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SlaveForShelle.com is a private membership site for slaves of Domina Shelle Rivers. Want to join? Read below to find out more information on how to become a member!

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SlaveForShelle.com is a private membership site for slaves of Domina Shelle Rivers. Want to join? Read below to find out more information on how to become a member!

What Is Slave For Shelle?

Slave for Shelle is a private site dedicated to the erotic hypnosis of Domina Shelle Rivers.

To join you must be a contracted slave for Domina Shelle Rivers. Her site is located by clicking here!

Not all slaves are contracted slaves. Becoming a contracted slave takes dedication and commitment to DOMINA!

Join & Login

SlaveForShelle contains a variety of sections devoted to Domina. There are special galleries, assignments, tasks calendars, and even more.

Female Domination by a young Princess.  New submissives are always surprised by the power of Domina’s sweet and gentle Voice, and how quickly they become addicted to her MP3 recordings, live phone sessions and now even My personal communication exchanges.

If you are ready to take your devotion of Domina to another level, contact Domina Shelle on becoming a contracted slave and begin!



My puppy, I'm so happy that you're here again, ready to receive more of My beta male hypnosis training to make you better for Me. I know how much you love it when I condition your malleable mind making you feel so helpless and weak for Me. This week’s Psychic Subjugation might be more intense than usual, but I have prepared you for this deeper level of enslavement. This is what you want. This is...

Mind Fucked into Compliance…erotic hypnosis & sexual asmr

My pet, I want you to be your very best passive, compliant self this week. you love that weak, submissive feeling, don’t you? Just relax and open up your mind to Me. No resistance, because I am going to do exactly what you want Me to do.... make you feel so needy for Me. So weak and eager to please, needing Me more and more. Imagine what it would be like to let Me fuck up your mind so much, that...

House of Domination…Erotic ASMR

My subject, here you are again at the door of My House of Domination. Put yourself in My sensual hands and enter. Let My sweet voice tingle every part of your mind and body leaving you with a powerful craving for more of My training and conditioning femdom audio porn. Relax and surrender yourself. My erotic asmr will guide you, without thought, without question into My world of domination and...

Unconscious Acceptance…femdom hypnosis

Are you getting there, My pet...with My erotic hypnosis sessions, each new one more intense, taking you deeper, making you more addicted the moment you hear My voice? Are you craving to be taken by My words, feeling lost without My control and instructions every day to guide you? With this week’s Unconscious Acceptance, you will be automatically programmed to obey and accept My training. No more...

For Domina Shelle’ Contracted slave … Bimbo

This week is dedicated to My contracted slave. I celebrate your loyal devotion and love. W/we have been on this erotic hypnosis journey together that will endure and deepen as W/we go forward. My obedience training and conditioning sessions will help you achieve an even higher level of servitude and enslavement, intensifying all your desires, emotions and arousal. you have become so open and...


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