Princess Shelle comes into the slave’s room, unlocks its cage, and attaches a leash to its collar. Princess walks slave down the hall naked and collared into the living room. Slave notices out of the corner of its eyes that the room is set up with a bench in the middle and chairs circling. The bench is filled with more than a dozen Women. Princess tells slave to crawl over and get in position on the bench. Princess proceeds to fasten the straps around its neck, wrists and ankles.

Domina addresses the group of Mistresses, “Ladies, tonight is our second demonstration of the proper way to train the most extreme of your slaves to be perfect for you. Those who see themselves as subhuman. Last week. I showed you how to properly train your fetish slave to lick and clean your feet and do your nails. Also, the art of a meticulous cleaning of your shoe with its tongue. While these training sessions cost $100, it is well worth it for the education you will receive in Our ongoing training sessions on perfecting the male slave.

Ladies, We all know how everyday life with Our slaves may appear normal to the outside world, but it is very important to keep your slave mentally in its proper place. Now this may seem extreme, but it is not extreme for this slave. it craves My daily training and begs for more. So Ladies, it is very important to understand your slave’s needs to get the best service out of it.

I find the best way is weekly whippings. You may like to do this twice a week depending on your mood. giggling. But it is important to keep your slave mentally broken and in its proper place below you. it needs to know that you are in charge and have daily reminders with the sight of live bruises and lashes. First, I will show you how to whip its back to make a nice Criss-Cross pattern. This slave finds it very arousing.”

Princess proceeds to whip the back of Her slave over and over on the left side. Then Princess Shelle goes to the right side and repeats this more than 25 times on each side. Leaving the welts.

“Ladies, you will notice the pattern of whip welts across its back. It is okay
that some of the welds may bleed since they can be washed down with an antibiotic later. You will also notice that this slave did not wince and did not make one moan or peep. This will take time and lots of practice as you slowly break him down to accept the pain and become one with it knowing he deserves it and comes to love it. But again this will take a lot of practice over time. Now ladies, you see I’m going from the whip to the studded paddle. This is what We are going to paddle his ass with to get the proper, even consistent bruising over the entire ass. Watch closely.”

Princess begins smacking its ass over and over to cover every square inch. This goes on for at least 5 minutes and it’s between 50 and 75 paddles. The room is silent with only the sounds of the paddle smacking, slamming, echoing off the wall, beating its ass as the Women watch.

“Now notice, ladies, even the consistency of the bruising. If you see a spot not bruised to your liking just hit it again. This process is very important in keeping your slave’s mind focused on what’s important in life, complete submission and obedience to its Mistress.”

Domina proceeds to walk over to the table and put on Her 10 inch strap-on.

“Now ladies this is an important Next Step for the slave in breaking it down for mental Clarity. It must learn who is in charge and to accept it’s Domination and humiliation.”
Princess looks down upon Her slave with back and bruised ass. Princess spreads slave’s cheeks and proceeds. With just the tip in, Princess tells the Women that now slave is to repeat its Mantra over and over. it is a slave and lives only for Domina Shelle guided by the Mantra written for its Mistress’s approval. It will repeat over and over:
i am worthless unless pleasing Princess
it’s only priority is Princess’s needs
it lives only for Princess’s pleasure
it was created by Princess
Princess is it’s Absolute Authority
it lives by Princess’s Truth
Everything it has belongs to Princess
Everything it earns belongs to Princess for life
it forfeits all human rights and lives only for Princess
Sacrifice and pain for Princess are it’s pleasure
it will sacrifice, do and suffer anything to please Princess

As slave proceeds to repeat its Mantra, Princess thrusts forcefully into slave over and over as it calls out its Mantra. The Women can see slave as its muscles tighten, straining against the restraints. But within 2 to 3 minutes of Princess pounding slave, they see the slave fall into a complete relaxation and acceptance. This goes on for another 5 to 10 minutes until Princess feels it is enough.

“Now ladies if you noticed, your slave is now in a complete state of mental focus. It is mentally broken and correctly focused on the only thing that is important in its life. The goal it works hard for, everyday, giving all of its wages to its owner.”

This next step is optional depending on your mood. And what meets your pleasure, which slave craves as its function. We will now milk the slave on to this plate just like an animal. Princess begins to pump slave’s cock up and down as it is pointed down towards the floor over a plate.

“Now, ladies, you will notice that the slave will not cum until it is told on command at the precise moment it is allowed to cum. This, too, takes some training. I can pump and pump this slave all afternoon and it will never cum because it will know what will happen to it if it does. That whipping you just saw is the tip of the iceberg of the punishment that it would receive the next 24 hours.”

Princess is pumping and pumping up and down on slave like the udder of a cow. Princess then takes the paddle in her other hand and begins to smack slave’s ass and calls out for it to cum now!! Now!! With that slave cums onto the plate as Princess continues to beat its ass even lower, hitting its balls over and over, craving BCT.

“You see ladies, this slave does not deserve pleasure through cumming. its pleasure is only and I say only derived through My pleasure. So it is important to beat its ass and balls as it cums. I decided that it should not feel the sexual pleasure of an orgasm this time. Sometimes, you may allow that pleasure but I chose not to. Everything is My choice as your slave does not have free will or any rights at all. Even though our everyday lives are normal and many times very loving, You and Your slave need to continuously point out and assert that it is subhuman and not your equal. It was born to serve and worship You. And part of this is great sacrifice and suffering at times. This is just necessary to keep balance and perspective. And I quite enjoy it because it satisfies My slave’s needs for Me to enjoy it.” giggling.

Princess begins to release slave’s restraints. slave knows exactly what it is to do as Princess moves the plate to the middle of the floor in front of the Women. slave kneels over the plate as Domina gives the order to “Clean it up now, slave”. It goes all fours and proceeds to lick the plate clean in front of the Mistresses.

“Okay ladies, that will conclude tonight’s lesson. I hope you enjoyed it thoroughly as much as I did. Don’t forget to sign up and pay for next week’s lesson. That Lesson is fun as well and very important in the discipline and molding of your slave. Remember, complete mental dominance, both physically and spiritually is Our goal. Next week’s class will be on nipple torture. I will be showing you various ways to get those nipples good and swollen and bruised. If We have time I will also be showing you the proper way to beat your slaves balls and cock so it will feel optimal pain without going to the hospital.” giggling

“Now. slave, go and get the cocktails and food that you prepared and serve the Women as you were born to do.

Now ladies, let’s enjoy the rest of the evening with good food and wine as you watch a trained slave perfected to perform its duties and obligations.

“Now thank Me, slave.” slave then thanks Domina profusely for allowing it to serve its purpose of attending to all its Mistress’s needs and desires.


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