Part 1.

Domina Shelle is the most powerful Woman i have ever encountered. I had no idea how powerful She was when we began our relationship. I became Her contracted slave on my birthday as a gift to myself. And later She offered me a collar which i eagerly accepted. I gradually discovered Domina Shelle is more powerful than I ever imagined. She is more powerful than I can imagine, and She keeps Her power controlled and concealed, granting me the occasional glimpse of Her awesome Feminine energy. I am drawn to Her like a moth to a flame, and I know She could burn me in an instant if she chose to. My relationship with Domina has grown deeper and closer gradually over a long period of time. Domina is careful never to ask for more than I am able to give. I trust Her completely, and i’ve never regretted belonging to Her. My never-ending goal in life is to become a more perfect Slave for Domina Shelle.

The Woman i will focus on for this story is Lady Helena, Domina’s loyal slave girl, Domina’s punisher, my co-owner and commander.

When Domina sensed i was ready, She had me schedule a session with Lady Helena. And although i knew very little about Lady Helena, during our first session i felt that Lady Helena knew me intimately. Lady Helena isn’t gentle, or perhaps She has different kind of gentle than our Domina. Lady Helena knew just where my weaknesses lie, and i surrendered to Her completely from the start. Lady Helena instinctively knows what my ‘buttons’ are and doesn’t hesitate to push them to get what She wants. Even, if i’m afraid to admit the existence of a certain button, or perhaps especially then Lady Helena will push it, and push me. I feel like my submissive nature is a good fit for Lady Helena’s dominant nature, that i am a masochist to Her sadistic intent, that i need Lady Helena to learn about myself.

What i love about Lady Helena is that She doesn’t hold back. Lady Helena is very strict and demanding, and i find that to be a huge turn-on. She commands me with a tone of contempt in Her voice that brings Her superiority and my inferiority into stark contrast. Lady Helena amplifies Domina’s power and brings it to a sharp focus when She chooses.

I’ve arranged to do monthly sessions with Lady Helena. Sometimes She will punish me and leave me sweating and trembling. Sometimes She will put me in a trance, and leave a new trigger behind. Sometimes Lady Helena will have me perform a humiliating task, forcing me to abandon my ego and simply obey. I am learning the pleasure of suffering and sacrificing for Her. Lady Helena may be nice, or wicked, or cruel, or evil, or whatever Her mood suits Her at the moment, and i love it all. Perhaps i should be afraid of Lady Helena, but i’m not. Domina told me not to fear Lady Helena, and so i don’t. Domina keeps Lady Helena in check. i embrace everything that Lady Helena wishes for me to experience.

As tough as Lady Helena can be, She also has a loving side. She loves me enough to demand the best from me. When I please Lady Helena, i am also pleasing my Beloved Domina Shelle. I need Lady Helena’s tough love to be my best for our Domina. I appreciate how Lady Helena acknowledges and accepts my gifts with grace, making me want to please Her even more.

Lady Helena is a puzzling mystery to me. I don’t think i could recognize Her in a crowd, but I might recognize Her leather boots. I seek a deeper level of connection with Lady Helena, yet she remains aloof and distant. Perhaps i am not worthy, yet.

Lady Helena’s Bootcamp program brought my submission to a new level, and i found a new level of pleasure in my enslavement. Bootcamp also taught me that i had grown complacent in my service to Domina. Bootcamp gave me the kick I needed to get out of a rut. I’ve learned that my love for Domina Shelle grows through my love for Lady Helena too.

I am Domina’s puppy slave fito, allowed to be Lady Helena’s private slave,



On special occasions, Domina takes this slave to Lady Helena’s dungeon, especially when the slave disappoints it’s Owner. slave eagerly promised to take care of one of Domina’s bills. it forgot to order and pay for a lobster dinner for Domina and Lady Helena. Domina was embarrassed when She went to pick up the dinner and there was none.

Domina is dressed in black sandals that show off Her marvelous feet and a black form-fitting catsuit that covers Her athletic form from ankles to neck. Lady Helena wears boots, a leather skirt, and a sheer white blouse that shows off her ample voluptuous breasts.

In Lady Helena’s dungeon, this slave’s arms are bound behind its back, japanese style.
And then it is gagged with a penis gag, because it loves to suck c*ck but not allowed until it begs for it to Her satisfaction. slave is positioned between two posts with many strong little chains clipped to the rings adorning the slave. 1,2,3, … 12, 13, 14… 23, 24, 25… and the slave is trapped in a web of metal.

Any attempt to loosen the tension of one chain causes another to tighten and tug on the slave’s flesh. The chastity cage is removed and Domina’s c*ck grows fully erect. Domina selects a cane and begins to leave Her marks of ownership on Her helpless property.
Each blow causes the slave to emit a muffled cry and shake within the confines of the web.

When the slave thinks it can’t take anymore, then, the punishment intensifies. When Domina is satisfied with the marks She has left on Her disobedient slave, She removes the gag from the slave mouth. She puts on rubber gloves, rubs the antiseptic on and then pierces slave’s flesh with a needle. A shiny metal ring goes through the hole. Satisfied with the result, She applies a drop of super-glue to lock the ring permanently closed, signifying lifetime ownership.

The slave learns its lesson and offers Domina gratitude and commitment of its whole self, to use as She sees fit, to love, serve and obey to the best of its ability. And she accepts it as Her property.

As a reward She teases the slave to get it fully erect again. It only takes a moment and then She applies a condom. Domina tells Lady Helena to stroke Her c*ck for their amusement, until it explodes at Her command. With just a few strokes, the slave already at the very edge, explodes. The condom catches every drop of c*m and Lady Helena then feeds it back to the slave who opens its mouth and swallows it all.

The chastity cage goes back on. The chains are removed. The slave is released from it’s bonds. Domina points and the slave crawls to Her feet and begins to worship and kiss Her toes. Meanwhile, Lady Helena lubes up Her favorite strap-on dildo and prepares it for insertion into the slave’s hole. All this crushes slave’s cock in its chastity cage.

Slaves are meant to be used.


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