It had been months since he had started listening to Her voice. Months since he had found himself answering Her call to come and serve Her wishes. Each time he had tried to resist Her pull She had appeared and bound him more tightly to Her than before. He was sure just being in Her presence sent him into a trance where She could manipulate his thoughts and plant suggestions in his mind that he was acting on unconsciously. Creating cravings in him that over the months had turned into a real addiction. It was no longer Her voice bending him to do things for Her. It was no longer his will being bent to Hers. The bending had already been done. Now, over the last few weeks She had gone almost silent.

In the beginning She was in constant contact with him. Instructing him, guiding him to listen to recordings. Bringing him to Her and making him understand what it was like to be under Her control. He shivered with pleasure just thinking about it. The craving pulled at him to hear Her voice, to reach out to Her in order to seek Her approval. He was now missing Her attention and he knew what he had to do in order to receive it. He found he could briefly fight the urge to constantly please Her, but eventually he would relent.

The relationships he had always been in with women were never like this. He never sought their attention the way he craved Hers. That was the power She now had over him. It frightened him when he first thought about it until the sense of pleasure of pleasing Her quelled the fear. He would tell himself this was it, and he was no longer going to listen to Her. He would no longer answer Her summons. Then he would think to himself to just relax for a little while and listen to Her voice and he would be sucked back in. No doubt he was addicted. His behavior was typical for an addict and he so badly wanted more.

Since She had slowed down the contact the cravings only grew stronger the longer he waited to reach out to Her and find out how he could please Her. The thought of begging was ridiculous to him and it hardly registered to him that in a way he was begging for Her attention. She always seemed so sweet and he had trouble thinking of Her as cruel or domineering. The subtlety with which She had seduced and wrapped him around Her finger was like nothing he had ever experienced.

Now he found himself sitting on his couch in his boxers, texting Her and asking Her what he could do to make Her day easier. How could he make Her happy.

“Oh My pet, it is so good you want to please Me.”

Seeing Her words on the screen of his smartphone sent a wave of pleasure through his body causing his cock to stir.

“I know you are so badly in need of My direction. Have You been thinking of me often? Thinking of what would please Me?”

“Yes Domina,” his hands trembled as he typed the response.

“Have you been fantasizing about Me pet?”*giggles*

His body shook when thoughts of being with Her appeared in his mind. He wondered how being so out of control with Her could ever make him appealing to Her, knowing full well that women rarely were attracted to men they could so easily manipulate. But he had let Her in and She had made Herself at home in his mind, “Yes Domina”. His thoughts were already starting to get muddled.

“That’s a good pet. You are finding it easier and easier to find ways to please Me. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes Domina.” He was having trouble typing even the simple response to Her questions.

“Your fantasy has become reality pet. You have found Me. Your Domina. The One you only dreamed of before. This is what true submission is pet. I control you. I control your thoughts and now it is time to give up control of your cock and orgasms to Me. Are you ready to beg Me to cum pet?”

He was getting lost in the pleasure and felt a rush with every word he read. The pleasure was building and he felt like he was at the edge of a precipice. The last thing he had fought was giving Her what She truly loved, control over his orgasms. “Domina I don’t know if I can.”

“Do you truly wish to serve Me, pet? Do you truly wish to be close to Me?”

Thoughts of being in Her presence flooded his mind and the pleasure built up inside him. “Yes. I can’t help myself Domina.”

“Then you must give all of yourself to Me. It is the only way you can truly be in My control. Take the step from fantasy into reality pet.”

He felt the struggle in his mind. It felt like he was slipping down into a hole, grasping at anything he could to keep a hold of his will. “Domina please don’t.” He did his best to keep fighting.

“You want to be close to Me, pet. Remember how it felt when I tied you to the bed and teased your cock breaking you down and pulling out all of your secrets? Do you remember what you told Me, pet?”

His mind raced as he tried to remember what he may have said. What about him was left that She did not know?

“Trust pet. If you truly trust Me there is nothing you can deny Me. Control of your cock. Control of your orgasm. How good it feels knowing the burden is no longer upon you. How wonderful it is knowing that someone you love and trust can take over the burden of your libido allowing you to be free of the pressure.”

His thoughts were getting lost in the bliss he was feeling as he read the words.
“Are you alone, pet?”

“Yes Domina.”

“It would make Me so happy to know that you were on your knees, thinking of Me with your cock in your hand. Stroking yourself to the edge of orgasm. Bringing you extended pleasure, pet. Pleasure that lasts so much longer than merely stroking to an orgasm that lasts only a few seconds. Wouldn’t you like to keep yourself on edge for Me?”

He did not realized he was reading the words from his knees on the carpet in front of the couch where he had just been sitting. “Domina I,” he was fighting with every ounce of his being to tell Her no and could not make himself type the words.

“Stroke for Me pet. Nice and slow. Take your cock and stroke for your Domina.”

He began to rub his cock with his free hand as he read Her words.

“That’s right pet. Now, call me and put your phone on speaker.”

He set the phone on the coffee table in front of him and hit the call button. She picked up after the second ring, “hello pet,” Her voice a drug to his ears. “Stroke for Me and I will bring you pleasure beyond what you can have from just one orgasm. Stroke for Me and know what it is to be My slave, pet.”

The tempo of his strokes were slow and measured. His muddled thoughts lost in the euphoria that pulsed in waves over his entire body. “Falling so deeply in the pleasure, pet. Time to forget, pet. Time to forget as you feel the desire to give up control of your cock to Me. Forget as you feel the desire to only orgasm with My approval. Love Me pet and forget…


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