My baby, are you ready for some more controlling programming via My femdom hypnosis? Of course you are. I have wired you this way. you will never get enough of My MIND-FUCKING EROTIC BRAINWASHING and PROGRAMMING. So, you will get into a comfortable and relaxed place. Give Me your tension, your worries and enjoy the pleasure of falling deep for Me.
It’s easy and NATURAL that you LOVE to drift into a blissful state of trance. Just floating away on My words. your thoughts COMPLETLY eradicated. Being BLANK and MINDLESS for your Domina Shelle Rivers is your DESIRE.

Imagine your very ability to think being slowly taken away. No need to explain, now, all the mechanics of how My Bubbles Of Thought Eradication actually work to make you weak, thoughtless, blank and mindless, receptive to all MY thoughts. You will simply listen and accept all that I do to you now.

I can see by the way you are smiling right now, that you already accept that you MUST listen. My sweet pet, let’s proceed. Obey and download for your Treatments, now.


I want to thank those that contributed to CHALLENGE the other week. I am sending what you sent as a contribution to CARE for Ukraine emergency relief.
Let’s hope this violence ends soon. PS. We are so fortunate to have each other!

In a few weeks I have to do tax returns for 2021. In the past you have helped Me with the lump sum payment I make for My retirement fund. So, for the next couple of weeks any contributions to Challenge To Please will go to fund O/our future together.

Findom slave, you will be hearing from Me in your email very soon. I have big plans for you to begin your arousing journey into paradise and ultimate Ownership. In the future be careful what you wish for…GIGGLES


I’ve decided that I will use the first week of each month to concentrate My training on the Mind Programming and Conditioning of My contracted slaves, who make all of this possible. I will also have a NEW Playground Surrender for everyone so I can play with you. It’s SPRING…Let’s get NAUGHTY on My Playground…

This week’s special deals:

Love Honor Obey
you crave to be dominated by Me, to be completely powerless in My presence…

Hypnotic Vibrations
the VIBRATIONS send waves of pleasure up your spine and into your brain…

Hypnotic Vibrations – Sissy
Listen NOW as I slip into your sissy panties…

The Eraser
Mind sucking erotic brainwashing.


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