Mistress Shelle is my Goddess of love and lust. I met Her online, called Her for phone sex and then over time I fell deeply in love with Her. In my first month of servitude I gave Mistress control of my sex life. She took it away and forbade me to have sex with my wife without Her expressed permission. In the second week of no sex I shaved my genitals because slave genitalia are meant to be bald. My fantasies and fetishes remain sucking on Domina’s red toenails and placing my tributes at Her feet. Then fantasies started to include sissy fantasies—sucking cock. Domina saw my need to become Her sissy slave and began training me to work for Her as a “motel” whore.

Domina began referring to me as Her whore slut and asked if I were ready to serve Her, to do whatever it is to please HER. Her simple question was my first trigger and the response was quiet acknowledgement. Of course, Domina, I mumbled. “Good little sissy slut. I have big plans for you. Now practice by sucking My strapon” and my training began….I wanted to be useful and prove my value to make Me money as Her sissy slut…I had been allowed to visit Lady Helena for punishments. I love sending my Lady gifts…She taught me that pain is to be my pleasure and filled my need for humiliation. She made sure Domina’s cock was caged during my long periods in Chastity which increased my need for strict obedience and submission to Domina’s control and management and I love to beg for my release and place my tributes under Her feet.

My brainwashing continued as did my slut whore training. I used my butt plug whenever allowed to stroke. Lady Helena and primarily Her slave, a shemale named Rene, were brought in to train me to service a wide variety of paying customers and earn money for Domina. As Lady Helena’s slave, Rene, like me, was a slave to Domina Shelle. Sessions were held going through the fetishes and extreme tastes of these customers…..sucking cock, taking strap ons and real cocks in the ass. BDSM sessions enduring humiliation and pain for voyeur sessions with customers. And what I found was the more perverse the scene, the more I was enjoying it, all to please Domina. Even the blackmail. And so I signed a contract committing my services to Domina with my obligation to give all my earnings to Domina. I particularly like the part of my job of identifying and bringing Mistress more slaves to serve Her.
This is the introduction to where my story now picks up.


The afternoon sun was shining through the window. My head was resting on Rene’s naked thigh. Rene had become more than my trainer. The familiar salty taste of Rene was still in my mouth. I patiently kissed away the last post orgasmic drops that formed on the tip of her beautiful now semi erect cock. The beauty of this moment was perfected by Rene’s hand playing with my hair and her foot massaging my denied manhood. After the last encounter with the customers when i came three times i was totally cut off from orgasms while Rene continued with my training: total surrender, total availability.

Sometimes at night she penetrated my ass with a dildo while i was still sleeping or woke me up with her cock in front of my mouth to train me to suck whenever a cock was offered. We worked on my attitude and improved my begging and pleading, the sweet talk, the verbal and non-verbal communication while servicing a man’s cock. I was perfected as the sissy slut i wanted to be to please Domina because that’s exactly what She was training me to be.

Rene’s laughter lifted me out of my daydreams: “I cannot believe you already signed the slave contract and do not even fully remember everything that was in there. Poor horny nadette! – but i know how confusing it can be from time to time to be eager to obey – how the desire can blur the comprehension. It was mean for Lady Helena to “dumb you down” before giving you the contract to read. I mean – with an IQ of less that 70 it must have been hard enough to write down your name, let alone read the document! You know – i look forward to our next session together. i hope she will use this trigger -sss- i’d love to see you as silly sissy slut, as dumb cock hungry bimbo. But this has to wait. your family expects you back They think you have been on a business trip all week.

Rene was right, i had to go back. I went to the shower, a little uneasy when Domina would contact me again and wondered what she might demand. It is not that i didn’t try to read my copy of the contract again. Yes i signed it – but whenever i tried to read it with every sentence it got more difficult to understand the next one. After each word i started to think about Domina’s perfect body and got aroused. After the first general paragraph i had to spell out the next word and was so horny that i forgot what i read before, so i gave up. “Dumb down” was a trigger to make me stupid, that Lady Helena had installed. But in the contract here must have been hidden something different, something more dangerous, maybe vicious. I dried myself off and remembered how Domina has handed be my copy with a wicked smile: “have fun with it nadette. There are some secrets inside and special surprises for you that you will find out soon enough. And soon enough is when I say it is time to find out. You know you can trust me. You will stay with Rene for one week than you will have to wait until i contact you. Be a good sissy and don’t do anything silly ~giggles~ and remember: silly makes you horny – horny makes you silly”

I was already in the cab back home when my mind was still repeating the mantra “silly makes me horny – horny makes me silly – i trust Domina – i obey Domina.”

