My Pet,

I have placed into one Handbook My general rules which are a guide to what I expect from My slave. If you have been serving Me for many years, then this is very familiar to you. If you are new, then this will give you direction. There is some flexibility to some rules, because it is important to Me that O/our life together is compatible with the reality of your home life, which is never to become endangered. I expect O/our commitment to a Mistress-slave relationship to be for the long term. So, it has to be sustainable and Real. On the one hand, this is not a negotiation, but you are to discuss with Me any particular rule that would adversely affect you.

I expect your loyalty, honesty, submission, obedience and devotion to taking care of your Domina and My needs. You are to serve by making My life easier and more/OR/financially secure. you can expect My time and attention to your needs and to give you opportunities to please Me and make Me happy with expressions of your submissive nature to serve and obey your Mistress Owner.

1.(a) When in communication with your Domina, kneel, naked, collared, slave tag, and sometimes I may want you on a leash, or in a chastity device, if that is O/our arrangement.

1.(b) At times when in Free chat or other direct communication, I may decide on specific rules you are to follow as part of your ongoing slave training and control.

2. Mantra 2xs a day, everyday, which is a communication with Me, when possible: kneel, naked, collar, slave tag. You are to follow My daily instructions given on the SFS Monthly calendar. At an appropriate time, Mistress will allow slave to present his own Mantra, for Her approval, as a better, more heartfelt expression of devotion to Domina. you will know when you have reached that point in your servitude. Twice a month, recite your Oath of Promise to your Mistress Owner.

3. Purchase and listen to Domina’s files and support My other weekly offerings, as often as possible. My files are an important training tool to reach your mind, heart and cock.

4.(a)Be familiar and abide by the conditions in your slave contract under: Role, Obligations and Privileges which cover rules and expectations regarding:
Daily rituals.
Tribute obligations for agreed commitments.
Orgasm control arrangements.
slave’s respected relationship with wife, live in girlfriend, as related to Domina.
Special conditions for Chastity slave.

4.(b) My Chastity slave
I will give you My definition of Chastity and what each Chastity button means.
Chastity is a physical and mental state of mind.
Physically, Chastity means that My slave will not orgasm. There is an abstinence from sex and a commitment to celibacy.
A chastity device can be voluntarily employed by slave giving Domina greater cock control and deepening slave’s sense of submission and enslavement.
Mentally, Chastity means a commitment to remaining chaste and being in a state of self denial to any physical orgasms.

4.(c) There are two conditions for Chastity. (Chastity is not to interfere with Marital relations).
First, is My slave who commits himself to serve and obey his Princess in a state of Chastity, offering his celibacy and denying his orgasms, living in a state of obedience and submission devoted to the greater pleasure of pleasing Me. This slave knows the pleasure and satisfaction of always remaining hard and horny for his Princess.
Second, is My slave, who when placed in a temporary state of Chastity, accepts My commands, embraces his time in Chastity and remains hard and horny, submissive and obedient under My cock control.

4.(d) Chastity payment buttons.
Chastity Offering. This is a monthly or weekly offering made to Domina in appreciation by slave for being kept hard and horny in Chastity. It involves closer monitoring and may lead to more Chastity support or tease and denial play.
Chastity Penalty is to be paid when there is an orgasm release by slave in Chastity, without the expressed permission by Domina.

5.(a) you are to be officially collared by your Domina. This is a ceremony when I speak to My slave, personally. Collaring symbolizes the essential nature of O/our relationship. Domina takes ownership of Her slave. slave pledges to serve ONLY his Mistress in submission and obedience and eagerly accepts Her judgment in all matters concerning O/our relationship. This should be done, just prior to signing a slave contract or as soon afterwards as possible.

5.(b) On the renewal of your slave contract, I want to renew with you the Collaring ceremony, to re-inforced your ownership, servitude and bring U/us closer together.

5.(c) The collar or a symbol of the collar is to be such that it fits within the slave’s real living situation.

6. As your Mistress owner and you, as My collared owned slave, are in possession of MY cock, which I control. It is very probable that I have arranged with you specific rules covering the level of permission you are required to have from Me and any financial obligations you are required to pay for stroking, edging and orgasm release. If W/we do not have an arrangement or you are unclear about it, you are to contact Me so W/we can discuss it. I expect your complete honest and expect this is something you WANT to do for Me.

