After years of struggling with his ‘issue’, John finally decided to make an appointment with a therapist, so he could talk with someone about his constant cravings. Over the years he had read so much about alter-egos, the Id or the shadow self, and a myriad of other topics; about parts of the personality that people suppressed for one reason or another. Some said that the cravings were simply messages sent by the subconscious about things that needed his attention. While others would say it was years of the ego defining behaviors as either right or wrong and all the wrongness had been suppressed and was trying to find its way out.

All the reading did was make him understand that it did come calling and as much as he tried to figure out why, he never reached a conclusion. There were periods when he felt no need or craving. only to have it come back even stronger than before. For whatever reason there was a part of him that always got sucked in and he simply could not ignore it. He always ended up surrendering to it in the end.

That is what led him to the couch of Dr. Rivers and he had just finished laying all this out to Her. As he lay on Her white couch, She sat in a chair to the side where She could still see his face and gauge his reactions to Her questions as well as the emotions displayed by his face and mannerisms. It was hard for John not to steal looks at Her crossed legs that were encased in black nylons. Her black skirt ended just above her knees and the black heels She wore shined softly from the light that came in from the window. Her long brown hair fell down over Her shoulders and stood in sharp contrast to the white blouse She wore.

“So, from what you have told Me, at some level you seem to have either a struggle with your own sexuality, difficulty in trusting women, or possibly both.”
“Well I have figured out at least that much Dr. Rivers but what can I do to get past whatever it is?” the frustration in his voice was hard to miss.
“You need to find someone you can trust John. Someone that can create a safe environment that will allow you to work through all of this. That is why therapists can help so much where others cannot,” She uncrossed and re-crossed Her legs as She situated herself in the chair. The whooshing sound of Her nylons again drew his eyes to her legs. “Your secrets are safe with Me, John. My job is to help you work through all of this. Think of this as a safe place for you to relay and even act out your feelings in some cases, where you need not fear what might happen when you do.”

“That sounds great and all but…”
“John, first you need to relax when you are in session with Me,” She sat forward in the chair and looked him in the eye, “why don’t we try some breathing exercises?” She took a deep breath in and opened Her eyes slightly wider and when She exhaled allowed Her eyelids to fall down until they almost closed,” do it with Me now John.” He did as She instructed, and they started taking deep breaths in and out.

“That’s right John, just let the deep breaths draw in all that tension in your body and then expel it out with each exhale,” he kept breathing as She instructed while staring at Her eyes. “Just let yourself get rid of all that tension and stress. Give up all the anxiety you have about your feelings. You are safe with Me John. You are in a place of trust when you are with Me.”
His breathing got deeper and slower while She spoke to him, “that’s right John, that’s right just relax your whole body as the fresh air cleans out all the negative feelings you might have. Expel all your fears because here you are in a safe place,” She leaned back in Her chair again and stared at his eyes that had started to droop a little, “have you ever tried hypnosis John?”
“Um, well yes,” he mumbled.

“Would you like Me help you relax even more by hypnotizing you right now?”
“Yes,” was all he could say. Being hypnotized by a beautiful woman had always been one of his fantasies. He had imparted some of his fantasies to Her already but not this particular fetish, which had grown stronger in him over the years until it had become one of his favorites.
“Well for that I need you to trust Me John,” She leaned forward and glided Her red nails along the front of Her calf, “would it help if I said it was okay that you stare at My legs, John?”
His breath caught and all he did was nod his head in response.

“Breathe in, John,” he once again started breathing as She instructed, “that’s right just relax for Me. Stare at my legs John, listen to the sound My nails make as they trace across My nylons and let it relax you. The sound on your ears is starting to feel good, John,” the relaxation was starting to turn into a soft, numbing pleasure. “You’re doing so well John. You want to fall even deeper for My voice. Fall even deeper to the soft sound of My nylons.”
The sound made his body tingle as She continued speaking, “this will help with your treatment, John. Letting Me take you deep into hypnosis will help you to act out these naughty fantasies, but you must not think of them as being bad anymore. Not when you are here with Me. When you are with Me they feel so natural.”
At some point his eyes had closed and his thoughts had become jumbled as Her voice softly fell upon his ears. “Your thoughts are soooo comfortable when you are with Me. You might even want to show me how much you appreciate the trust I have placed in you, John. You are probably even feeling aroused by the sound of My fingernails dragging gently across My nylons. That’s right. Just let it happen.”

