Part 1:

I was on my way to the restaurant to meet Michelle for our blind date. My mind was racing with anticipation of how our first meeting would go. We had spoken on the phone a few times but now we were going to finally meet. Michelle seemed like the perfect Woman, smart, funny, educated and adventurous. In our conversations, she was sweet, sexy and had a simply amazing voice. When I walked into the restaurant I immediately saw Michelle, just like her photos but even more radiant in person. She was sitting alone at a corner table, and was gazing my way. A smile came to her face that instantly warmed my heart. “You MUST be Michelle” I said. “You are even more beautiful than I had expected.” Michelle smiled and said “Yes, I am Michelle. Please sit down with me.” I sat just to her left and observed that the room was dimly lit with a beautiful stone fireplace.A fire burned cheerfully, and I said “How romantic! This room is perfect for our first date!” Michelle merely smiled, and replied “I’m pleased you approve.” The time went by quickly as our conversation was effortless. We spoke about everything from politics to sports to family. Michelle’s wit and charm were hypnotizing as I found myself more and more lost in her words and in her eyes.
We were sipping on our coffee when Michelle asked, ” So, Brian, what makes you so different from all the men I have met and dated who are so charming and witty and giving at first, but then turn into jerks after they get into my pants? Hmmm?”
I said, “I can understand your skepticism, but I promise you that I am not one of those men. I know that many men really are just jerks who lie so they can get what they want and then return to being jerks, but again, I promise you, I am not one of those guys.”
Michelle was sitting back in her chair, gazing at me, regarding me with only the faintest hint of a smile. “How do I know that, Brian? I mean, THAT’S the line I have always heard from men. ‘Oh no, baby, don’t worry. I am not like that!’ But HOW do I know that to be true?”
“Well,” I said, “I guess time will tell, if you give me the chance to prove it to you. Will you give me that chance, Michelle?” I tried to sound as sincere as possible, meaning what I said. Michelle gave me an appraising look, and a long moment passed in silence.
At last, she leaned toward me and said “Actually, there is a way you could prove to me for sure that you are in earnest. Trouble is I am not sure you will be able to do it. Or even want to do it, for that matter. I’ve been burned for the last time, so now I set the bar high.”
“Michelle, just tell me what it is, and I will do it. I am for real and I will NEVER let you down, use you or be an ass to you. I know this sounds ridiculous when I say it out loud, but I have only pure intentions towards you, so whatever test you have, bring it ON!” We were now nose to nose, leaning in toward each other, eyes locked. The air was charged with strong sexual tension.
Michelle leaned back. “Okay,” she said, “you get one chance. Here are the ground rules. It is now 8 pm Friday. The test will start the moment I say ‘Begin’ and end on Sunday night at 11 pm.” Here are the rules. First, the test is over the MOMENT you say ‘No’ or even HESITATE for a second about what I tell you to do, understand? You will do as I say without thought, without concern for humiliation or pain. AGAIN, you will OBEY, without thought or hesitation, EVERY command I give you. If you do not, the test ends, you FAIL, and you go home alone and a loser. For example, if I said ‘Brian, get up now, quack like a duck and jump around, say that you have pissed your pants’ that is what you would do, without hesitation, right?”
I gulped a bit, as this was unexpected coming from this beautiful young woman. But he who hesitates is lost, so I plunged forward. “Yes, Michelle, I would do it.”
She bore down on me. “Let me warn you, Brian. You will wish you were at Marine Corps basic training on Paris Island by the time you are a day into MY training schedule. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Michelle, I understand”, I said.Michelle spoke in a low, dreamy sexy voice. “First, Brian, I am going to break you mentally and physically like you never thought possible. I am going to break you down to your most basic animalistic thoughts and acts and then, you know what? I am going to break you down further. Finally, I am going to rebuild you the way I see fit, to serve Me and my needs. I will teach you the truth you so desperately need to learn; my truth, my way. My way will soon be the only way for you. Understand?”
This was far more than I’d bargained for, and the reader may wonder at my response. But Michelle had somehow seen into the dark corners of my mind and had put her finger on the precise dream I’d treasured for years. I could not possibly have backed out now. “Yes.” I stopped, and corrected myself. “Yes, PRINCESS”, I said with my voice quavering.
“Good,” Michelle said “If you are really resolved to take my test, say ‘Yes, Princess, please, may it please take Princess’ test’. At that moment, your challenge will begin. If you make it to Sunday, 11 pm, without being dismissed for disobeying Princess, then by 11:15 Sunday night, you will be rewarded. You will have your tongue in my pussy, pleasing Your Princess, and you’ll be allowed to make love to me and start your life dedicated to me. Do we understand each other, Brian??” Barely able to form the words I gasped, yes Princess, Oh god, yes Princess!” I composed myself. “Princess, please may it take Your test?”
