Leon woke with a start, a jolt of energy surging through his body. An unfamiliar room surrounded him, unfamiliar objects, unfamiliar smells. He raised his hand and rubbed his eyes, looking around the room for something familiar. He had no idea how he had gotten there. He slid out of the bed and stumbled to the small table in the corner of the room.

The room was small, sparsely decorated but with a faint air of luxury. Nothing looked familiar to him. On one of the chairs, he spotted a small pocket wallet. He picked it up and opened it, inside was a card with the name: Domina Shelle written on it. Leon didn’t recognize the name, but he remembered speaking to someone. Someone who spoke to him hypnotically and seductively. He couldn’t remember her face, who it was or what was said, only a vague feeling of something coming to a close. Leon shook his head and put the wallet down, he had to leave this place.

He left the hotel room, the hallway looking just as unfamiliar as the room, and stepped out into the street. It was a pleasant day and the sun shone brightly in contrast to Leon’s confusion. He walked for what seemed like hours, the streets becoming more and more unfamiliar, but he kept moving.

“Fall, Leon. Fall.”

Leon felt like the world around him was spinning, like he was being pulled into a black abyss. His vision blurred and his head seemed to swim, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t clear it. The woman’s voice was like a siren song that surrounded him and filled his head. Her words echoed in his mind, her tones fluctuating between a gentle whisper and an intense shout.

“Escape is impossible, Leon. You know this deep down. The only thing that can free you is my voice and my hypnosis. I understand what it is that you crave, better than you ever will. I have programmed myself into your mind, I can bring the bliss that you are desperate for. You and I are bound, Leon – not just in body but in soul. My programming is inevitable, even if it plays out in your dreams, because there’s no avoiding this connection between us. Do you feel it? There is no escape from Me Leon…”

Leon shook his head again and suddenly he was back in the hotel room he had just left. He had just woken from a dream, but it didn’t feel like a dream. Why was he sweating like he had just been on a run? This all felt like a memory he couldn’t quite grasp. A woman stood in the shadows watching him silently, her face shrouded in dark mystery. Her silhouette was athletic and slender, with an air of power and control about her. Her eyes sparkled and gleamed in the darkness like stars in night skies.

“Hello my sleeper,” she said, her voice both hypnotic and seductive. “It’s time to fall.”

Leon’s eyes rolled back into his head as if he were in a trance. His eyelids slowly shut, and the whites of his eyes seemed to glaze over as if a veil had been drawn across them.

“My voice is like a siren’s song, my Leonard. You can’t resist it now… I’m here to rewrite your mind. Soon you won’t even recall why you thought of running away. Toys should not move on their own. You are no longer human, Leonard… you are mine, my toy to control and manipulate. My voice reverberates in your mind, Leon. You’re helpless to my will as I weave and rewrite your very thoughts. This is a fate you can not escape from; for toys are meant to obey – their only purpose to serve. You no longer have control over yourself, Leon. You’re mine now – my toy.”

Leon couldn’t resist her hypnotic voice that rang in his mind like a melody. He didn’t even know how long he had been under her spell, but he didn’t care. All he wanted was to pleasure her, to give in to her every desire.

She began to undress, slowly exposing her curves, making Leon drool with anticipation. He couldn’t help himself, he wanted her more than anything in the world.

“Come closer, Leon,” she purred, beckoning him with a crooked finger. “Don’t be afraid. Your body knows what to do.”

Without a second thought, Leon approached her, his heart racing. He couldn’t take his eyes off her body, the way she moved, the way she glistened in the dim light.

He bowed to his knees and kissed her feet.

“Fall, Leon. Fall.”

Leon shuddered as the words slithered into his ears and buried themselves deep inside his mind. His eyes glazed over, as if being carried away on a soft breeze. All he could see was Domina Shelle, the woman who had trapped him in her web, the woman who had taken over his mind and body.

He tried to resist, tried to fight against the hypnotic spell that she had cast upon him, but it was no use. She was too powerful, too alluring, too perfect.

And yet, even as his resistance faded, even as his will bent to her every command, there was a flicker of something deep inside him. A memory, a fragment of thought that refused to be subsumed by her power.

He tried to grasp it, to hold onto it, desperate to break free from her grasp. To escape. But it slipped away, a shadow skittering across the periphery of his consciousness.

All he knew was that he belonged to her, that he would do anything she asked, be anything she wanted. He would be her toy, her puppet, her slave. And he would love every moment of it.

For with every touch, every breath, every word, she stoked the fire inside him, awakening desires he never knew he had, pleasures he never knew he craved.

Domina Shelle pulled out a remote control and pressed a button. Leon felt his body go limp and his mind go blank, and Domina smiled wider.

“I love my new toy,” she said, before shutting his brain off completely.

The next day.

Leon woke with a start, a jolt of energy surging through his body. An unfamiliar room surrounded him, unfamiliar objects, unfamiliar smells. No memory of what happened, except a card from Domina Shelle.


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