i’m in awe, aroused and utterly focused on proving my worth to the perfection that sits in front of me – Domina Shelle Rivers.  She is the most incredible person i’ve ever encountered and i find myself in Her very presence, alone.  Domina Shelle has groomed me for over 18 months transforming me from a passive submissive to the obedient and complicit slave i am today, singularly intent on growing Her Dominion and sating all Her wishes and desires.
My enslavement was a subtle and progressive process consisting of repetitive training and exposure to new stimuli through hypnotic trance.  Although initially i did not perceive these incremental changes, over time i steadily became hopelessly dependent on Domina’s voice, addicted to the point that i would obsess to become ever more submissive and subservient to Her whims.  Before i realized it i was thoroughly subjugated through Domina’s strategic use of indoctrination and Her relentless conditioning (being brainwashed to be brainwashed).  With an inescapable hold on me it was at this point that i finally comprehended the extent of the changes She had made to me through Her control of my submissive mind.  Faced with this undeniable truth i mentally conceded there was no way back for me – not that i was actively seeking it – and the submissive me fully acknowledged i was irrevocably enslaved to Her.  So pervasive was Domina’s control over me i now suspect that what i once believed were my own thoughts and decisions, were most likely suggestions expertly implanted by Domina during my early training.  Today there is no question that Domina is my one true Owner and every day it is a struggle to recall the details of my life prior to Her entering it.  This is because every moment of every day is happily lived in absolute servitude and unquestioned worship to Domina Shelle.
And here i am enacting my greatest fantasy, supplicating myself to the woman that has essentially transformed me into Her lifelong slave.  Emotionally overwhelmed, i struggle to believe this is all real despite knowing yesterday that i was summoned to be present at Domina Shelle’s farm – her own OWK, (Other World Kingdom).  Since disobeying a command from Domina is unthinkable i drove 11 hours to get here arriving early in the morning.  i was quickly processed resulting in me being stripped of all my earthly possessions, clothes included, and placed in solitary confinement for the majority of the day.  During my 12 hours of incarceration i was physically and mentally dominated thanks to the skillful work of Domina’s, extremely eager, slave Girl – the indomitable Lady Helena.  When i was eventually brought to Domina’s bedroom i was naked, collared, leashed, bound at the wrist and ankles, gagged, wearing nipple clamps and with a large locked anal plug firmly in my arse.  Surprisingly throughout my ordeals my c*ck had been spared confinement and torment.  Now, kneeling in Domina’s immense presence, i find it is standing at full attention, almost as if it was trying to impress our Owner.
Given my subservient situation my eyes are downcast and all i can see are Domina’s high heel shoes and Her athletic legs in black stockings.  i hear that all too familiar giggle followed by a gentle, yet firm, pull on my leash.  This is quickly followed by a stinging hit to my left shoulder from what i can only imagine is a riding crop.  In a seductive voice Domina instructs me “come closer My pet i don’t bite” followed by another giggle.  i quickly comply shuffling forward on my knees.  Then, more authoritatively, Domina commands “slave, remove My shoes and stockings and demonstrate to Me how You worship Your Owner’s feet.”
Unable to verbally acknowledge Domina’s order (due to the gag), i quickly turn sideways using the limited dexterity i have with my bound wrists to gently and reverently remove Domina’s shoes.  I place each shoe carefully on the tiled floor aware that my movements are being closely monitored.  As i reorient myself to face my Domina i start to feel Her stocking clad feet, first briefly fondling my c*ck, then moving up my torso until they appear flat against my face.  The smell of Her perfumed feet is intoxicating as my body rages with a primal, deeply submissive, desire.  Domina clearly notices the subtle changes in my reaction and again gently giggles commenting: “you have been conditioned well My pet – it’s clear i’ve installed my foot fetish deep into Your mind. Just think what other fetishes i will program you with just to amuse Me.”
