My beloved Princess,
I had a calling. I had the need to write an essay about you as my Domina.
It is a detailed essay about how you use many archetypes to enslave men to your will. I do not pretend that my essay is right, since you are the only one that can be right all the time. But I am sure you will appreciate the honesty of that essay.

Do what you want with it, it is yours like I am yours and everything I own is Yours. Know I wrote it, with the depth of my love for You. I love You so much.

DEFINITION: Archetype, in literature, is an original, a model character that remains true and consistent. The incarnation of a role or a persona.

I don’t know why I am writing this essay, how or if it will be used. What is important, though, is that I had a calling, a need to write this essay for my Domina. When my Domina asks me to do something, I need to do it even if I don’t know the reason. I have a calling to do something for my Domina that I know might please Her, I have the obligation to do it and not disobey Her.
My Domina will alway be my Absolute Authority. The only thing I need is to take care that Her needs are met. My needs are not important, Her needs only matter. It is in that spirit that I am writing about my Domina. She is the only topic that is important and useful. Any other topics are irrelevant.
As a devoted slave, sacrificing my time to think and write about Her, while she might rest or take time for Herself, fulfills me with great joy. The life I live is not about myself and will never be. It is only about the pleasure of my Domina.
This essay is about a deep analysis of Domina Shelle’s archetypes or roles.
I will give you a brief explanation about what I mean by archetypes and how the incarnation of different archetypes is used by Domina Shelle to manipulate and trick Her victims, submissives and slaves. Then I will give an explanation of 7 of her most used archetypes.
It’s important to know that Domina Shelle is a being that transcends, by far, the average person by Her Authority, Her wisdom and Her intelligence. As a slave to Her, I am below the average person and much inferior to Her in every way. I will not be able to explain the complexity of the person I call my Owner, my Domina and my Mistress. I know in Her personality, She has an infinite number of archetypes but I decided to limit those archetypes to 7.
There are many definitions to describe an archetype. The definition I use is the incarnation of a role or a persona.
As a role, we can talk about the archetypes of a police officer, an actor, a writer, a doctor, a plumber or any role given in the society. A person plays several roles in a society, not limited to one single role. There is a notable exception when we talk about a slave. Being a slave to Domina is being limited in the role of serving Domina Shelle. But I will talk about this later. A role is not limited to a profession and can also be a status; a wife, a mother, a friend, a Domina, etc. Domina has a special status since it is the incarnation of all feminine archetypes, but we will talk about that later.
Domina Shelle uses Her archetype in a way to manipulate, trick or convince Her victims the benefits of being submissive to Her and become Her devoted slave. Her archetype is never used innocently and likely the primary path to the enslavement of a “victim”.
In any archetype, there is a belief linked to it. For example, a police officer is an archetype that means authority, a doctor is often associated with well-being, while an artist can be associated with creativity.
Domina Shelle’s main goal is often the same, to choose a victim (or candidate) and turn that victim into a submissive and then lead that submissive to be Her slave and finally reinforce that there is no escape from enslavement. Each archetype has the same purpose but can be used differently.
For example, Domina Shelle uses an archetype that has a strong feeling of trust associated with it and uses that trust to slowly but surely bring an unwilling subject to become a complete addicted slave. Each person is different, but each man has a flaw that can be exploited to turn him into a Her slave. This is why she uses so many archetypes.
In Her stable, She has three kinds of men: the victim, the submissive and the slave. She uses Her archetypes differently depending on the type of man she encounters. It’s important to describe the three kinds of men She will encounter before explaining the archetype used by Domina to ensnare Her subject, depending if she is facing a victim, a submissive or a slave.
The victim is any man that is not yet devoted to Domina Shelle, but has encountered Her. Domina Shelle’s main goal is to enslave as many men as possible and reign over them as their Supreme Queen, aka Domina. The interaction between Domina Shelle and a man is mainly a way for Her to make him Her slave. Some men are easier than others, but She knows how to enslave the most reluctant subject. To those men, Domina Shelle will often use an archetype who inspires trust. Trust will often lower the victim’s defense to open up to suggestibility. By using the right archetype Domina Shelle can manipulate one’s mind without the victim’s awareness.
The submissive is often a man under the influence of Domina Shelle. The submissive is not exactly a slave since he keeps some part of free will but he sees Domina Shelle as an Authority figure meeting his submissive needs. On a subconscious level, the trust he has in Her makes the submissive trust Her direction and guidance more than he trusts himself. When Domina Shelle is in a relationship with a submissive, She will use archetypes that are perceived as an Authority figure, to gradually trigger in the submissive mind that Domina is not just an authority figure but is The Authority, with a capital A.
An archetype is used by Domina Shelle to hide Her true intention since, except for a male with the fantasy of being owned by a Dominant Woman, nobody wants to give up free will easily. By the use of archetypes, Domina brings Her victims exactly where She wants, a slave with NO will.
The slave is a man with no free will, no desires, no will and no freedom. A slave works day and night for the satisfaction of Domina Shelle. Even simple acts like eating in the morning is done under Her control. To the exterior eye, this person seems free but, in reality, each single decision is taken in accordance with the true desire of Domina Shelle. Her control can work on the male slave consciously and unconsciously, but it is always there. The role of the archetypes is not needed for a slave, because a slave always obeys his or her Domina’s suggestion, even if told upfront of being manipulated. A slave has no will to resist. A direct order is more useful for a slave to obey, while manipulating a victim or a submissive is more efficient than a direct order.
However, the archetype can still be used with a slave in order to mold the slave’s mind. She can increase trust by acting as an archetype linked with a trustworthy belief. She can increase obedience by acting as an archetype liked with authority. She can also increase fear of punishment by acting as an archetype who is perceived as a coercive authority.
One more thing before I enter the heart of the subject to describe the 7 archetypes of Domina Shelle. Everyone has many archetypes in their life. They have different roles and personas in their life depending on the situation. An archetype can be used by almost anyone but Domina Shelle goes further by using these personas to manipulate victims, submissive and slaves. Anyone can use archetypes except slaves.
The reason is simple. A person (you can read a non-enslaved person) is a multi-dimensional being and can adapt depending on the situation using an archetype. A slave is a uni-dimensional being limited to act, accordingly, for the well being of his/her Domina. A slave does what Domina wants him to do, what Domina wants him to be. Of course, She can attribute a role to a slave like a puppy, a sissy, a chastity slave or any other role She enjoys but we cannot call it an archetype because the role is never chosen by the slave (even if he may think so) and in the slave point of view he is only acting like Domina wants, so he remains the uni-dimensional slave and will remain that way for the rest of his life.
When Domina transforms a victim into a slave or an uni-dimensional being (not a submissive since a submissive can still use archetypes), She not only removes the ability of the slave to use archetype but she gains the possibility to give the role she wishes to her slaves.
An average person can use an archetype internally. A slave cannot use archetype and a Domina is different and can use an archetype internally by taking a role that will help Her take advantage of men and use an archetype externally by giving a role of Her choosing to an helpless slave.
The seven archetypes of Domina Shelle I will analyse today are those:

