John looked down at the glass coffee table that was situated in front of the white leather couch.  His focus was not on the table, but rather the black leather collar that rested on it.  A conflict was going on within him that started during his first visit to Dr. Shelle’s office and he was losing more ground every day.  It felt as though he was slowly sliding down an incline that led to a place where he would be no more, at least, not the person he once was.

                He knew what the collar represented.  She had made sure of that the first day he saw it lying there on the table.  He was staring at it just like now when She walked into the room and saw him staring at it.

                “Wondering what it would feel like wrapped around your neck?”  He turned at the sound of Her voice.  She stood there in a pink t-shirt that hung down just above the middle of her thighs and nothing else.  An ingrained response at the sight of Her, the sound of Her voice, and the closeness of Her presence started within his body.  A soft warm feeling that spread throughout would start to become a horny lethargy that left him open and waiting for whatever She desired.  It all seemed so foolish if he ever had time to think about it, and yet with Her he could not help himself.

                “Aren’t i Your live-in slave already?”  as much as he tried to sound bitter, he could not find the strength for it.

                “Oh pet, I didn’t ask you to put it on,” She smiled in an almost predatory way, “I asked if you wondered what it would feel like wrapped around your neck.  I don’t think you could handle wearing it yet.”

                She walked over to where he stood and placed a book She was holding down on the table.  Her eyes locked onto his, “It’s time to serve, pet.”

                It was a command he had grown all too accustomed to, without hesitation he took off what clothes he was wearing.  Only dressed in boxer-briefs and a t-shirt it was mere seconds before he stood next to Her naked.  The sexual excitement building in his body was on display by his slowly stiffening cock.

                As he was going down to his knees, She circled an arm around his waist and pressed Her body up against his keeping him on his feet.  “I want you on your feet for this lesson, John,” She did not often use his name, but when he heard it from Her lips it was almost like a brand on his soul.  Hearing Her say it felt like She was wrapping him up with a lasso and declaring him Hers.

                “It’s good you already understand that when you ask to put on that collar you will become My slave,” with Her left arm wrapped around his waist She started to rub Her right hand gentle up and down his thigh.  The fog flooded his mind as that sweet sexual lethargy filled his body.  It was a drug for him.  His addiction and She was the source.

                “What you need to understand is what it will feel like to put it on. Provided of course you ask properly, and I accept you into My service.”

                Somewhere through the fuzziness a thought briefly surfaced.  How could She think that he would ask to be a slave?  He had resisted it for this long, and though he felt himself sliding towards something, some kind of oblivion he could not quite fathom, there was no way he would ask to be Her slave.  She would have to drag him kicking and screaming into it.

                “You’re not ready for this yet John, My pet,” Her voice slipping deeper into his mind the more She spoke, “but I am here to help you prepare for it.”  In just a few moments his body was almost on fire with Her soft caressing, the feel of Her body pressed into him.  He wished he could feel their legs sliding against each other.  What would it be like to have Her astride him, taking him.

                Then he felt Her hand gently take a hold of his cock and start sliding up and down, “this is what it feels like when the collar touches your skin John.”  He moaned softly as She slowly stroked him up and down.  “When the leather of My collar touches your skin you will feel My hand on your cock.  Stroking you.  Coaxing from you whatever I wish.  Your thoughts will only dwell on how you can please Me. In a constant state of arousal you can only serve.”

                The words being spoken barely registered in his mind.  She had spent months hypnotizing him and keeping him aroused.  Whenever he started to fight what She wanted, whenever he tried to talk to Her about having a normal live-in relationship, or even tried to leave She would bring him to this state.  He knew it.  His normal rational, strong-willed self disappeared when he got this aroused.

                “Yes pet, I will help you understand what you want to ask for first.  The pressure of feeling My hand constantly rubbing your cock and the constant desire to please Me is not an easy thing,” the strokes were slow and rhythmical.  By now She was familiar with how best to keep him on edge.  “We have to strengthen you, pet.  I can feel you leaning on Me as your knees get weak from My powerful strokes.  It will take some time to make you strong enough.”

                He could feel his legs wanting to give out.  As the waves of pleasure washed over his body his muscles wanted to give out as he felt himself losing control.

                “My hand is too strong for your will, John.  When you feel My hand on your cock you have no resistance and feel only My will assert control over you.  When the leather from the collar touches your skin you feel My will overpower you and My hand is constantly on your cock until you finally come to understand that it is no longer your cock, My slave.  Just as your will is no more, your cock is now My cock.”

                There was only the pleasure coursing through him, “I love stroking My cock like this, John.  I know it will only lead to your enslavement.  I am impossible to resist, slave. You are eventually going to need to ask to be My slave.  I can’t force you, John, but I can rub My cock and remind you what it feels like when the leather of My slave collar touches your skin.”

                At some point She had stopped holding him up and moved him to lay on the couch as She sat next to him with Her hand still moving on his cock.  Her words droned on in his mind, “You love this feeling, John.  I have made sure of that and you love Me because I am the only one who makes you feel like this.  You constantly crave to feel this way John and your mind is starting to understand that if you become My slave, I will allow you to constantly feel My hand on My cock.  You will no longer have the longing to feel My hand on My cock because you will always feel it there.”

                It was unusual for him to remember so much of what She said to him, but She made sure his mind would allow him to recall this training.  He had smoked back in college and it took all he had to quit.  The constant pull of the cigarettes followed him.  His addiction to Her was stronger.  She had created a never-ending feedback loop in him and strengthened it with all his deep dark desires.  All the things that he hid from the rest of the world She dug out of him and used them to weaken him just for Her.

                As a few weeks passed, She had spent time every day to prepare him for what it was like to put on the leather collar he was staring at.  As he heard the front door opening he could only wonder if this was the day he was going to ask Her permission to put it on.


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