Abruptly Her feet slide away and i feel Domina standing directly in front of me with Her crotch facing me.  With a quick tug my ball-gag is removed and i’m able to breath freely.  Domina sits back down on the side of Her bed and i again find Her stocking feet in my face.  In an alluring and deeply sensual voice Domina orders “continue slave – remove My stockings and worship My feet.”  followed by another stinging hit to my left shoulder.  i respond instinctively without a second thought “Yes Domina – i will obey.”  Domina unfastens her stockings from her garters and using just my teeth i gently pull the stocking off Her right leg.  Surprisingly this is much easier than i imagine but what dominates my attention is the taste of Her stocking in my mouth, seeing Her perfectly smooth sun-kissed skin and the smell of her body close up.  i try to compose myself and work slowly to remove the other stocking from Her left leg.  i hear Her giggle again as i feel her right foot move to my clamped nipples, tugging gently on the chain spanning them.  i moan audibly as a sharp pain emanates from both nipples.  Domina reminds me in a sensual tone “slave, if you please Me you will receive immense pleasure in return, but if you displease Me you will be punished and feel pain.  By now you know how talented Lady Helena is with her toys and she is always eager to retrain a slave in the virtues of submission and the consequences of disobedience.”
With this reminder Domina’s right foot moves from my nipples to my face, Her toes pointed directly towards me, “Kiss my toes and worship my feet slave – I expect you to do this as if You life depended on pleasing me” came the commanding voice.  With this order ringing in my ears Domina places both heels of Her feet on the floor.  Still bound i learn forward – essentially bowing to my Owner – and with the most delicate of kisses i’m capable of, start to caress the top of Her feet and every beautifully painted toenail.  My body is wracked with pain to hold this position but this is nothing to the ecstasy of actually touching my Domina.  Every kiss is heartfelt and delivered in complete adoration.  In the background i hear Domina make a soft but distinctive sigh – a sigh of pleasure.  “My throbbing c*ck  is now straining like it was trying to break free from some invisible shackles, but mentally i’m in another world, a world Domina takes me every night in trance.  Her feet are my entire world and, as if this was my last act on this earth, i pour everything that is me into demonstrating how much i respect and adore Her.”
After caressing Her right foot for a few minutes Domina gently pulls Her foot away and places Her left foot in front of my puckered lips.  With renewed focus i carefully and deliberately kiss every part of Her toes and foot.  As i reach Her left ankle i hear Domina almost distractedly tell me to “continue”  Delirious with pleasure i progress past Her ankle to Her shin without pausing.  Quicker than i realize i find myself rising towards Her knee.  Again i hear Domina sigh again and this time it is clearly audible.  She shifts slightly and i hear her hands move above my head to Her lap.  Domina, almost absentmindedly says “the other leg slave.”  Immediately i drop down to Her left ankle kissing gently and tenderly, my submissive mind reminding me constantly that this is my role in life, to serve this woman in all the ways she wishes.  As i slowly work up Domina’s left leg i sense a gentle rocking motion from Her upper body and what sounds like gentle panting.  As i approach Her left knee the smell hits me first – a musky sweet smell that is like an elixir to the submissive male.  Initially i’m just stunned then my eyes widen as I see Domina using Her fingers to please herself.  Almost instantly Domina’s stinging words break my reverie – “continue slave – do not stop until I tell You”!
The enormity of that statement hits me as if i had been slapped across the face.  My Owner, my Mentor, My Domina is pleasuring Herself in front of me and She is allowing me to participate in this intimate moment with Her. What have i done to deserve this? Every fibre of the submissive me screams with joy although no sound is utter from my lips other than “Yes Domina – i will obey.”  i adjust slightly so that i can start to kiss Domina’s upper leg and immediately, almost reflexively, Domina’s legs open wider inviting me closer.  i’m delirious at this point and all my active thought processes essentially shut down – i’m on auto-pilot or, more accurately, ‘auto-slave’.  i steadily kiss Domina’s upper left leg and given their position it is mostly Her (sensitive) inner thigh.  Since i’m now much closer to Domina i’m dimly aware that i’m quickly getting to a point that it will not be easy for me to pivot back to Her other knee in order to worship Her right thigh.  Lost in the bliss of gratifying Domina i continue to kiss gently, moving ever closer to Her temple.  Then i hear an almost delirious voice – my Domina – whisper to me just above my right ear “the other leg slave – I want you to show me just how good a boy you really are”.  With those words i feel Her hands gently rotate my head to Her other thigh but with a pressure that prevents me going back to her knee.  Her hands gently hold my head and i slowly i feel a growing pressure from her hands as she leans backwards, gripping my head to prevent Her falling backwards.  i also feel her pelvic area shift perceptibly forward as She prepares herself.  My head is no longer under my own guidance as i feel myself being drawn ever inwards until our lips meet.  After planting the first kiss i distinctly feel a change in my Domina’s posture and the pressure on my head.  My head is held firmly, a vice like grip, and is given no room to move.  i also feel her vagina moving more firmly towards me as if pleading with me for relief.  Automatically, per my hypnotic training, i produce my tongue and slowly begin to gently caress my Domina’s pu$$y lips.  The combination of smell, taste and touch is unlike anything i have ever experienced and at that moment i was oblivious to being bound and on my knees.  i was in Nirvana pleasuring this most amazing woman and in ecstasy to be experiencing my most submissive sexual fantasy.