Somewhere in his mind he was enjoying the growing erection as it pushed up against the front of his pants, “I saw you looking at My legs. With the types of fantasies you shared with Me, of being overly aroused by seductive women, I knew you would look. Women who wanted to control you through your penis, John. How could I not enjoy you looking at my legs knowing I like to control men through their cocks, John,” as a wave of pleasure washed over him and he let out a soft moan. “Ohhhh you like it when I tell you how I am going to start to control you through your cock, John,” another soft moan. “That’s it. I think you are going to love My therapy. There is nothing wrong with you, John. You just haven’t found the right woman, until now.”
Suddenly, there was a snap of fingers, “feel the pleasure wash over you and go deeper for Me. So deep, John. Becoming so weak and pliable as I exploit you through your hard cock which makes you go deeper and get even harder. The spiral of your arousal only deepening your submission makes it impossible to get away from Me now, John. I know how to make your cock hard, John, and you love that. I will always make you hard for Me. When you get hard it makes your thoughts get fuzzy and you get so pliable, John, so submissive. I am going to make so many things about Me get your cock so very hard. Hard and dripping with lust which will make you want to do so many wonderful things for Me. John.”

The waves of pleasure seemed to spin throughout his body as his cock pulsed in his pants from Her words. Then there was another snap which made his cock feel like it was going to erupt, “yes deeper for Me now. I love having you so deep for Me. You have come to the right place to get all the help you need, John, and to thank Me you are going to want to show Me how much you want to come back to Me for more treatment. You are going to wake from trance soon and when you do you will feel overcome with a need to kneel in front of Me and stroke your hard cock as you gaze up at Me. You will stroke nice and slow and will not come, John. Only I can tell you when to come. You cannot get the treatment you need if you come without My permission. You know how important it is to have My approval. You so much want My permission before you come. Now it is time to come up out of trance, John…5 feeling starting to come back to your body…4 noticing sounds around the room…3 starting to move your body…2…and 1 wide awake.”

He opened his eyes and sat up on the couch. He turned and looked towards Her, seeing a beautiful smile on Her red lips and his body started to move. He went to his knees in front of Her chair and sat back on his knees. Her eyes seemed to gleam as he reached down and unzipped his pants. Finding the hole in the front of his boxer briefs he freed his cock and started to stroke it right in front of Her.
“See John,” Her voice was soft, almost soothing to his ears, “there is nothing wrong with this. With Me, it feels so natural doesn’t it?”
“Yes,” he breathed out heavily trying to shake the trembling, he started to feel in his body.
“We will start a schedule this week for your treatment, John. You can give up the burdens and temptations your cock puts on you now that I am in control of it. Doesn’t that feel soooo good?”
“Yes,” he again replied.
“Good John, so very good. I am going to really enjoy helping you, John….”


The first week of his therapy with Dr. Rivers was definitely an adjustment. She asked that John start to keep a record of when he had the thoughts and fantasies which brought him to see Her in the first place. What was the fantasy about? Who was the focal point of the fantasy? How did he feel while he was thinking about it? He was to briefly answer the questions each time and compile them in an email to Her daily.

She did not always respond, but when one of the fantasies involved Her, there would be a responding email. She would ask him questions about how it made him feel and if it was more intense than his other fantasies. She would ask him how strongly he desired to act out the fantasies and if he was getting aroused thinking about being at Her feet again.

At first, he balked at the questions and wondered what good this was doing to help him, but She always had a reason for Her questions. It was to draw out the side of him that wanted these things. Having one focal point and making it more real would allow him to finally uncover the cause for it. She told him this was where the trust in Her was most important and that he needed to be honest with Her and himself in order to get through this.

She had also given him a sound file to listen to that would help him with his breathing exercises and allow him to relax. She also let him know it would allow him to feel more comfortable being open with Her in their sessions. He listened to it each night before he went to sleep and found it actually allowed him to get to sleep much faster than he was accustomed to.