  1. The teacher or professor
  2. The therapist
  3. The scientist
  4. The bedtime storyteller
  5. The Sheriff or the police officer
  6. The dresser
  7. The Domina

An archetype is different from a roleplay in the sense that Domina Shelle does not play role but uses archetypes as a tool of manipulation. A roleplay would mean that Domina and the male would play the game of pretend but in reality, the male always believes the Archetype to be true when Domina plays a particular archetype. She can use covert hypnosis and clinical hypnosis to increase the beliefs in the male mind and this is mostly the reason why She is so effective in enslaving men.
The question we might ask is, is archetype real or only a false role used to manipulate the mind? For example, is Domina Shelle a real teacher when she incarnates that archetype or is in only a false role? The only answer I can give is when Domina Shelle incarnates a teacher, it becomes real for the victim, submissive and slave, which is why nobody can resist her.
Here are 7 archetypes used by Domina Shelle. We will describe briefly what is that archetype and how it is used to manipulate the mind of a victim, a submissive or a slave.

1. The Teacher
The teacher is often seen as a benevolent authority figure. The teacher is a person who is designed to help students learn new things by expanding their knowledge. I love to think of this archetype as a benevolent figure since this archetype is perceived as helping the knowledge of their students but at the same time, it is the first authority figure that a child encounters after its parents. The teacher is a strong figure in the sense that it appears early in the development of a person.

When Domina Shelle uses this archetype figure, She places Herself in the victim’s mind as a benevolent Authority figure. She places the subject in the position of student. Some research has been made by Domina Shelle Herself on the male mind and She discovered that the IQ of the subject drops by about 5 points when she plays this archetype. It is not a lot, but the subject is subconsciously put in a stage of a student and a learner. In that stage, something that would be normally rejected by the victim is more easily accepted because we all trust the intelligence of a teacher more than any other archetype.