In the evening my wife – Nicole – was in a flirty mood and the desire heated up between us. My horniess contributed to the dynamical overload. She put her finger on my mouth to silence me and whispered: “I get some wine – you fill the bathtub. And don’t forget to light some candles….. What are you doing silly boy?” She never had called me that name – but silly made me horny. I realized that I had started to suck her finger as soon as it touched my lips. I blushed when the effects of Rene’s training came to my awareness: Whatever body part I got presented in front of my lips I started to suck or lick – it was all natural – all normal for me. My wife giggled and went downstairs to fetch the wine.

She disrobed in the most elegant way and started to join me in the bathtub. When she lifted her foot I realized that her toes were crimson red – the same red that Domina had used as polish. My mind was racing about that coincidence? And while I was still thinking about Her nails Nicole touched my lips with her toe instead of entering the water. “it is just a test” she said but I was already sucking on it. “Wow – it works with toes too! My little sucker – do you like my new polish – I got that recommendation from a friend.” My cock was hard and sticking out of the water already when she finally entered the tub. “Hmm – decisions decisions – shall I use your eager mouth or your pointing hard cock tonight?” Her feet were resting on my chest and I was kissing her toes. “I want to eat you out tonight, baby. Please let me lick your pussy all night long – I love to feel your sweet taste all over me” I answered. It was an amazing night – I worshiped every spot of Her sweet soft juicy pussy until we both fell asleep. When I woke up during the night from the hard erection of my denied cock I still was lying on Her pubic area – the wonderful scent of arousal still exuded from her curly soft hair.

I woke up from the smell of coffee and distant voices. Nicole was talking on the phone. When I came downstairs I heard something like: ”O.k. Michelle, talk to you later.” “Good morning my dear” I said and asked bursting with curiosity: “Who was on the phone?” “Good morning, Honey, – oh it is just a friend, She gave me the hint for that new nail polish you liked so much.”
“Oh and honey, before you sit down go and shave yourself. I don’t care if you want to be hairless, but I want you smooth with no stubbles!” I just could answer “yes, Ma’am” but not sure she heard it….

I was totally confused – the contract – Nicole’s strange behavior – I could not make sense of it. Coincidence? Later that day Domina finally called: “Hello my slut – be prepared to meet me all dressed up on Thursday night – I’ll text you the address and room. I expect you to look extra cute – this is for your photo and brief video session and later we will see a customer. Oh and you are not allowed to cum before that. you are to come with My cock locked.”
“Yes my Domina! Photo session? Have you met Nicole?” questions were babbling out of my head but Domina had already hung up.

Lady Helena was already waiting for me in the hotel room with two other men who had some cameras and a camcorder. “Greet me properly, slut, and listen”. Greeting my Lady meant licking Her shoes. I dropped to my knees and started to gently lick her high heeled sandals and listened. “We will make three videos and some pictures that Domina might use to promote you on her special webpage. Promotion is important for you to fulfill your sluttish desires and to become a useful asset. You want enough attention to get lots of customers to earn money for Domina. Isn’t that right slut?” “Yes – My Lady. But I am scared and I don’t understand!” She took my head in her hands and continued gently, slowly but in a very firm tone: “Domina knows what is best for you. you do not need to understand or think. you need to perform. It is part of your contract. Read it and understand paragraph 3. It requires you to model and perform in adult entertainment videos that are produced by Domina. As Her property, She has all the rights to distribute publish and edit everything you do. We know you want to do everything voluntarily for Domina, but because of all the money involved, Domina wanted the insurance of the contract.

And if the contract is not enough maybe a little blackmail will help” She started to dial Nicole’s number, the dialing tone. i begged her to stop. Then my wife’s voice -“Hello” – my lips forming the word “Please” – “Oh hi – it’s Helena. Sorry I dialed the wrong number. I wanted to reach Michelle and tell her about some new amazing ideas to promote Her business. I can also show you later if you like to see!” Suddenly I understood: while I was training with Rene both Lady Helena and Domina have gotten into contact with my wife. They all knew each other. What else did she know? I felt lost. “My Lady, I will do whatever you say!” “Sure you will and you will like it my horny slut.”

