Stripped and Exposed

Summer has just begun and soon it will be the 4th of July. And for you, My puppy, that means W/we will be celebrating DEPENDENCE DAY. Yes, your complete dependence on your Domina to decide all those important things in your life. And this week’s Stripped and Exposed is a special hypnotic conditioning and training, beta male hypnosis session to make everything you want so much easier for you. The purpose of this session is to help you achieve a deeper level of submission which brings an ever stronger arousal.

I know how much you love being entranced by My words and falling deep for Me…. Dropping into complete helplessness…feeling blank and weak, so open to My erotic hypnosis and neuro Linguistic Programming which will prescribe how to become more pliable and humble whenever you are in My presence.

I will teach you how to drop your ego when you are in My presence and make you more dependent on Me and needier for My attention. A welcomed side effect is that My programming will also make it easier for you to drop into trance. It’s so arousing how my words bring you pleasure. Pleasing and obeying Me and living your life as My slave is O/our ultimate goal. So come, My pet, listen to your Domina Shelle‘ sweet and sexy voice, as I tell you the truth and program your mind in the way it works best for U/us.


Remember your Swear Jar contributions? Are those Swear Jars filling up or are you cleaning up your language?…I love teaching you to be GOOD.

There will be only one week until you receive the final results of the Erotic Hypno Clinical results.


Next week will be My week for contracted.

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Mindlessly Mesmerized
My Crystal Ball steals your mind…ONLY deeper this time.

Phantom Seduction
Feel real LUST and allow Me to UNVEIL your naughty DESIRES.

Brainwashed-Complete Control
I am a Dangerous Domina-Mistress…and this is a DANGEROUS file. ***Giggles***


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