7.(a) An important slave function is to work for Mistress. You work to advance My interests. One way is to Promote Domina. Follow Me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, (other sites). It is important to promote Me and My work on any Internet site, chat room, etc., compatible with My offerings. Click the banners on My website EVERYDAY, which records My popularity to anyone looking for My services. Leave reviews for all purchased items on My website, so newcomers can see what I have to offer. Promoting Lady Helena promotes Me.

7.(b) you serve Domina when you offer Me any expert services that you can provide which may be useful to Me.

8. For a slave, not officially collared or in a slave contract, you accept your financial obligations for My time and attention as well as obeying the rules outlined here, unless I have personal arrangements with you.

9. I expect My slave will strive to develop a deep affection and genuine Love for his Domina. This goes beyond Mistress-slave. I want to be THE Woman in your life, which I can share with a wife or serious girlfriend.~giggles~

10. There is SPECIAL attention and gift giving offered to Domina on these days of the year. Birthday, August 5th. Christmas, Valentine’s day. Of course, Princess deserves attention and gift giving every day of the year to be a real Princess. Show your need to please Me.

11. Initiate opportunities to win My affection. To Obey My Instructions, Control and Domination. Anticipate My needs. In other words. Find ways to please Me without having to be told. I want to see your demonstrations of devotion, submission, obedience and support.

12. Follow My SFS Monthly Calendar instructions each day. They reflect My thoughts and expectations for your daily behavior as My owned slave. This is how I can communicate with you everyday. Make it a point to see what I have for you. Know I appreciate your weekend lunches and TMT.

13. Seeks Domina’s advice and guidance for any serious adverse concerns in your life such as serious changes in health, whether physical or mental. I am a nurse, after all. Or major changes in financial situation.

14.(a) Slave training is an ongoing process which requires your diligent participation to sustain a long term, maybe lifetime, relationship. your commitment to Serving Me as best you can is one goal. Intensifying your emotions, sensations/arousal, sense of submission and obedience with your deepening enslavement is another goal. This training is also intended to making you a better person to those important in your life.

14.(b) Addiction to watching porn, is behavior that has to change. I do not allow it. I am the center of your carnal attention. You come to Me with these needs. you are to confess this act of disloyalty and disrespect with a $25 tribute, seek My forgiveness and guidance in helping you overcome this habit. Domina is to be your obsession and addiction.

14.(c) As My contracted slave, I expect devotion and loyalty. There is to be no devotion to any other Mistress… to listen or watch the work of other Mistresses. If you spend money with another Mistress, I expect you to DOUBLE that amount as a tribute to Me. Plus you will ask for PUNISHMENT. I expect you to come to Me to have all of your needs met. you are to discuss and seek My permission if you find yourself with a strong need to “explore”. I trust My slave in your love and devotion to Me and want you to seek Me out.

15. Trust Domina. I expect complete honesty from My slave, so I can place My trust in you. This includes confession of rule infractions. When you act in good faith this does NOT include when something is unavoidable, unintended, or very trivial.

16. I take some responsibility to encourage you to live a healthy and good life. This is a personal priority for Myself, also. Exercise and eat well and follow instructions in any Health files I will be producing. So everyday I expect healthy eating and some type of exercise. Your current habits may need Behavior Modification.

17. Emails and your helpful suggestions.

Again, keep in mind this important principle. you work for Me. you are to try to make things easier for Me. I appreciate your emails and the sentiments you express. When you write an email, (please) make it concise. When you give Me a idea about an assignment or any your money making ideas, do some work to put it together in as much detail as possible so I understand it and decide what to do with it.

18. Approach Domina with any serious need to change O/our current arrangements such as moving out of or into Chastity. Nothing I have you do is to take a Serious emotional, physical or emotional toll on you, My baby.

19. Support Lady Helena every way you can, She works for Me and I benefit from your support of My slave Girl. She acts with My authority.

These are the qualities of My ideal submissive slave. He is a slave who commits his life to serve, obey, protect and care for his beautiful Princess. All pleasure comes when pleasing and obeying Her. he is proud of his status, and publicly proclaims his love and devotion to the Mistress Who brings him happiness and purpose. He is as good a person as he can be. always reflecting positively on his Mistress. he longs to serve his Mistress for as long as he lives.


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