Her final instruction for him was to try and not bring himself to orgasm unless She thought it necessary as part of his therapy. Her reason was that he needed to give up the control of his gratification to Her, so She could help him discover what was at the root of his ‘dark’ fantasies. This was definitely the most difficult part of the therapy for him. It was almost embarrassing to him that he felt like asking Her several times in the first week to please let him cum. He found himself thinking that he should just do it because he wanted to. The thought of failing in his therapy in the very first week kept him chaste, at least until he could speak about it with Her in their second session.

At times the week seemed to drag on but finally he was back in the waiting room of Her office turning the knob to the door that led him back to Her. When he entered She was sitting in the chair next to the white leather couch he had been on during their first session. She was wearing a form fitting gold dress with matching gold heels. The light from the windows made her bare, tan legs seem to glow softly in the light.
She was smiling at him when his eyes drifted back up to Her face, “hello John, please excuse my attire but I have a function right after our session and won’t have time to change.” She motioned towards the couch, “as I said time is short and the second session is always vital in order to review your therapy assignment and make sure you are on track going forward. Please lay down so we can get started.”

He walked over and situated himself on the couch, so he was again facing Her as he had the previous week. She did not get into any pleasantries before starting in with questions, “so did you have any trouble with your assignments? I enjoyed reading your fantasy descriptions for the week by the way.”

He wasted no time in getting to his biggest gripe, “I am definitely having trouble with this whole no orgasm thing.”

She nodded Her head in apparent understanding, “John that is always the toughest thing to get passed. You have had control of it your whole life. You are used to getting your own way in most areas, if not all areas of your life, aren’t you?”
“Well…I guess so,” he began before She plowed on.

“That is the key to this whole thing, John, giving up control once in a while. You have to have enough trust in others to give up some control once in a while knowing that it is necessary to place trust in some people or some person. You have to have this trust if you are ever going to allow yourself to be vulnerable to someone. That is true control, John. The power to let yourself go and give in to the care of someone else. It is no mean feat.” She uncrossed and re-crossed Her legs drawing his eyes to them again. They were tan, smoothly and shapely, “why don’t we start taking some breaths, John. Just do some deep breathing like you have been practicing.”

He did as She asked and was surprised to find how quickly he began to feel that relaxing feeling tingling through his body, “that’s right, John. Just focus on the soft glow of My legs as you breathe in and feel your eyes already getting heavy. You are already noticing how well the training is working to help you relax. Just breathe and relax and start to feel our trust breaking down those walls. Feeling relaxed and as the walls start to fall. Feel that vulnerability you are exposing. It is tied to your arousal, John. You might describe it as a feeling of weakness, but it is actually your own vulnerability.”

He listened to her words and just enjoyed looking at Her and the way Her words seemed to relax him even more. His eyes were getting, “so heavy now, John. So sleepy and vulnerable here with Me. A woman you can finally trust. I can help you relax and help you with your problems. Help make you better. I can help make you stronger.”

His eyelids closed with a snap of Her fingers and a wave of deep, relaxing pleasure washed over his body, “so relaxed now, John. My words become more and more relaxing every time you hear them. My presence alone has started to become relaxing and hypnotic to you. You feel so much more open when you are with Me. So much more eager to hear My voice and listen to My suggestions.”

The words played through his mind but his conscious mind held on to very few of them as She spoke, “why don’t we start with one of your fantasies about Me, John. I loved to read about you imagining I was your girlfriend. A girlfriend who you couldn’t say no to. You would try to say no to Me, John, and then I would use your weakness to get what I want. I know how to make you vulnerable and then exploit you to get what I want.”
In his mind he could see the fantasy playing out, only now he saw Her in the gold dress and heels. “You try to fight it. See yourself telling Me no as I stand in front of you. Then I step to you and you feel My touch. Your eyes take in my body and the way My gold dress fits snugly in all the right places. Your cock is getting hard, thinking about Me. You can’t fight it, John, and the harder your cock gets, the more you get turned on, which makes it so much harder to fight me.”

