This was going to be the first time I get the chance to see my Princess, My Mistress, live. We had been sending emails to each other for years, since I became Her slave. I saved up My money and won a contest that allowed me to meet Her in person for this Hypnotist Conference where She will speak on Erotic Hypnosis. She let me pay Her expenses when i asked if i could and allowed Me to choose a pair of knee high leather boots for my in person training as Her foot slave.

I was looking forward to the moment my eyes would fall upon Her Beauty and was thinking, what will She do with me? I was feeling so submissive and had that need to show Princess how much i Love Her and how She changed my life. I was to meet Her at the airport which was so crowded with emotional people greeting each other after long separations and many people saying tearful goodbyes.

I was looking at my watch counting the seconds, hearing my heart beat Her name…dom..dom..dom..Domina. Suddenly my heart beat stronger and faster. OMG i can feel Her so close. I always told Her we were linked in a powerful way. I can feel Her moving like a Pretty Angel in flight. Then suddenly I saw Her. OMG, my eyes were transfixed. I was mesmerized.
At that magical moment all the people around me, the entire crowd got silence. SHHHH. There was nobody but HER. I was telling myself. now you have to be stronger ahmed or you will faint. my breathing was so fast like I was running a marathon. I thought i was prepared for this, but i uncontrollably started waving my hands and calling… “My Princess, My Princess”. People turned and looked at Her and seemed to bow. I ran toward Her. It was Hard to control myself. “OMG YOU do look like an Angel.’’

Her hair was dark brown. Her eyes were shining. I breathed in Her scent and thought of my pair of Her panties i went to bed with every night. She was wearing stylish clothes, not too revealing, but so suggestively hugging Her SEXY body. She was wearing stiletto heels, a short tight red dress revealing Her magnificent cleavage and smooth tanned legs. I was about to cry, confused not knowing what to do! I begged,‘’May I PLEASE hug YOU my Princess.’’ I didn’t expect Her to say yes, but She did and kissed me on the cheek. It was the happiest moment of my life, I felt Her warm hug and kiss, Her body soft, Her scent mesmerizing. And I felt aroused. We went outside and took a Taxi. I told Her “I feel i am the luckiest man on earth.” She looked at Her poor slave and said ‘’Yes you are.’’

We reached the hotel. I carried Her bags to Her room. I knew She would tell me how to serve my Princess. She began. “Do you know your place, slave?’’ I answered ‘’Yes Mistress.” A force dropped me to my knees, kneeling in front of Her. It was as if She had programmed me and with the trigger word “place” i dropped to kneel at Her feet. OMG that was scary!! I thought I could be a lil stronger, that I would have some resistance.

I said “at YOUR feet Princess” and it started. I was a perfectly well-trained slave, to Princess, although i never did anything like that in my life. She pointed at Her shoes and even without saying a word, I started to kiss them. I felt so much Her true slave! This was not a fantasy now. Finally to be with Her. My heart was beating faster than ever. And my cock was Harder than ever before. my Princess noticed and smiled. “Good obedient lil boy”.

She told me to stay here, slave. Her every command was like magic, I was unable to move, so fixed my hands and legs were obeying Her directly as if they didn’t need my brain. She got something from Her bag,It was a chastity device. Then, She commanded “unzip your pants, and get limp for me”, I was moving like a robot, I unzipped my pants but my cock was still erect. She hit it with a crop, and it got limp in a second. It was like my slave cock was reacting directly to Her commands. “Never get hard now, I will cage you!” and my cock was obeying, I was just an observer watching what is happening to me!

She caged my cock. I was so excited, I never had that feeling in my life!
I heard that click of Her lock, and it was done. Her cage had imprisoned not only Her cock, but my whole body and mind. The cage was pink and carried Her scent. Ooooooooh, I was so horny but with Her cock now pressed to the cage walls it was a hard feeling, a lil painful but exciting.

