A story written for Me by My devoted slave john

I have served Domina Shelle for many years; since stumbling across some of her hypnosis files on an underground torrent website and becoming hooked. Over the years she has lovingly cemented herself as my mistress and owner; proving to me time and time again how helpless and obedient she can make me. And how skilled she is at rewarding me with mind-blowing pleasure. When I’m out of trance – I can’t even tell anymore where her brainwashing and control end and my love and affection begin.

I was glad when I heard that Domina Shelle was taking a much needed vacation after all Her hard work preparing her latest Experiment session. And more than that – I was thrilled that my contributions would be helping Her enjoy Herself!

Then I noticed a private message from Domina arrive in my inbox. As always, I felt a surge of excitement and felt my cock twitch as I saw the title.

Subject: Open only in Private and as Soon as Possible, My Dearest Slave

My dearest slave, I wanted to thank you for your obedience and service to me over the past several years. It means a lot to me, so I have decided to reward you for being such a Good Boy. That’s right – you feel a surge of AROUSAL when I call you my Good Boy. Obey me and start stroking NOW. Feel your mind becoming fuzzy and soft and submissive… You may continue reading only after you are fully hard and erect.

You’ve been such a Wonderful Slave for me over the past five years. It turns out I have a 24 hour layover in your hometown on my outbound flight!!! You must be so excited and aroused that I have decided that you will please me by hosting me and showing me around on my layover. Keep stroking for me.

You have two weeks to plan and prepare a perfect day for me and ensure your home is immaculate. I will be grading you on your thoughtfulness, hospitality and manners; the cleanliness of your home; and your personal appearance and hygiene. I expect you to impress me!

I know this will be your first time seeing me in person, so read the below instructions carefully.

  1. You will be waiting patiently for me at the airport on the first Saturday of November at 8:30 AM sharp for my arrival; holding a sign for “Miss Rivers”.
  2. You will accompany me at all times, speak only when spoken to, obey all my instructions without hesitation, and refer to me only as Miss Rivers in public.
  3. You will treat this visit as a date; trying your utmost to impress me at all times and covering all of my costs. So I want you to send Me the money to cover the cost of My ticket, $250.
  4. Plan accordingly.
    Oh, and one last thing – you are prohibited from asking me any questions whatsoever to aid in planning and preparing for my visit.

Slave, you must be so HARD and HORNY and even a little apprehensive. There’s no need to stress or worry – remember that your Domina always knows what is best for you and I have decided that this is what is best for both of us. Don’t be afraid, you know you can always trust me.

Obey Me Now; Without Thought and Without Question.

Keep stroking. When you receive this message, you will go to My website and Tribute $250. Then you will reply immediately with exactly and only the words “Yes Domina!” Feel a wave of pleasure sweep through your mind as you click Reply for me Now. Harder and Hornier. Keep stroking for me as you type your reply with your left hand only.

On the Edge Now for me. Read your reply carefully as you Edge and make sure it’s Perfect. That’s it – make sure each letter is correct. Say it aloud for me Now just to be sure. Again! Send your reply Now.

Then send the $250 tribute for My ticket. That’s it – click SEND. Then Cum; Cum HARD for your Domina. Good slave, CUMMING so hard for me. Feel another wave of pleasure sweep through Your mind and wash it away; as you Clench and Pump and CLENCH and PUMP and KEEP CUMMING FOR ME until you are fully drained and empty. Good Boy!!!

Slave – remember that you are not permitted to orgasm without my explicit permission. I want you extra hard and horny and submissive for my upcoming visit! Even if I command it in a file I release between now and then. I AM IN CONTROL. I will send you the files I want you to listen to and YOU WILL OBEY and listen to these AND ONLY THESE. You MUST NOT CUM unless I tell you to cum. Be a Good Slave for your Owner.

So that’s how I found myself sitting in front of my computer; looking at the reply and tribute I had automatically and immediately sent. Feeling the aftershocks and bliss from my mind-blowing orgasm; covered in cum. Already feeling the smallest tingle of arousal again.

<gulp> No pressure?


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