Everything seemed like a dream to me, unreal, almost surreal. Michelle had evoked in me feelings I had never before experienced. I felt I was in a trance; a WONDERFUL, amazing trance which I had NO intention of ever leaving, regardless of the cost.Michelle regarded me coolly, and I thought she suppressed a smile. “Yes my slave, yes, it may take the test. The test begins NOW!”
I sat there in anticipation of what was to happen next. Michelle took an item out of her purse and handed it to me under the table. With an impish smile, she said “Take this. Go to the rest room, insert it, and then come back.“ I looked down into my hand and saw that it was a 6” plug, a butt plug! I didn’t hesitate, but immediately excused myself and went to the bathroom. I didn’t know how to proceed, as I’d never used a plug before, but to my shock I was VERY excited over the prospect. I used some soap from the bathroom and inserted the plug after much difficulty. I walked back to the table trying to look normal, a tall order with a plug up my ass. I gingerly sat down to one side but the plug was forced even further up my ass as I sat on it.
“How does it feel pig“ Michelle inquired, innocently. “Oh, pig, check this out and tell me how you like it.“ I felt the plug start to vibrate. It caught me unaware, and almost put me on the floor. Michelle laughed “Do you like that, my little piggy? I have a little remote control here on my key chain and will use it as the need arises, or just for my amusement. “She stood up, just the beginning of my little test, pig. Now get up and get out to the car. We are leaving”
I approached Her Jeep and stood waiting by the passenger side door when Michelle shook her head. “Where do you think you are going, piggy? Little doggie-pigs don’t sit with the humans! GET IN THE BACK, WAY BACK. “Michelle opened the rear hatch and motioned for me to crawl in. There was no seat, but she had the cage partition up in the cargo area. “Get in doggie, and open the box there and put on doggie’s collar “she ordered.Yes, Princess. Doggie will obey, I said at once. I opened the box to see a collar with a black box attached to it and put it on. Michelle watched, grinning. Good doggie .she said. I felt a sharp pain to my neck which made my arms buckle and my knees gave out. I fell on my face, dazed. Michelle stood over me, laughing, “Oh my little doggie “, she said, wiping her eyes. “How do you like your training collar? You’d better get used to it, you will have it on until Sunday night at 11 pm… Michelle was still laughing, barely getting out the words.
When she’d regained her composure, she went on. “Before we leave, doggie, strip down naked, understand? Then drop doggies clothing out the door on the ground, because doggies don’t need clothing, do they slave? Slave wont be needing it’s clothing any more.
As Michelle drove off, I looked back out the window. Collared and naked, I saw my clothes disappear in the distance. It was a moment calculated to shake my confidence and resolution, and I couldn’t help but think “What have I gotten myself into?” I knew it was going to be a wild ride for the next 50 hours, but I still hoped to make it through to the conclusion, and the reward. I screwed my courage to the sticking point, as the saying goes, and resolved again to do anything to make it to Sunday at 11pm.
As we drove to Michelle’s house, began indoctrinating me. She was giving me orders to repeat back to her, over and over. For the first 15 minutes or more she had me repeating, Women are superior to men. Men are property, whose only purpose is to serve Women.” If my voice became too low, or lacked conviction, I would get a shock from the training collar. It felt like needles stabbing and would make me cry out and thrash a bit. After a few jolts, I involuntarily moaned.
“AWWWW, poor little piggy feels bad,“ Michelle chortled. “Now piggy, I want to hear you repeat ‘men are worthless creatures unless serving their Goddess and Owner’. Convince me you MEAN it.“
I repeated her mantra over and over for the remainder of the drive. I was growing hoarse by the time we pulled into Michelle’s driveway and stopped. She came around and opened the door. Clipping a leash onto my collar she ordered “Come out, doggie. Jump down from the car.” Michelle led me into the back yard, naked and on all fours. She walked me into a dog run, a chain-linked fenced in area about 12’ long by 8’ feet wide. In the corner was a dog cage made of fencing with a roof over it. The ground was bare dirt and there were various dog toys, balls and two bowls. Michelle put me in the pen and asked “Does doggie have to pee? Then pick a corner, squat and pee. You will pee like a bitch. SQUAT, UNDERSTAND!?!”
I was burning with shame, but managed a weak “Yes Princess.”
“Doggie doesn’t look right …hmmm. Oh, I know why!” Michelle reached into a pail and pulled out a butt plug with 12” straps hanging from it. “Doggie needs a tail!! Take out the other plug and insert your tail, doggie. Don’t worry” she smirked. “This one vibrates too, when I press this button. Obey at once.”
“Yes, Princess” I said.
