The shower

It’s been a year of wonderful service to Mistress Shelle. Over the year she has taken more and more control, especially over orgasms and masturbation. Some of my favorite times occur in the shower, which I will attempt to describe. Showers are in the morning, generally and many times I have instructions to lather up my cock and stroke.

Sometimes it is a specific number of strokes and sometimes a number of edges. All received through instructions from Mistress Shelle. I have no interest at all in stroking just for my pleasure anymore and I don’t miss it at all. I turn on the water, get the temperature just right. So eager to please Mistress Shelle quickly I remove my clothes and step inside, feeling the warm water flowing over my body. I am desperate to begin stroking for Mistress Shelle but washing comes first so I refrain until I am completely clean.

Finally I can begin. I take the soap and get a nice lather going, reaching down and cupping my quickly growing cock. I coat it with lather, and reapply until it begins to become a bit thicker. Careful not to let the water wash it off, I begin to slowly stroke. I want to speed up to a furious pace, but I find it impossible. Mistress Shelle said slow strokes. I don’t know how long, but it feels like too soon and I am on the very edge.
One or two more strokes and i would go over.

It would feel so nice to cum, so eager to cum, but Mistress Shelle said sacrifice the orgasm slave! My hand falls away, too soon for an orgasm, but I am happy to have followed the instructions exactly for you Mistress Shelle. Showers are my favorite part of the day. Maybe bedtime she will say orgasm, sacrifice or ruin and I will eagerly always comply.



This particular morning I woke with a fantasy running through my mind. I thought it might be good to let both of you know about it. I was naked, legs spread arms tied over my head as I lay in a bed completely exposed. I could see you, Mistress Shelle, standing over to the side as Lady Helena came in front of me. She took a small bit of lube and coated my already hard cock.
“He looks ready Mistress” and then you came over and whispered into my ear:
Don’t try to hold back, my puppy, just let Me see the cum flow. I know you want Me to
climb on top of you and lowering My pussy over your face. And tell you to lick and pleasure your Mistress. But you haven’t earned that right, yet. So you can suck My fingers and and fantasize it’s My pussy. Remember puppy, do NOT hold back, just let the cum flow.
Then you softly took my cock into your hand and began to stroke. Soon it did flow, much too soon because I did not want it to ever end.
“Hahaha” I heard Lady Helena say. “He didn’t last nearly long enough”
“Pathetic slave” she announced.

Quickly I felt a rubber band wrap first around cock and balls, then around the balls only, and then with a final twist around the base of my swollen cock.
“Well Helena he is all yours, see how much more cum he can produce lol”
Lady Helena then climbed on top of me lowered her pussy over my mouth.
“Lick slave, lick like it’s the last time you ever taste pussy!”
Lady Helena grabbed my used cock, still hard from the rubber band and She began to stroke, hard and fast.
“Come on slave. Only one orgasm? There we go.
Let it flow my sweet, worthless slave.”
She continued to stroke and stroke though I had nothing left to give.
“Well Mistress Shelle I think he is finished. He is old after all and he hasn’t earn the right, yet to be used for Our Pleasure and orgasms, just for Our pleasure in abusing him.
“I agree Helena, there really isn’t much of a cock there anyway, so total chastity might be the best idea.”
“We can let him masturbate but those 2 little orgasms showed that’s not much of a talent.”
“As you wish Mistress Shelle. By the way, slave We have a an explicit video of tonight’s adventures. We will send it to your wife unless you pay Us blackmail, It’s about time you have some value to your Mistresses. I doubt you will see her again, if We send the video. I expect the transfer of funds to My bank account by the first thing in the morning.”
You then both left me to untie myself and remove the rubberband from my drained and worthless cock. The next morning Mistress Shelle summoned me.
“Well I see it’s all taken care of, slave. I have everything. All your accounts are changed, your money gone, you have nothing.
“Stroke slave, kneel, place your head between my thighs and stroke while you pleasure Me, you have EARNED the right, since I now have all your money. I have some news for you”.
“Lady Helena and I talked last night and we have decided on how best to use your limited talents and earn enough to support your wife and Mistresses. Can you taste Hector? He left a nice deposit in Helena last night. you will be Our cleanup slave as a reward for all the money you will earn Us, licking Her clean after sex. Oh you are stroking a bit faster and I can see your licking becoming more vigorous. ~giggle~
Mmmmm very nice little orgasm slave. Stroke yourself faster, faster, cum slave, all over My boots.
Awww not much cum, poor slave. Lick them clean and I will see you tomorrow with more news.”

I was so drained. I don’t think i have had 3 orgasms in 2 days in a very long time. I heard Mistress Shelle coming down the hall.
Click click click of her heels, i wonder if the cum taste is still on Her boots.
What a strange thought! But amazingly Mistress Shelle sat on the couch, dressed in a flowery summer dress. Somewhat revealing her perfect breasts. No bra obviously, i wondered if she had panties on.
She tapped the couch next to her and motioned me to sit.
She then informed me that my lack of stamina and slow recovery time combined with my rather small cock would prevent me from being anything more than a cleanup slave.
However, She did have a task for me and if i could learn it well she might have a use for me after all.
“Yes Mistress, anything you say.”
I was so desperate, i had lost everything.
“Well slave you are welcome to stay here of course, but not for free, and you don’t have any money, what should we do about that?
Over the next few days Mistress began to train me.
She said since i seemed to enjoy licking cum that i would enjoy sucking and swallowing it also.
Lady Helena became my main instructor. And an evil taskmistress she could be.
I began with licking a small dildo.
“STUPID SLAVE!! It’s not a lollipop. Make love to it, slowly sensually.” Always on my knees i think i did improve, and Lady H gradually increased the length and thickness of the dildos until they stretched the limits of my mouth.
“It’s time slave, to try a real cock”
Day after day, sometimes two or three a day. So many cocks, big and small. I sucked and swallowed every one of them.
“It is time slave to see Mistress Shelle. She has a reward for you.”

“Good evening. slave. Have your lessons gone well.”?
The report I have from Lady Helena says you are an eager little cocksucker, but limited talentwise.
So far all cocks you have sucked, were clean and checked regularly for any diseases. So i will allow you this one time to lick Lady Helena again as you stroke. Mmmm such an eager slave! But enough pleasure for you, now.
You would love to have Us fuck you in the ass wouldn’t you slave? Well if you improve your cocksucking, taking Helena’s Strapon will be your reward.

It seems that your wife was on her way to being rid of you without the video.
We still have the issue of how you can earn money to stay here.
There are a few choices.
You can leave.
You can become a glory hole slut in My biker bar.
You can dress as a sissy boy and walk the streets.

Too bad you weren’t a little more talented as a cock whore. I could use you.

“Please Mistress” i begged Her to give me another chance.
“I promise to try harder to become a better cocksucker for you.”
I couldn’t believe what i was saying. Just a few weeks ago i had money, a good job. Now i had become an eager little chastised cocksucker.

I found myself missing the feel of a hard cock in my mouth.
Taking a flaccid cock and simply licking it to hardness, then deep down my throat. Sucking until the wonderful man seed flowed as i swallowed every drop. And earning my keep with a place at Domina’s feet as Her used and abused cock sucking slave.


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