Accepts and Consents to deeper Programming.

In Chastity, the Pleasure as i know it was now centered and aligned with my happiness and purpose, being increasingly narrowed to Serving, Obeying and Pleasing my Owners. When i Spoil or Please my Owners, the Pleasure released is as real and overwhelming as the orgasms of my youth.

The rare orgasms or stroking sessions i have been granted, became a wonderful moment for Adoration and Devotion. By Ceding my Total Control over my orgasms, they no longer were a Pleasure but a Privilege where i felt the Praise of my Owners. It connected my body and my Mind even further than before. Already Collared and Contracted, The feeling of being Owned Property sinked in.

The increased need for Domination

A Truth was confirmed: Ceding Control was the next step in my Happiness and Purpose.

If i wanted to evolve towards this goal and adapting my core to Domination and Control, it was only logical for me and my Goddess to push my limits further. At a suitable rhythm every step would be Learned, Accepted and Compiled.

i Informed Goddess that i was ready to submit to Queen of Domination and increase my Owners level of Control in my life.

Goddess Shelle gave me free reins as to what the next steps should be. As i had some interest in “Financial Domination” i decided to set my sights on the subject. i knew i didn’t want Financial Domination in the strictest sense of the Term and also knew that Domina Shelle would not accept to harm me financially or otherwise. i also Trusted that Goddess Shelle would not abuse the Domination She holds over me. While this new Mindset was ultimately Implanted with my Consent, She knows that Consent does not equate to harm or abuse and will continue to show the same Care that She has displayed within my life.

As my first step, i chose to give Goddess Shelle access to my Amazon Account and a slush fund. She may use it as She sees fit, treating Herself with Gifts that enhances Her Comfort. It is intended to simulate and stimulate my Loss of Control and the Power She holds over me. This fund was of course did not count towards my Contractual Obligations or other occasional Tributes and Gifts i send to my Owners.

i believe giving Her this access will help my Owners in my Programming and Conditioning. It makes for the opportunity of Repetition. Every time Goddess makes a purchase for Her Comfort and Well-being, it will generate Happiness and Joy within my Mind and my Heart. Repetition of this feeling will strengthen my new Mindset and help me Assimilate further the understanding of what i have already become. After all, Repetition combined with Desire is powerful. It will leave me with a yearning to cede

Control to my Owners, to Embrace the Need for more Domination. In the next years, i know this Journey will Transform me gradually into a more perfect slave for my Owners, more attuned to Their Needs, Pleasures and Desires.

In the meantime, i will go Deeper still. Repeating my Mantras and Integrating my Owners Programming. Waiting for the moment the Program finishes its installation and processes their new Needs and Desires in my Subconscious. As i grow Weaker for them, how long before the Program Overcomes me and i Consent. Letting their new Needs and Desires become my Thought and my Thought becomes Truth.

Deeper is better. Obedience feels good…


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