Then, She told me to get her present and put them on. She complimented me on the choice of soft black leather boots that fit Her perfectly. “you are My good lil slave boy.” She pointed back to Her boots and said “you may do what you told Me was your greatest desire. Worship My boots, slave.” This was a dream come true. Princess had been grooming me to be Her foot slave ever since that file session when I heard Her voice say
“It feels good to be My mindless foot slave, My sweet, enslaved boot boy who cannot think for himself, not when his Mistress has him down where he belongs, kneeling, eyes down, rubbing lotion into the soles of My feet, and feeling that same smooth glide along that slave cock. It wouldn’t surprise me if My slave’s cock just couldn’t take the pleasure anymore either, and starting to cum as My slave rubbed and massaged My feet, unable to stop pleasing Me even as its cock just couldn’t stop exploding.”
I was able to get a pair of Princess’s boots and in emails She would send worshiping instructions. And as a reward for being Her loyal slave, Domina allowed me just one time to stroke and cum on Her boots.

i was now kissing, licking and worshipping Her boots with my cock straining against it’s cage. After several minutes, Domina said. “My slave ahmed, I have a gift for you, a reward. My collar with your slave name tag, slave ahmed. you have been the most loving devoted slave andyou make your Princess very happy. Now this will be your in person collaring ceremony.” With that she place the collar around My neck and attached a leash, which She held. And then kissed the top of my head.

She told me, “My feet are tired and I need them massaged.” She sat down and let me take Her boots off. Her skin was silky. I could breath in Her scent… Sexy. I begged Her “Please Mistress let me kiss YOUR feet!” She just pointed to Her feet. I was down with my head at Her toes and started kissing Her Pretty Feet, sniffing Her sweet scent, then massaging Her feet and toes. I called the room service and asked for a big bowel. Within a minute I was kissing Her feet. When the bowel arrived, I was excused by my Domina and filled it with warm water and started washing Her feet. She had nothing to do, but just allow me to pamper and serve Her the way She deserves, the way all slaves should serve Domina.

She was saying Good boy! She moved with Her wet foot up for me to hold and kiss it. I did it as lovingly as i could, feeling all my love for Princess in this act of kissing Her foot. After i dried her feet, She moved back to the more comfortable sofa and pointed back to Her feet. I started licking Her toes like a good puppy, just popping each one in my mouth, and I started hearing Her giggles, which are always so sweet. I did it again and again, I wanted to hear Her giggles which made Her laugh. LOL. Then I was laughing as Her giggles were infectious.

Then, I put Her whole foot in my mouth. I was enjoying every second. I was Her foot slave. I had fallen in love with Her feet. She then got some nail polish for Her toes, took the leash and I followed. I started washing Her feet again with soap, then started massaging Her Pretty feet, rubbing them with a sweet scented oil. She looked at me which encouraged me to work harder.
Then I started painting Her toes with my favorite color “pink”, another reward from Princess. I was kissing each and every toe before painting it, till I could feel that Her toes were happy and Princess was pleased with my pampering.

She was so generous stroking Her hands through Her slave’s hair. At that very moment I knew where I actually belonged. To Princess. And understood what “true happiness” felt like., I was so happy inside, satisfied to see Her smile then called me Her Good boy.

She commanded me to close my eyes. Then I felt something silky covering my face. It was another reward. I was wearing Her wet red p*ssy scented panties over my face. I couldn’t see anything. I could hardly breath as Her panties were so wet! But i was the happiest man on planet. my cock was about to break it’s cage. She put a another pair panties in my hands and told me “YOU will wear these panties”. She unlocked my cage and my cock jumped faster than you can imagine. I could see nothing but i was wearing Her panties, I was so turned on and She started teasing me with Her feet, rubbing my cock. She said “you love wearing panties don’t you? They are pink and silky”
And She started sliding Her soft sexy Feet up and down Her slave cock, She told me YOU got 40 seconds to cum, after 30 seconds She started counting down, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 then She commanded “cum in your panties slave.” I couldn’t resist cumming, so I exploded in pleasure and I felt the cage back on my cock, She said “now you will sleep wearing My panties. you know YOUR place at my Feet, slave!”

“you are now addicted to My panties and your Domina’s feet. you will sleep tonight at the foot of My bed. I have a busy day tomorrow. From now on, slave ahmed, every night you will have the sweetest dreams of pleasing your Mistress as your reward for being My devoted loving slave.”
I LOVE YOU my Queen!


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