Princess Shelle awakes slave at 6 am on Saturday from it’s cage in the corner of Her room and tells the slave to get up and get chores and breakfast ready as today will be a day of training Your personal slave, so get done fast slave.

slave makes breakfast and cleans up and kneels before Princess as You eat. You tell it “today is a special day, slave, it will be getting special training on how to please ME properly.”
Now crawl your slave ass into the dungeon, kneel in the corner, hands folded and Mantra, begging for training until I decide to begin slave training.” Yes Princess it says as it crawls to the room and mantras aloud for Princess to hear.

i am worthless unless pleasing Princess
it’s only priority is Princesses needs
it lives only for Princesses pleasure
it was created by Princess
Princess is it’s Absolute Authority
it lives by Princesses Truth
it’s only truth is Princesses words and laws
everything it has belongs to Princess
everything it earns belongs to Princess for life
it forfeits all human rights and lives only for Princess
it’s only thinks what Princess allows and teaches it,
it will never think for itself,
it learns Princess’s truth to correct it’s past false reality
sacrifice and pain for Princess are it’s pleasure
it will sacrifice and suffer anything to please Princess
it will sacrifice and do anything to please Princess
it will sacrifice and suffer anything to please Princess
it will sacrifice and do anything to please Princess

About an hour and a half later Princess enters the room, slave still in the corner reciting mantra and pledging it’s life to Princess. “Good boy, slave.” Now crawl over to the bench and mount it as slave has been trained.” it gets on the bench, kneels on ground with wrists down to the floor. its head through the harness as neck is strapped onto the mount locking it motionless. its ankles are locked as well as. it’s wrists are locked to the bars on the bench. Domina attaches the electric probes to the electric cock cage and to the remote control.

“Today is a day about MY pleasure slave, not yours but MINE alone. your Owner will be teaching it the proper way to please ME orally. it will also be taught in proper rimming techniques as sometimes slave’s Domina enjoys that. Does slave understand?” “Yes Domina!” it replies. slave stares at the chair right before its face. The chair has stirrups for Princess’s comfort and to allow full slave training. Princess sits with Her sexy stockings, stiletto shoes and skirt. slave will start with the bottom of Princess’s shoes….. You lift Your shoes to its mouth as it licks and sucks every nook and cranny clean for 10 minutes on each shoe. Princess makes it suck on the stiletto heel pushing it in and out of slave’s mouth. it begs and thanks Domina between breaths. As it sucks and cleans the shoes, it can see that Princess has no panties underneath Her skirt. Does slave like Princess’s skirt ? Princess slaps it in the face. Who gave it permission to look up My skirt, slave? it apologizes profusely looking back down at Your shoe. Princess switches on the slave’s cock cage, shocking its balls as it squirms and winces. DO NOT make a sound when I shock you, slave. you will take it with pleasure. “Yes. Domina!!” slave takes the on and off shocks to its balls and cock and Domina smiles so wickedly, so beautifully, in so much pleasure.

OH, I almost forgot, slave. Domina gets up and is rolling in some sort of machine on wheels and positions it behind the slave. “Hmmmm, which size shall I use, slave, 6″, 10″ or the 12″? hmmmm, today will be the 10″, slave. Do you understand?? “Yes, Domina”. Domina attaches the 10″ dildo to the machine behind the slave and slides the dlido half way up its ass as slave moans and tenses up but cannot move, having wrists, ankles and head locked tight. Domina whispers in slave’s ear, “slave must suffer and sacrifice for such an honor as to please Princess’s Pussy, to taste Princess. Doesn’t it agree? “Yes Princess”.. Princess giggles… and so you will slave. giggling. “slave is in for a long day and that ass will be so worn out, My slave, Princess decides the slave doesn’t need any lube today. Take it HARD for Me”.

So let’s begin, slave!

To be continued….


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