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SlaveForShelle.com is a private membership site for slaves of Domina Shelle Rivers. Want to join? Read below to find out more information on how to become a member!

Welcome To




SlaveForShelle.com is a private membership site for slaves of Domina Shelle Rivers. Want to join? Read below to find out more information on how to become a member!

What Is Slave For Shelle?

Slave for Shelle is a private site dedicated to the erotic hypnosis of Domina Shelle Rivers.

To join you must be a contracted slave for Domina Shelle Rivers. Her site is located by clicking here!

Not all slaves are contracted slaves. Becoming a contracted slave takes dedication and commitment to DOMINA!

Join & Login

SlaveForShelle contains a variety of sections devoted to Domina. There are special galleries, assignments, tasks calendars, and even more.

Female Domination by a young Princess.  New submissives are always surprised by the power of Domina’s sweet and gentle Voice, and how quickly they become addicted to her MP3 recordings, live phone sessions and now even My personal communication exchanges.

If you are ready to take your devotion of Domina to another level, contact Domina Shelle on becoming a contracted slave and begin!


Art of PERSUASION, Domina Shelle’ Erotic Femdom Hypnosis

My subject, this week, your Domina Shelle is writing to you from back home in N.C.. When you think of it, it’s pretty amazing how W/we can be physically a world apart and still feel so close to each other in this Erotic Hypnosis World I have created just for U/us. There is so much static in the air, so many commercials, so many phone calls, messages, emails, fraudulent phishing all wanting to...

My lil farm toy…Seeds of submission by your Femdom Hypnotist

My sweet baby, I’m still recovering from the wonderful Valentine you have given to your very own femdom hypnotist. I actually felt like the Real Princess I was born to be. And, My pet, you were born to be My knight in Shining Armor and submissive servant. you love Me as well as serve and obey. W/we consummated O/our love affair. you took care of Me with your generous gifts, tributes and loving...

My Perfect Power: beta male Training with Femdom Erotic Hypnosis

For a long time now, My pet, I have been employing My beta male training in order for you to be the best slave you can be for your Domina Shelle. Do you ever think of just how much power I have over you, My slave? Since I know everything you need to make you better for Me and to be perfectly happy as My slave, I have been perfecting that special quality you need, no crave, from Me. In this...

Freedom from Domina? Erotic Hypnosis Femdom brainwashing

My sex slave, can you stop thinking of Me watching over you? you find My world of sensual erotic hypnosis femdom so compelling. But, is it too much or still not enough excitement? I think this week with Freedom is Domina, W/we should think about FREEDOM, your Freedom. Have you ever truly considered what freedom is? What does it mean to be truly free? And, is it Freedom (an escape from Me) that...

Domina Shelle is watching you, My hypnotized sex slave

Starting this week, you will see what living up to My New Year resolution is for you... to have you Happy and keep you Hard and Horny for your Domina Shelle. you have a need to be controlled, trained and brainwashed. you need Me to take over and for you to belong to Me, your Domina Shelle, your Teacher, Brainwasher, Mistress, Princess and Owner. I am EVERYTHING to you and ALL you need and...


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