Today’s the day, the day I’d been
looking forward to my entire life, ever since I’d become a part of the life of my wonderful, kind and beautiful Domina Shelle. Today I was to become her personal handmaiden.

Domina Shelle had been training
me for years for this day, and I’d be moving halfway around the world for the opportunity. She had taken me from the sissy curious boy I was when I met her to become the perfect girly girl she knew we both wanted me to be. She had me train for this opportunity
every day, reading and studying all of the latest and greatest fashion magazines, fashion blogs, watching makeup tutorials constantly and practising constantly so that I could be the perfect handmaiden for her when I arrived.

I arrive at her mansion a little
nervous and at the same time very excited and press the speaker button to let her know that I have arrived. She opened the gate and told me to come up to the house, as I neared I saw her standing at the door and immediately and uncontrollably dropped to my
knees. She giggles, such a heavenly giggle, a giggle I know I will do anything for, one I will never be able to resist. And comes over and pats me on the head. “Look at you, such a good little girl. I love your outfit too, so fashionable and trendy, come inside
now, I’ve got a wonderful surprise for you.” She reached down and attached a collar to my neck, I managed to get a quick look at it before it vanished around my neck and saw the monogram LV. Louis Vuitton!! I was in heaven, and I melted with bliss into my
new collar until I felt a tug at my neck, my cue to follow my Domina inside.

Once we are inside she shows me
my gift. It’s my slave outfit that I’m to wear at all times while I serve her. I look through everything and again my heart melts, it’s all so perfect.
First is a pink chastity cage, with
‘Handmaiden’ spelt out over the top in perfect gold glitter.
Second is a pair of 5 inch stiletto
pink glossy pumps with a zip and a key.
Third, is the prettiest pink gown
I’ve ever seen. As soon as I see it my cock leaps to attention and she giggles. There it is, that most heavenly giggle, the giggle that makes me melt and empties my mind of anything else.

“Do you like it my sweet? I know
that pink is your favourite colour, now put that all on and come, let me show you around. As we wander through the house, we come across many other slaves, all who bow or kneel when they see her. I hear some screams coming from what seems to be below us. Domina
tells me just to ignore them, Helena is hard at work punishing disobedient slaves, but I know you’ll never disobey me, will you? She gives me a knowing smile and giggles again. I melt.

Eventually, we come to a room with
an iron on the door. My sweet handmaiden, you’ll be making yourself very familiar with this room. You are personally responsible for keeping all of my clothes clean and in perfect spotless condition. You know you need me to look my absolute best at all times.
She giggles and I melt in an uncontrollable desire and need to please her.

Following on from that we find a
door with a dollar sign on it. Big, gold and glittery she opens it. I look around and see 5 cages, each with what looks like timed locks, with a screen at one end with a smaller screen next to it. The screen has 5 names, each with an amount of money next to
the name, $15,382 at the top and slowly descending. The smaller screen to the right has a list of Items. It looks a lot like Domina’s wish list that she had on her website, except longer, and significantly more expensive.
I hear whispers coming through a
speaker I see in the right-hand far corner of the room.
“You need to serve me, you need
to please me, you need to work hard for me, making money for me gives you pleasure, thinking of me spending your hard earned cash gives you pleasure.”

She giggles a slightly more wicked
giggle this time. This is the room for my dedicated money slaves, there’s a time lock in their room so they get their 8 hours mandatory sleep and brainwashing each night. The screen on the back wall is a constant reminder of who has earned the most money for
me each month and at the end of the month, the person who has earned the most money for me is allowed an orgasm. A little competition keeps them motivated giggles. I know inside that her giggles will affect them the same way, they’ll hear it and feel an overwhelming
desire and need to rush out and earn as much money as they can for the wonderful Domina standing in front of me.

“The small screen to the right is
a list of my current desires. Whenever you find an outfit for me, but we are missing something, I will get you to add it to the screen and they will buy it for me. She giggles louder now and I’m filled with joy as I know she is getting everything she deserves.

Finally, we end up in her bedroom.
It is huge! Wardrobes everywhere, a massive king-sized bed, with a cage underneath. Wardrobes full of clothes, makeup, jewellery, and a workspace set up for her to continue work on her mind-altering hypnosis files.

She opens one of the closets (or
at least I thought it was a closet) to reveal a room with a small pink bed, a computer which she informs me is setup with only access to what I need to serve my Domina, walls covered from head to toe with pictures of her, and stacks and stacks of magazines.
There is also a makeup table and vanity mirror in one corner, and a speaker overhead with whispers constantly coming through it.
“You need to serve me, you need
to please me, you are a girly girl, you love everything girly, you love magazines, you love makeup, you will work hard to serve your Domina”

“This is your room my sweet, whenever
you I give you time to yourself, you will spend it here, studying and looking for ways to please me, dress me, and have me looking my absolute best.”

She tells me she has a big day tomorrow
and instructs me immediately to find her an outfit, and that I will be doing her makeup before she goes.

I fall onto the bed, magazine in
hand, and feel so much pleasure. I am where I belong, where I want to be, where I need to be, for the rest of my life, in the service to the most important person in my life. If I can be her perfect handmaiden, then I have no other desires. I hear her giggle
in the next room and my mind just melts.


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