Well, here W/we are, again, My contracted, right where you belong, at My feet, to worship, serve and obey your beautiful Domina Shelle Rivers. I expect that you are so aroused listening to this month’s training gift for so many days in a row. Repetition is the Law of erotic hypnosis, conditioning and hypno domination. Are you totally bound to My will, begging for more of My hypno control, experiencing intense arousal at all times? And you know that this is a state of mind and condition that will last forever, My sweet. PERFECT!

Summer is coming and It’s going to be extra HOT for everyone, especially My devoted and loyal contracted slave. Enjoying your gift? your destiny is to Love, honor and obey Me and be MINE. So let’s get to it. ~giggles~

Do you imagine a special feeling, a tingling sensation every time you think what it would be like to wear My collar, knowing you are My owned, obedient submissive? If you are craving more of My personal conditioning contact Me and see if the path to becoming My contracted slave is for you. Have you been collared? Get COLLARED, become My Collared slave.

Sissy session

Sissy - True you

For this week’s NEW brainwash sissy session Sissy – True you, for My good gurls, I’m thinking it’s time for some reassurances in a very mixed up crazy world. So, I want you to relax, My sweet baby, and just listen to My voice and words leading you to the better life you seek and deserve as My sissy slave with this week’s True to your sissy self. In O/our Erotic Hypno World you are accepted and loved for who you are My obedient sissy slave, your path to happiness and self realization.


Hypno Clinical Trials…I’m working on documenting My study. I will announce soon that the case study results are complete. This is so much fun! I love My lab rats/Guinea pigs.

BEGINNING PATH…My web guy is working hard to add My new beginning path page. This has to be done on My test site first…so it’s in progress.

Savings Assignment…Isn’t it amazing how much money you can save when you really want to? Continue saving for O/our future together.

Let’s pull out those swear jars…I have Mine ready. I have been saying that F*ck word way too much. Giggles


Next week you’ll be submerged and subjugated.

This week’s special deals:

Web Of Sleep
It’s time to SLEEP deeply NOW and fall into My Web…

Tranceformation – Puppy
Horny puppies love to hump!

Transformation – Sissy Puppy
It’s time for a little sissy puppy play…

Subjugated zombie
See yourself BLANK, EMPTY, MINDLESS, a complete zombie…My zombie toy.

The Possession
you will know what it’s like to have Me completely possess you…


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