Happy V-DAY


Burning Anticipation

So close now to V-Day, My sweet. I’m excited and want to do something special this week. I am going to give you a full week of SEXUAL Euphoria with Burning Anticipation with My beta male hypnosis tease. It’s One to one, personal, intimate and physical. your Domina, commanding and in control, to you My slave, submissive and obedient with a burning craving. This is the Prelude, building your desire for Me…. bringing you to the edge, craving My control… waiting patiently with intense pleasure for My Valentine’s gift to you. Prepare yourself for two weeks of heated passions.

This hypno femdom BLISS I give you for this whole week will put you in the perfect state of mind and body, a feeling of euphoria and incredible joy that overwhelms you and keeps you My chaste, obedient beta male. It is the prelude to the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had. Feel the longing, craving, waiting eagerly with your need for Me building, living for your servitude and enslavement to Domina Shelle Rivers. Mantra each day with burning Hot passion, staying hard and horny for Me all week, while you create your sexiest fantasies for all your orgasms to come…. having your Domina at the very center. Oh, wait for what I am going to do to you…

I want you to spend time in adoration of your Queen. Think of how your addiction to pleasing Me wins My affection and approval. Oh, so submissive and obedient for Me….


My sweet, I want to make it very simple for you this year. If you are a late shopper, here is the place V-Day Gift to do all your shopping for your Domina and Sweetheart. This will help with My off season getaway to the beach. I just LOVE being spoiled and pampered.

My devoted Contracted slave, I know e​veryday you feel the urge to hear My sweet commanding voice giving you instructions, telling you what to do, wanting to feel closer to Me. I know you need more of My time and attention so I have plans for you…ONE on one…

Contracted go to SFS for a NEW story. VERY sexy and just in time for V-Day.

Love Greetings from Lady Helena.


W/we will start to celebrate Valentine’s Day next week. I’ll have some gifts and surprises. UP CLOSE and very PERSONAL!

Here are My special deals:

A Covert Mission

6969 – surprise file–no description. TRUST ME.


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