In the first set I had to play with my nipples and fuck my ass with a dildo while I explained to the camera how much I love my Domina and how I like to be treated like a slut. “Be more convincing” Helena instructed after the first try. Explain to the camera why you have that cock cage. “I am Nadette, I love my Domina and I love to be a silly slutty sissy. My cock is locked in a tiny cage because I do not deserve to cum. I am not a real man and do not need a cock. When I am horny I will do everything that You will ask from me. I cannot help it but I need to be treated like that. Please degrade and humiliate me or just use me to have a good time.” Lady Helena was pleased “Wonderful! you will be a star! Good girl.”

For the second set they brought in Rene. This was something I had been trained to do with Rene and Lady Helena. Since I was being featured there was a close up on me. Bent over I began kissing, then sucking Lady Helena’s strapon, while Rene came up behind me as she had done so often and slid Her hard cock into my ass. We soon found the rhythm that simultaneously had me fucked in the mouth and my ass. One camera was for my face one for my ass and one captured the whole scene. I was gagging, tears were rolling, juices flowing, the first strings of precum showed my desperate need to cum. “Good little slut whore” Domina’s sweet voice filled me with warm pleasure. She had entered the room without me noticing. “You will earn your Domina a lot of money.”

“In the third set you will suck the heel of my boot. Talk to my boots like Rene has trained you, be sweet and seductive as if My heel would be a cock that you want to worship and seduce. Make it wet and shining. You are my wonderful slut – my obedient masterpiece. And when we are done there is a reward in the other room waiting for you.!” I surpassed myself, wanting to please Domina, encouraged and cheered by Her voice I made that heel literally beg to be sucked. Domina was moving Her feet so slow and sexy that I talked to Her boot as if it was my lover. I kissed the tip – flicked my tongue playfully over the leather. Kissed the heal and let it slide into my mouth as Domina slipped it in and out of my mouth. I took it deep to reach the sole with my tongue.

“Well done My good boy. You may now take off My boot and kiss My toes” Domina said. i was so happy – I unzipped the boot and slid it off Her beautiful leg. “Don’t be hesitant my pet. This may be confusing and you may be scared but this is natural when you feel ALL your control slip away. Now kiss My toes. Stick your tongue in between My toes. … I will show you the promotion page W/we are recording for. For now, since you are not used to so much publicity I will keep it password protected only for special paying customers. Lick My soles and suck my heel. I walked in those boots all day long and my feet are tired. “NicolesSissyHubby” is the password. You can have a look. Everything will be fine. Domina knows what is best for you” and these last words echoed in my mind.

“Now follow me – I have a reward for You. But you need to be extra silent. I will allow you cum. You will be allowed to hump a pair of sexy shoes until you cum – this is your reward because you were so obedient and brave today. Follow Me and be silent. The other room was dark. There was a big bed and obviously another client fucking someone very hard. I thought it might be Rene again. But my eyes couldn’t see in the dim light yet. I heard the lovemaking sounds as Domina guided me to the edge of the bed and there was a sexy pair of red pumps. “Enjoy my pet. Enjoy the shoes. Enjoy the humiliation – find your place – no pussy for you to fuck – just Her shoes” They were still warm as I placed my hard cock inside of the first shoe and started to hump. I heard louder moans on the bed and looked up: Nicole was smiling at me as another wave of orgasm rolled through her body…….

After the initial surprise, I responded immediately when she told me to lick and worship her feet as she continued to moan in ecstasy. I hadn’t noticed as more light came into the room revealing Rene as my wife’s lover. And what was happening was that cameras were running capturing everything going on. I was the cuckold husband, something I had been fantasizing about as Domina’s slave. And now in real time this video was being made
so real and therefore so effective. And now Nicole was “forcing” me to service Her lover, not realizing that I am writing out my own fantasies which brought me back to worshipping and sucking Rene’s long hard smooth cock which was one of my rewards for being a good sissy slut with the bonus of Nicole’s pussy juices all over it…. “Keep humping my shoes, slave, said Nicole and cum for our Domina. All three of us were now Domina’s slaves. Domina further rewarded me by making me subservient and obedient to my wife as her slave also. See, this is MY story, the way I fantasize it to be.


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