His whole body was tingling in pleasure as he listened to Her speak. “I have freed your hard cock from your pants and gotten you on your back, John. I straddle your hips John and your body is on fire. How can you fight something you want so badly, John? You have always fought this, John, which is why you want it so bad now. You want me so bad now. Your cock gets hard when you think about Me doesn’t it, John?”
A quiet “yes” came from his mouth. “That’s right John. I make your cock so hard and it makes you get all foggy doesn’t it?”
This time his head simply nodded gently, “that’s right, John. Straddling your hard cock you can almost feel My hot sex swallowing your cock and start sliding up and down. Your body is on fire with lust as I ride you and tell you how you are going to give Me what I want. You can’t say no to Me now, can you, John?”
“Nooo,” came out in a gasp as he felt his cock throbbing in his pants. Her words described things that he could feel in his mind, “My hot sex taking over your cock. My sex is too much for you. Yessss John,” She hissed softly as his cock pulsed and he panted, caught in the fantasy She was making play out in his mind. “Ohhhh your cock is giving in to My sex. Giving in to Me. It’s going to be My cock. Feel it start to give in to Me, John. Feel the weakness washing over you as you give in to My sex sliding up and down on your cock. Feel the walls crumble and give your cock over to Me.”

The fire of lust electrified his whole body and his mind was a fog. He felt Her words in his very core. The weak feeling pulled him down into the lust and frenzy even more. It felt like there was a tenuous hold on something, he was not sure what and then, “feel it slipping away, John. Feel the lust and My hot sex stripping the last bit of control of your cock. Last bit of control over you, John.”

He started moaning as a rush flowed from his crotch and lit up his whole body, “yes, John. Giving in to all the yummy pleasure. Pleasure that only I can give you. Let it pulse through you.”

The orgasm continued for almost a minute and She continued speaking to him. Telling him how this was what it felt like to finally give up control and be vulnerable to someone he could trust. The rest of Her words became lost to him until he heard, “2…noticing the room around you…and 1 coming back awake.”

His eyes opened, and She was the first thing he saw and it caused a slight stirring in his crotch as he looked at Her. She smiled at him, “and that is why it is better to let Me tell you when to cum and when not to cum, John, and get My permission beforehand.”

His hand reached down and he felt that the front of his pants was indeed damp. While it may have been a fantasy his orgasm was real. She laughed softly, “you can wash up in the bathroom before you leave. Sorry but that is one of the ‘side-effects’ of your treatments with Me. It won’t l be a problem will it?” She smiled at his silence, “I didn’t think so.”
She stood up and he sat up on the couch enjoying watching Her walk away from him towards Her desk and pick up a pocketbook that matched Her outfit. “Don’t forget your assignments and I will see you same time next week.”

He just sat there wondering what he had gotten himself into as he watched Her walk out the door. Was this something he would be able to handle or lose all control?


