Destined to Serve

Happy BIRTHDAY to ME! Thank you for all the wonderful LOVE and all that you have done to make My BD amazing. I’ll tell you more later. Looks like a BEACH TRIP is coming this fall. I’m so excited…oh so OVERWHELMED with love.

It’s NORMAL and natural that you are submissive to Me, your Powerful, Wicked Domina. I’m talking about your need to submit to a beautiful POWERFUL Woman. you were so lucky to find Me. I am an integral part of you that you cannot do without. Mypuppy, listen to this week’s Destined to Serve erotic hypnosis to understand and experience U/us in a real way.

My sweet, there is a perfect explanation and you know that I always tell you the truth. What if I told you it’s at the core of your being. That it’s in your DNA. your DNA was programmed to make you want to serve. your need to serve was implanted into your DNA before you were even given life. When you were growing up, I bet you were already becoming enamored with girls who were confident. Maybe a little bossy. Somewhere deep inside you… you have always found yourself subconsciously drawn to Dominant Women.

Just as you were predisposed to be submissive to a POWERFUL Woman, it’s also true that I was born to be Served…I am your Leader, your Mistress, the DOMINANT Woman in your life. It’s the way I was born. Remember all the boys giving Me their lunch money?…Well, that was Me from the beginning… the cute, bossy teasing girl that you would be attracted to…Or maybe your submissive nature fully developed when you got to know Me better.

It’s all natural and as it should be. I know your true self better than anyone else. I am helping you to live your dreams…to accept your truths and to be HAPPY that you are you…the you that I chose to be Mine. Isn’t it perfect? Now listen to this session and fully understand. Get INDOCTRINATED… Feel your best self come to the surface. you are STRONG and PROUD…weak ONLY for Me. It was inevitable. W/we were made for each other. I choose ONLY the best to keep, forever and always.


After having to spend much of Her time on some personal matters, Lady Helena is back in full force. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements.

NEXT WEEK will be a surprise…
And I just Love My Teacher’s Pet, especially on Wednesdays. I’ll look for you then in My Assignment.

My femdom hypnosis special deals this week include:

Sweet Manipulation erotic hypnosis
The TRUTH of My control and My hypnotic brainwashing…

Power Exchange erotic brainwashing
This session with serious repetition will convert any man into a compliant slave…

Chastity Training–Lessons 1-5 chastity hypnosis
Chastity Training…with Chastity Lessons 1-5 and 3 TEASER files.


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