“Awww, look at doggie. Now that’s better. What an adorable tail! Wag your new tail doggie. Come on. COME ON.” Michelle said with a big beautiful smile. I began to shake and wag my ass which made the straps snap back and forth, wagging like a doggie. This amused Princess, and somehow made me happy as well, basking in her approving smile. “GOOD BOY!“ she cried. “Doggie has earned a treat for dinner. And you may kiss My feet as a reward”.
She walked into her house, and returned with the dog bowl filled. “Look doggie, your FAVORITE. Kibbles and bits!!! Now eat up. Eat every single morsel, doggie, understand?! “ I bowed my head. “I understand” I said. Instantly, I was rebuked, “BAD dog!” Doggie doesn’t speak to Princess. Doggie answers with one bark for yes and two for no!” She giggled. “Oh wait. I forgot, doggie. NO is not part of your vocabulary. Just two WOOFS for yes, all the time. Do you understand?“
“Woof, woof” I answered.
Michelle watched to make sure I ate every last particle of dog food. It was dry and nasty, and as I lapped up some water, I wondered how dogs were able to eat the stuff. “Finished?” she inquired. “Now, go pee in your corner, doggie and when you’re done, we will go into the house.” I crawled over to the corner, squatted and strained to pee, but it was difficult. I was feeling very self conscious, because Michelle had a big grin on her face as she watched me squatting like a dog to pee. I never felt so humiliated in my life but I knew I had to obey her or I would miss out on sublime interaction with the most desirable woman I ever met. When I was done, she ordered “Get in the house, doggie, NOW. GO!” I scampered as fast as I could on all fours and Michelle slapped my ass hard as I passed. “Keep that tail wagging doggie!!’’ “WOOF, WOOF”, I barked.
Michelle followed me into the house, led me into the kitchen and told me to sit. She pulled up a chair in front of me and sat down. “Let’s talk about a few rules I have, and a few new facts of life you will have to face in your new life“, she began. “First, bitch boy” Michelle said, “You probably thought that males are the dominant sex! Didn’t you, little bitch boy?“ I remained silent, as I had no way to say no. “Answer me!“ she snapped. I capitulated at once. “Woof, Woof”, I barked. “Just like I thought” You thought you were going to fuck me, right?” She paused…“RIGHT” I barked twice, and she went on. “Slave, your world is about to change.”
Michelle looked down at me and slowly raised her skirt. Her thighs were so smooth, so soft, absolutely the most transfixing sight I had ever seen. I could smell her sweet perfume. It was intoxicating. She raised her skirt a bit more, revealing a strap-on dildo. Oh my God, I thought, it had to be 9” or longer. “Didn’t count on having to deal with one of these, did you, my little bitch?” Michelle reached forward and grabbed my hair. “Now, bitch, you are going to learn to suck my cock just the way I like it, understand?” She accompanied this order with a sharp slap to my face, the fingers of her other hand still holding me tightly by the hair so I could not evade the blow. “YES, GODDESS“, I yelled out. That’s a good bitch, said Michelle. “START SUCKING ME, now.”
Michelle leaned back in the chair with a smile. She watched me take the dildo in my mouth, giggling as I and licked and sucked. “That’s right bitch. Be good to My cock and take it ALL down your throat. Work it nice and make your Princess cum. “ Before I knew it, Michelle was face fucking me, driving my head up and down onto the dildo. I was gagging and choking, but I was taking it deep in my throat like I never imagined I could. This went on for over 20 minutes. Michelle was relentless. My jaw was aching and so tired my lips dry and sore. Although I was burning with shame and humiliation, it was worth every second. I could smell the intoxicating scent of her sexuality, and feel her warm soft thighs on my ears. Her dildo was plainly doubled ended, and with the other end inside her, Michelle had become deeply aroused. She drove the other end down my throat, over and over, until she was racked with a furious orgasm. She pushed me hard to the floor. “Stay there and don’t get up until I tell you to, My bitch slave” she said. She dropped the dildo next to my head. “Lick that clean while you are down there being useless”
I cleaned the dildo enthusiastically as the taste of her pussy was all over it. I looked up at the clock and saw that it was now 1 am on Saturday morning. As I lay there motionless, Michelle bent over me. She looked quite formidable, standing over me like my conqueror.
“Slave, repeat over and over, until I tell you to stop, ‘I am an inferior man, and live only to serve Woman’. BEGIN!” I lay there, chanting my phrase as I was told, over and over for what must have been an hour or more until my voice was hoarse and dry. I felt myself becoming hypnotized by my own voice through constant repetition. I was in a dream state and the words echoed through my mind …
As I lay there entranced, I heard an angelic voice saying, “Slave, crawl to your cage in the yard and get some sleep. It is now 2:30 am and 6 am will come quickly, so get some rest, because you’ll need it. You, my piggy, have a long and grueling day tomorrow, if you hope to survive this ordeal.”


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