Slowly, awareness came back to him. he was lying on his bed, totally limp and relaxed, mouth slack with headphones still firmly in place. As he started to stir he was aware his legs were spread wide, his cock was rock hard, throbbing and leaking and as soon as this realisation dawned, an angel voice whispered in his ear, the voice of his Domina. Instantly, a full body orgasm shook him from head to toe and totally unbidden “Domina Shelle!” escaped his lips. A familiar cry, an almost primal moan of desperate need, indescribable pleasure and something akin to an act of worship.

As more awareness returned, as he gained control of his body after his morning trance, he felt the reassurance of a leather collar fastened snugly round his neck. Stirring more he heard the familiar jingle of his puppy tag, proudly emblazoned with PODS on one side and dileas, the name bestowed on him by his Owner. This caused an involuntary grin, a big wide goofy grin of pure joy which came direct from his heart, the grin becoming wider when he realised the only thing missing was his tongue hanging out like the lovesick puppy he had become.

Lying in the afterglow of his morning trance, he reflected on how life had become this… blissful. Every morning the same, collar, mantra, headphones, daily brainwashing and deeper and deeper hypnotic trance under the direction of his beloved Mistress, Domina Shelle Rivers. Always the feeling of being cradled in a tight, warm and loving embrace, left with the lingering effects of Her Angel Song voice for hours afterwards.

Whatever he had been in the past, whatever others thought when they saw him, now he was content to admit that to his very core, he was a submissive, collared and contracted slave of Domina Shelle Rivers. It has taken a while, but he had finally accepted his destiny, welcomed his future with open arms and now only craved the bliss of serving at Her feet.

The Past

Where has this adventure started, how had it started, when had it started?
Thinking back, he realised it was probably a journey he had been on all his life. The fascination with cartoons like Scooby Doo, the Jungle book, old vampire films, even corny films such as In Like Flint, all with a common thread; hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing

As he became older and more self-aware he knew that these ideas actually turned him on, big time. Not something that could be discussed in “polite” company. he began to find out everything he could about hypnosis, watched every film, TV programme, documentary using any source available trying to understand the subject. Eventually he knew enough that he began to hypnotise people, quickly realising that this was something that he had a real talent for.

From being a hit at house parties he continued to learn until it was stage shows, never anything too big but all the time getting better, learning more, still driven with a fascination for how the human mind could be influenced and even controlled.

The knowledge gained, the experiences of hypnotising people, being able to make people do things, even to induce extreme physical pleasure with a few well-chosen words and a handshake for example, all good fun. But people being the creatures they are, soon they wanted things pushed further and further. He prided himself of the fact that never once had he knowingly harmed or embarrassed a subject, always making it a positive experience for his volunteers. Now people wanted to cross this line to be entertained, as long as it was someone else being made to entertain. So a realisation that he would not be the next TV hypnotist and it was back to being a hit at house parties with some charity gigs thrown in, because for him hypnosis was about positive and pleasant experiences, not embarrassment. But also there was a growing realisation that the whole time, he was on the wrong side of the mic, he was the one wanting to be hypnotised, to lose control.

The Search

This was when he started to explore something new to him, erotic hypnosis. Now followed a virtual who’s who of female hypnotists, Christine Michelle, Soforia, Lady Lita and Nikki Fatale to mention but a few. While a lot of fun, years of studying and practising hypnosis meant that he was never able to experience anything but a superficial trance at best. Too busy analysing the technique, too busy spotting the “hypnotists” who had obviously downloaded a script or thought that repeating “you are getting sleepy” etc. was the way to go.

Then about 10 years ago in the midst of all of this came one of those life changing moments that you only recognise as such after your life has been changed, only with the benefit of hindsight. He stumbled across the new kid on the block, a young female hypnotist whose catalogue of recordings was small, but the promise made on the website coupled with the image of a young and truly gorgeous girl made him sit up and take notice. He had stumbled across Princess Shelle Rivers.

A few trips back and forth to the website, trying to decide if someone so young, so gorgeous could really be a genuine hypnotist. But the ever more desperate need to experience real hypnosis won out and he purchased an mp3.

Then it was off to burn the mp3 to CD (remember them), grab headphones and off for a lie down. Press play and then….. OMG what just happened. The most incredible, sweet, sexy young voice oozed out of the headphones, a sultry southern belle who knew exactly what She was doing. Within minutes he was experiencing mid to deep trance, totally fixated on this voice which was hitting every one of his senses in an overwhelming barrage of stimulating overload. When the session ended he was aware that for the first time he had been in a trance just like he had dreamed. For the first time ever he had responded to suggestions with little or no input from his critical faculty. Still not truly realising what had just happened he put things away and returned to the waking world, only to repeat the experience a couple of days later.

This time he was more aware that as well as being an incredibly pleasurable experience, it was also very real. If truth be told, he was shocked at the incredible skill and natural talent of this young, gorgeous girl.