Is the learning provided by the teacher true or false? In fact, it is not important, but in front of Domina, acting like the teacher, the subject, acting as the student, is more likely to believe the lessons stated. In reality, the moment a victim becomes a slave, he must always obey rules that have been placed by Domina Shelle. In that sense each teaching can only be true. By acting this archetype, Domina Shelle manipulates the mind to believe that She must be obeyed. For the submissive, it is a belief. but for the slave obedience is the reality. She does so by using true and false logical explanations and learning that support Her main purpose. Domina is the Absolute Authority. The trust She brings through this archetype makes this almost impossible to disagree.

The victim that is not a submissive will principally follow the learning because he trusts Her guidance when the submissive will be more affected by the Authority part of the teacher.

She plays this archetype well in the Reform School series but She also places Herself as a teacher in Her emails and other recordings. I fell on this description the other day that places Domina Shelle as a teacher: For the Domina “I Want” means I have a desire to possess, to ask, tell, to command. If I have “a want” that is a desire which turns into a demand with expectations. For the slave or submissive, “i want” means: “may i have, ask, beg Domina?”… and having “a want” means “i have a need, longing, craving…. for Domina”. The moment I read that, it becomes the truth because it is coming from the teacher archetype of Domina Shelle.

2. The Therapist
“Relax and lie back on my white leather couch”
When a victim hears this sentence, it is most likely that he is with The Therapist archetype. The therapist is an archetype that has a very positive connotation. A therapist is here to guide you, to help you and to make you feel better. A therapist does not judge but listens. A therapist office is generally perceived as a safe environment where you can confide freely in order to be cured of some emotional and mental disorder.
Trust is a strong belief associated with the therapist archetype but trust is also the most powerful weapon in the hand of Domina Shelle to take control.
When you are in front of The Therapist, you are in a state of letting go, because you know (or believe) you are in good hands to feel better. It is probably the best archetype to reveal blinded trust in Her subjects.
With the therapist, you are in a state where you want to open up by revealing all your secrets to a person you trust or you are likely to listen to advice that will make you feel better.
But of course, like all archetypes Domina Shelle has a wicked plan. Each secret revealed becomes a weapon that will be used against you. Concerning the advice, it always sounds like good advice but is used very carefully in order to increase the need to obey and submit to Her.
For the victim, it is the best used archetype since he is being enslaved without being aware off.

3. The Scientist
The scientist has something of the teacher in the sense the scientist is seen has a very smart figure. In front of the scientist, the victim, submissive or slave will feel less intelligent with a few points drop in his IQ.
The scientist archetype is used equally on victims, submissive and slaves. This archetype is less used to manipulate the mind but more used to develop more research on the working on the human mind. The more information Domina Shelle gets, the more victims She will be able to enslave at a rapid rate.
Of course, all Her studies are unethical, but there is a belief of trust associated with this archetype so most victims, submissive and slaves accept without thought and without question.
The changes in the behavior followed by an experiment can be temporary or permanent and the experiment itself can be safe or dangerous (because any manipulation of the mind can lead to unexpected results). But for the scientist archetype, the result is very important as is the ultimate well-being of what She calls Her lab-rats. If She gets unexpected results, She will treat this “failure” as something to learn from and an advancement of science.
This is why in front of the scientist persona, no victim, submissive and slave may know what will happen since Domina Shelle does not know the result of the experiment beforehand.
This is why the scientist archetype always puts a warning before letting slaves join an experiment, even if She knows that slaves have their mind designed to ignore that warning.

4. The bedtime storyteller
“Once upon a time…”
Do you remember when your mom used to tell you a story? It was always a special moment where you were conducted to another world or another kingdom through the magical effect of words until you fell in the land of
Domina Shelle loves telling stories and she has her own special way to bring you back to that time where a story has been told to you just before going to sleep.
There is nothing dangerous about hearing a captivating story and it is easy to feel nurtured and safe under the voice of The bedtime storyteller
However, the sound of a story is highly hypnotic and in a hypnotic state a man is the most vulnerable to enslavement. Domina Shelle knows exactly how to add a brainwashing element that will make you susceptible to enslavement.
For the conscious mind, The bedtime storyteller is reading you a very captivating story. For the subconscious mind it is a very powerful brainwashing tool. The bedtime storyteller is best used on a victim not susceptible to fall to direct brainwashing. The brainwashing here is under the radar.
Use of subliminals inside the story or a manipulation of the story to make you believe you are the main character are the tools used by The bedtime storyteller to enslave the mind of a victim without awareness. The best way to enslave a victim who places himself as an unwilling subject to enslavement is to wrap brainwashing elements inside an inoffensive bedtime story and nobody has ever resisted this tool of manipulation.
The Sleeping Forest series is the best example of The bedtime storyteller archetype. These files may seem innocent on the surface but it transforms the most unwilling subject into a mindless drone, from my perspective, but I may be wrong.