CHAPTER 3 Therapy-Hard Lesson

He sat staring at the clock on the wall in his house. The second hand moved ever so slowly as he fought the urges he felt welling up inside of him remembering his last therapy session and what had happened since. The desire to pick up the phone and call Her office to explain why he was not there. A need he felt to rush out to his car and drive over and see Her pulled at his insides. Yet he sat on his couch watching the last seconds of his scheduled appointment time tick away.
The week had started just as the last one had. He was following Her instructions. He submitted his fantasies daily and listened to the recording that helped him with his breathing exercises. It seemed most days his fantasies were simply reliving the fantasy She had created in his mind as he laid on the leather white couch.
That fantasy always caused a stirring in him that made his cock hard and his thoughts would get fuzzy in the bliss. He would start rubbing his cock wanting so badly to live out the thoughts he was having. Driven by insane lust he would bring himself to the edge of orgasm and then stop just as She had ordered him to do, but two days prior he had failed to stop. He took himself over the edge and once the orgasm began he could not stop it.
So now he found himself sitting on his couch caught between guilt and fear. Guilt from failing to do as Dr. Rivers had told him to do. The fear came from his guilt for disappointing Her. What had always been an escape, a fantasy kept only in the recesses of his mind was now becoming reality. He had let down his guard and She had moved right in.
His thoughts were running in circles and suddenly his doorbell rang. In the back of his mind he knew he should not answer it. He struggled between the desire for it to be Her and the feeling to run as far away from Her as he could get. Was he being ridiculous? She had said it was part of his therapy. He had sought out Her counsel after all.
Debating things in his mind he made his way to the front door and pulled it open. As he saw Her standing there in a bright red, form fitting dress he found himself taking a moment to catch his breath, “I’m…I’m sorry,” he found himself saying.
She tilted Her head slightly as Her eyes seemed to be looking through him, “you know it’s too late for that, don’t you?” She said walking into his house brushing lightly against him as She moved past him. “I know the struggle going on inside you right now,” She kept talking as he followed Her making Her way into his living room. “The fear we are uncovering has to be dealt with, but we need to find a catalyst to overcome it,” She stopped walking and turned to face him.
He could find no words as he looked at Her. Her bright red lips curled up into a half smile as She returned his look, “You want Me to break you down right now, but you are scared of what might happen afterwards. The fantasy has always been safe for you. This is reality”, She said sliding Her hands suggestively down the sides of Her dress, “and it frightens you. Are you scared I might make you My slave? Or excited?” She giggled softly as Her gaze moved down to his crotch where his shorts had started to tent outwards.
“Oh I think I would like having you as My slave, john,” She slowly started to move towards him. “You see I think you might be beyond treatment,” his stood stock still as Her body neared his, “after all, I would never do this to one of My patients.” He felt Her hand start rubbing the front of his shorts.
As Her hands moved his breath started to get ragged, “I liked the fantasy you sent this week of taking Me roughly, john,” Her body pressed up against him, “but so many times society tells you how wrong it is to take a woman like that. You want to be good but your desires are soooo bad,” his zipper was pulled down and he felt Her fingers pull his cock out of his shorts. Pulling him by his cock She led him over to his couch and helped him seat himself with Her next to him. As he laid his head back, She began stroking him slowly.
“Yes john, better to just give in and let Me take care of everything,” he felt heavy with a overpowering lust. “No need to fight Me, john. So much better to let Me seduce and enslave you through your hard cock isn’t it? I can’t be your therapist and do this for you though, john. I can do this and be your Domina. I can really make you my slave. I can rub My little pet’s cock like this as you go so deep for Me. I am going to keep training you until you can’t fight Me anymore. You’ll keep falling again and again as I break you down like this over and over until there is no resistance left. When all resistance is gone for good then you will be a slave. My personal pet and plaything.”
As She spoke, waves of lust moved through him. He did not want this to stop. Did not want Her to take Her hand away from his cock. “You always feel Me pulling on your cock like this when you are in My presence, when you hear My voice, even when you think about Me. The pull on your cock makes you weak and defenseless and you love it. Don’t you love it pet?”
“Yes,” was the word that touched his ears, spoken by his voice.
“Oh yes you do, My pet. This will not be the last time I have to break you pet. I am going to break you down like this every day. I am going to make you feel so natural being weak before Me. Make you love adoring and worshipping Me pet. Make you soooo weak whenever you are around Me pet.” Her hand moved up and down ever so slowly on his cock. He felt the need to orgasm, but Her strokes were just slow enough to keep him at bay.
“I will drive out the need you feel to take Me as you wrote about but always be submissive to My Domination. I will replace it with the need to worship Me on your knees, your cock hard in adoration of your new Domina. I am going to make you feel weak and helpless like this because you love it. You need it. I am your Goddess, My pet. I am the drug you can never get enough of.”
The orgasm suddenly started to find traction as it started to build. “I am going to show you how it feels to always be hard and horny craving only the satisfaction you can get from Me, your new Domina.” He felt the cum start to travel up from his balls and Her hand came off his cock. He felt the cum shoot out, but the normal rush of ejaculation was not there. He did not feel the euphoric bliss. It was almost an empty feeling that followed as his balls emptied out.
“Oh pet,” Her voice took on a condescending tone, “did you think I would not make you pay for disobeying Me and not confessing and begging forgiveness with a tribute for your accidental orgasm? I know you orgasmed without My permission. Now, future sessions will be used to train you in obedience and to always send tribute when you orgasm, so I can monitor My slave and keep tighter control over My cock and your orgasms. We need to work on your real training now…”


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