Contracted slave My devoted slave, your submission, obedience and need to please your Domina has given U/us a strong and Loving relationship that will only get better. I own you and you will ALWAYS be MINE. you are hard and horny for your Domina, whenever you listen to My files, addicted to My voice and obey so willingly. I know you love Me with your caring devotion to supporting Me and My work. W/we have become important parts of each other’s lives. you are to come to Me to satisfy all your needs or whenever you are in distress. I want you to be happy and take care of you. W/we take care of each other. At Christmas, a very meaningful time for Me, I want you to know I am PLEASED with you and cherish your service to Me. I love your gift giving and here is a gift from your Domina for Christmas: Find a time and a place to wear your collar, write Princess Shelle on My cock, get naked and on your knees. Mantra…Start stroking, My pet. Know that I am thinking of you and how much you love My control, how you are living your life to serve and please Me. you will always strive to be My perfect slave. you are so weak for Me and need to feel My power over you. Stroke harder and faster until you cum for ME. Offer Me all your orgasms. you are My good boy. Merry Christmas and a very good New Year for U/us together.


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