This assignment is to be completed in 15 days. I want you to write in your journal to report back on the result of My instructions. Once you have completed the assignment, you will email Me the notes from your journal with “15 Day Assignment Report” in the header (subject line) of the email. you are to cum for Me 7 times, starting today. Remember this is 7 times in 15 days. you will be wearing panties and collar, as appropriate, and so report. (this includes Chastity) 1. On the first day you will send Me 3 cum deposits (can be split up into separate payments if needed) … You are to stroke yourself and are to cum with the thought that you are taking care of Me, that I am most pleased by your willingness to Sacrifice your needs, putting mine above yours. 2. On any day you choose, you are to create a SPECIAL place for your Princess Shelle including candles (if possible). you will have My pictures available, and stroke for 15 minutes as you adore and serve Me on your knees (as a slave does), you will cum for your Domina, thinking it as your act of Love for Me. 3.One day you are to put My name on My cock as a sign of ownership. you will put a rubber band on your stroking hand and stimulating yourself, saying your Mantra. While stroking you will snap hard the rubber band as you feel the stinging, until you cum, seeing this as an act of Obedience and your willingness to suffer for Me in your obedience. 4. One day you will paint your nails (if possible). Close your eyes and suck on your fingers and imagine yourself KISSING and sucking on mine as I place My fingers in your mouth pushing them in and out, in and out…your Domina is fucking your mouth with her fingers….now suck on them hard as you stroke with your other hand and cum for Me in this act of blind obedience. 5. One day you will cum in My panties or as close as you can get to that sensation. (your wife’s, but safely). If you can receive mail you must purchase a pair of My panties…. you are to stroke until you cum into panties as an act of obedience, as My panty slave. 6. On the day of monthly tribute you are to prepare yourself with your Mantra. As you send MY monthly tribute, you will be stroking and cumming with the thought ofserving your Domina by taking care of Me in this most meaningful way. 7. One day you will masturbate on your knees to a picture of Me in my boots, acknowledging Me as you Mistress, your Domina, your Primary focus. you will imagine cumming on My boots, then begging Me to lick them clean, as an act of Devotion and Submission. you will then lick them clean. Make them PERFECT for Me and wait for My next command. The journal notes are to describe your sensations, fantasies and motivations for each day. you will also say which days you came, ex. Day 1, 3, 4, etc. Also, as best you can list your favorite scenario from 1 to 7. Be sure to include other instructions that I mentioned. If you must make adjustments, NOTE “WHY” and “WHAT” happened. NOTE: psychological effects each assignment has on your and My c**k. ***Giggles*** This is a big assignment that should not interfere with your responsibilities. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. There is SOME flexibility in using YOUR judgment in implementing this project. Follow as closely as you can as you OBEY all 7 commands, you have 15 days. If you must make adjustments, NOTE “WHY” and “WHAT” happened. complete your assignment My slave puppet…


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