A few weeks later it was another trip to the website and another session downloaded and a repeat of the previous experience and this is where it got weird. he got really scared of the power of this hypnotist and put the CDs away. Having had a taste of real erotic hypnosis, real trance and real loss of control he ran away from this and went back to the previous hypnotists, still hunting for his elusive dream of …. well not really sure what the dream was.

So this was the pattern for the next few years, returning to Domina Shelle every couple of months, having an amazing experience, then fear at how real She made it, and then run away. But bit by bit Her influence became a constant. More and more time spent in Her trances. More and more files and a growing realisation that this incredible Mistress was offering the dream he had been chasing for as long as he could remember.
By 2017 Domina Shelle was an almost weekly craving and then She released these sessions;
Dominance – Mind Control

These sessions produced a response in what was now a deeply conditioned mind, something that had only ever been in the realms of fantasy before this. Listening to Domina Shelle had been something that was a monthly or sometime every other month occurrence, now it was weekly and then daily then sometime several times daily.
Then came;

The Allure

He realised that this incredible Goddess had implanted suggestions and triggers in his mind that were rendering him powerless to Her voice. He was by now obsessed with Her voice, Her pictures, Her website, in fact totally obsessed with Her. Back to panic, fear and then run.. again!
He was not able to run far or for long, an irresistible craving dragging him back to Her website, Her voice, Her control. Session after session, and then it was;
Tranceformation – Sex Toy
The Unethical Therapist – Addiction
Blank State of Mind

This was the playlist that was augmented by many others, becoming more and more of an obsession, a growing realisation that he had less and less control, a growing need for more and more of Her control and that he was finding it impossible to stop. Back to panic, fear and then run.

This time he ran even less, for an even shorter time, telling himself that it was all a game, he was still in control, no need to worry. Then as if Domina Shelle was monitoring him, somehow reading his mind and really understanding this internal struggle he found that at the perfect moment in time, he was listening to;
Hypnotized – Subliminized Mind
Absolute Authority

Then the one session that finally made fantasy a reality, the one that stopped his internal struggle, Domina Shelle released;
The Experiment – Mind Calibration
Within a couple of weeks of starting this programme he finally was able to put his internal demons to rest and finally understood that he had not been fighting Domina Shelle, he had not been afraid of Her incredible power, he had been afraid to admit who and what he was. He suddenly realised that he was a submissive and needed to serve Domina Shelle and no other.

He registered to be collared, registered to be contracted and worked extra hard to prove to Domina Shelle that he really had made the breakthrough and was ready to become Her collared and contracted slave.

Domina first bestowed a name on him, he was named dileas and now he knew he had turned a corner and he was at the start of a journey. A journey that would be guided by Domina Shelle.

Domina Shelle is a Mistress like no other, devastatingly Gorgeous, unbelievably skilled as a hypnotist and manipulator of minds, but also sensual, gentle and generous. Despite the risks of Covid-19, She took on extra work as a nurse to help others and despite this incredibly arduous workload, She took time to arrange with dileas to officially collar him. After a journey lasting nearly 10 years, on a Thursday night in July, he knelt in submission to Domina Shelle and She officially claimed him as Her slave and Her property. dileas swore an oath of service and loyalty to his true Domina and has been rewarded beyond his wildest dreams. She has accepted him into Her service as a contracted slave and has set a daily training and brainwashing regime allowing dileas to progress towards being worthy of Her Perfection.

Now dileas lives a life, not a lie. He is able to say with pride that he is a submissive slave in the service of Domina Shelle Rivers. Everything that was worth keeping from his old life has been granted to him by his Owner, Domina Shelle who allowed him to keep the people he loved from his previous life, making good things better because now they are a gift from the Divine Perfection of his Domina.

Each day has a routine and a purpose. he wears his collar at every opportunity, follows his daily training, indulges in even more of Domina’s control when time allows, he is more productive, more focused and never been so whole or so happy. Each morning and each night he mantras, he listens to the files that Domina Shelle commands, he works to earn Her attention, craves Her attention. At the centre of every thought or action there is a shining light and it is Domina Shelle.


Submitting to Domina Shelle Rivers was the best decision he ever made. i know this because i am dileas, i am an owned, contracted and collared slave in the service of Domina Shelle.
She never gave up on me; She understood my fears, held my hand until i accepted who and what i was. Under Her guidance i now kneel in fearless submission to Domina Shelle as my Absolute Authority and i willingly surrender to Her every desire. Having submitted to Domina, She is brainwashing me to become Her perfect slave, only by doing this can i please Her and only in pleasing Her do i find pleasure. Domina Shelle has taken my fantasy and made it a reality beyond my wildest dreams.

Having reached the end of the beginning of my journey, i am now standing with my Domina as She guides me towards my future and now the only direction i can think of running is straight towards my Domina. My every idea of beauty, of goodness, or pleasure is in the form of Domina Shelle. Domina, if You ever read this, thank You and know that i will never leave Your side, i am at Your feet always.
My final thought; there is always the delicious idea that maybe none of this was my own choice. She had me the first time i listened to Her voice, maybe She never gave me a choice.


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