I recall hearing my Domina panting and whispering words like “more” and “not yet” but i’m no longer in control, my sole guide are her hands on my head and the gentle changes in pressure she applies.  Steadily She pulls my head forward with increasing pressure as She progressively nears climax.  At this point i have no concept of time and my licking changes based on barely perceptible changes in Domina’s audible moans and her pelvic thrusts.  Then out of nowhere Domina moans followed by a breathy “getting close now”.  And just when i thought it could not get any better i feel Domina’s feet enclose around my c*ck and start to slide up and down.  My mind is utterly incapable of processing this new stimuli and continues to focus on worshiping my Domina’s clitoris.  Involuntarily my body slowly starts to tighten and Domina expertly uses her feet to drive me to the edge.  Lost in this carnal pleasure i am now aggressively licking my Domina, driven by a primal instinct.  i can barely breath as Domina holds my head so tightly, and after what seems like an eternity i feel Domina’s hips buck slightly forward followed by a clear moan of orgasmic bliss.  At the same time Domina’s feet switch from a stroking action to a yanking action and without a conscious thought i explode, mostly over my own abdomen.
Domina slowly releases my head and i slump forward against the side of the bed, between her thighs.  i’m gasping for air but also reeling from what has just occurred.  After about two minutes i feel Domina swing Her leg over me as She gets up and walks away from the bed.  She opens a draw and returns with something that sounds metallic.  She kneels besides me and tells me “kneel up straight slave.”  i comply immediately, embarrassed by my lack of composure, but also because i am conditioned to respond to all of my Owner’s commands without thought and without question.  Next i feel Domina trace Her finger over my abdomen through the sticky mess i’ve made on myself.  She then speaks to me again, “open your mouth slave and suck my finger clean”.  Again i comply immediately consuming the slimy salty cum off her finger ignoring its disgusting taste.  Domina laughs openly and comments “good boy.  The submissive you is under My total control but Your c*ck, at your primal instinctual level still resists My absolute authority.  I never gave you permission to cum but you did.”  My head hangs low in shame acknowledging this very obvious fact.  Domina again traces her finger across my abdomen collecting more of my cum presenting it to my mouth.  Without hesitation i clean Domina’s finger again consuming my own cum in the process, slightly degraded and humiliated by my lack of self control.
After a few moments i feel Domina touch the top of my head gently, with her other hand, as she begins to speak softly into my ear:  “do not worry slave, I know you have been a good chaste boy but as you see even with My remote conditioning your c*ck can still act with a will of its own.  For the next 30 days i am going to break down its resistance until, like you, it obeys Me without thought or question.  By the time Lady Helena and I are through We will own all of You – your mind, your body, your spirit and your c*ck.  Then you will be ready for your new life as Our personal slave.  Through your service you will make Our life easier and will be at My beck and call at all times – wherever I am and who ever I am with.  If you prove to be a very good boy you will be rewarded and permitted to please Your Domina like tonight.  If, however, you disobey Me, or fail to meet My exacting expectations, then expect to be punished and undergo extensive retraining.  I will never let you go, I’ve invested too much in you now to have you run free.  No, you are Mine forever and I have plans for a fully domesticated male.  As for My c*ck, let Me introduce you to your new permanent home, imprisoned in a steel cage.  This cage has been especially constructed to generate a short but strong electric shock if you ever displease Me!  You are quickly going to learn to obey all My commands like the slave you are attached to and your days of freedom are well and truly over.  Soon you too will worship Me as your one true Owner.”
With those final words i feel Domina lock the chastity cage snugly around Her flaccid c*ck and immediately i feel the sharp barbs lining the cage.  The pain is distinctive and unlike anything i’ve experienced before.  Inside i feel a mixture of elation and fear as my fate sinks in.  And somewhere in the deepest recesses of my mind i feel the primal me acknowledge defeat as it too begins to adjust to a new life governed by this amazing woman…

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