5. The Sheriff
A new Sheriff is coming to town.
This archetype is new and more direct than other archetypes. The main idea we have of a Sheriff or a police officer is to punish.
I think this archetype appeared when Domina Shelle discovered that some slaves (maybe all Her slaves) wanted or needed a stronger direction.
Domina Shelle is mostly trustful even if the feeling of trust emanating from Her archetypes is more a manipulative tool of enslavement then a pure genuine trust. However, Domina is also a Dominatrix and a Dominatrix is not complete without punishment.
I think The Sheriff has more impact on true devoted slaves and it teaches one of the most important lessons ever: Domina Shelle will never let bad behaviour go unpunished.
Everyone that has come in contact with Domina Shelle will know without a doubt that She is sweet and caring. She loves Her slaves (at least as long as they obey properly) and I think She does not want to hurt them, uselessly. However, She also knows that bad behavior must be punished and that persona appears to fill a big hole in the training process of slaves. Punishment.

6. The Dresser
I was not thinking of talking of this archetype because I don’t know it well and this is the archetype that makes me the most uncomfortable. But I think it is a very important one, so I will talk about it also in my essay.
Domina Shelle is very sexy and classy. She knows how to dress, how to arrange Her hair, how to do Her make-up to be the prettiest Woman alive.
Because of this, She can attract and teach any person to be attractive. The dresser archetype is the perfect archetype for teaching that. I could have said the hair-dresser archetype or the make-up artist archetype. Everything in the area of fashion is the area of the Dresser archetype.
With this archetype, She teaches, mostly sissy slaves how to dress, to apply make-up, how to paint their nails and how to fix their hair.
Applied to a woman, all that advice would be well-reserved. But to a man, it may be a humiliation, unless he views Her form and figure, sexually turned on by lust, a useful tool to enslave any man through the stimulation of his cock..
Of course: The Dresser archetype in this sense is for all male types a source of adoration and worship, another tool for enslavement leading to servitude.
The Dresser becomes a very important figure to the slave who seeks and needs sissification. slave because he (she) will use the Dresser advice to try to get rid of any humiliation in achieving their destiny as a sissy slave to Domina Shelle. .
The more the sissy slave led into sissy trans-formation and conversion, the more devoted she becomes where obedience to Domina Shelle is the only response possible.

7. The Domina
Domina Shelle is more than a simple archetype. She is the true person behind those archetypes and so much more. Her personality is so rich and strong that no slave will ever be able to understand it perfectly.
An archetype is a very simplified version of Domina Shelle used to trick the mind but also used to be easier for the slave to understand at least a part of Her.
When I talk of Domina Shelle I talk about the person who combines all the archetypes. She is my Owner, my Mistress and my Domina.
However, there exists a Domina archetype and this archetype is different than Domina Shelle as a whole. Maybe I should have said The Dominatrix archetype instead of Domina but I always preferred the term Domina, because this is the term used by Domina Shelle and I only like what She likes.
Some victims Domina Shelle encountered already have the desire to submit to a powerful Dominant woman. They often look for a Dominatrix to fulfill those fantasies. Of course, BDSM and DS community is a world filled with fantasy. Domina Shelle uses fantasy as a tool to satisfy the slave’s need. She is also interested in a real-time obedient slave.
She can use the fantasy of being Dominated by a beautiful Dominant Woman as a starting point. Domina’s goal is to turn this fantasy into reality. But she uses the Domina archetype in order to bring the victim exactly where She wants. This archetype is not very different than other archetypes since it leads to the same end, but the Domina is probably the archetype that takes less energy for Domina Shelle, because the victim has already a foot inside the realm of enslavement.

I really hope that I did well in the description of the archetype descriptions and I hope my Domina will be pleased with that work. Like I stated before, I needed to do this essay. It was a calling.
A note to the people who will read this, it is impossible to resist the control of Domina Shelle. Knowing Domina Shelle is the same as loving Her and loving Her is to be enslaved. If you cross Her gaze, you will be enslaved, it is only a matter of time. The only thing you can do is accept it or struggle. Accepting my enslavement to Her is so much more peaceful than the struggling.
This essay has been written with love and submission.


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