Helpless to Resist

Traffic was heavier than normal on his drive home from work. It had been a long week. Notwithstanding being busy at work he had purposely ignored his training recordings She had told him to complete. He had also ignored an email She had sent him refusing to read it. After his last weekend in service to Her he had decided the relationship had to end. She had been leading him around by his cock for months. When She asked or suggested anything he found that he complied if not with joy, then at least with an eagerness that made no sense to him.

She was in his head, he knew it, but the fact that he had been effortlessly complying with Her wishes bothered him to no end. He had to break off any contact because he knew hearing Her voice or reading Her emails was a slide back down the rabbit hole. He had done anything and everything but have his thoughts dwell on Her at all. Somehow he had found his will again when it came to Her. The joy he was finding knowing he could control himself again in regards to Her was more than he could have hoped for.

He pulled into his driveway and got out of his car. He reached his front door and stuck his key in the bolt and when he turned found the door was not locked. Thinking he must have been overly exhausted by his trying week he pushed the door inwards and walked in the front entryway setting his keys on a small table. Just as he set his keys down he noticed sounds coming from the living room. Did he leave the television on this morning too?

Thinking back to the unlocked door he became nervous and quietly went into a hall closet, taking out a baseball bat he kept there. Bat in hand, he made his way on soft steps to the living room. Slowly peeking around the corner he noticed the television on and as the couch slowly came into view he saw Her. She was sitting on the couch in a black and white checkered dress with Her bare feet crossed as they rested on his coffee table. At the sight of Her he breathed a sigh of relief knowing it was not a burglar he had to confront, but he also became nervous as to how and why She was here.

As he moved fully into the doorway she turned to look at him, “Hello My sweet,” Her voice sending a slight shiver over his whole body. “You’ve been naughty this week haven’t you?” She asked.

“I…,” he tried to refocus his mind, “I think this has gotten out of control Shelle.” In his mind it felt as if he had found some kind of firm footing omitting the word Domina.

“Resisting Me are you pet?” She stayed sitting on the couch looking at him with an appraising look. “Very admirable,” She continued, “I would hate to think you were weak willed for anyone except Me,” Her full red lips turned up into a smile.

“This all has to end,” the focus hardening in his mind, “You don’t need me. There are plenty of others You can find to use.”

Her head tilted to the side as Her eyes focused on him, “you seem so sure of yourself today pet. You think a few days away from Me and My voice is all you need to break free?”

“Shelle I can’t keep this up. Would You please just lea…leave and leave me alone?” He stumbled through the last sentence trying to regain his mental footing.

“I’m doing this for you pet,” She slowly started to get up off the couch, “I know you feel so strong right now pet but I am already inside your head.” She moved around the coffee table and slowly walked towards him. Her height was considerably shorter than his but Her presence seemed to take all the air from the room as She approached him. The tingles ran all over his body as he fought the sensations.

“This is your reward pet,” She stopped and stood in front of him looking up into his eyes. He tried not to be distracted by how beautiful She looked in Her dress. Her legs, her feet, no don’t look there he thought. Eyes finding themselves captivated briefly by Her subtle cleavage before arriving back at her face, “letting Me exploit your fetish helped me expose your vulnerability. Where do you think your fetish comes from?” She did not wait for him to answer, “you have never let yourself be vulnerable to anyone pet. By letting Me exploit your fetish you have let me exploit your vulnerability. You are vulnerable now to Me in a way you never have been before,” Her gaze shifted down briefly to where his pants were being pushed out by his hardening cock and she laughed softly, “having trouble finding your voice pet? Feeling too good to talk as you listen to Me talk pet?”

His head was getting fuzzy. This is why he had to ignore Her email. To keep from hearing Her voice, “I am inside of you now pet,” She slowly reached out with Her hands his eyes taking in her lovely manicured nails as Her fingers slowly began unbuttoning his shirt. “As much as you want to resist Me pet My voice is now stronger than your will,” a wave of pleasure washed over him as She finished unbuttoning his shirt and moved around behind him as She helped him out of it. “You want to resist Me pet,” he felt his belt being undone as She pressed into him from behind. Her presence, as usual, was more than he could withstand. She was doing it to him all over again. His fantasy of a woman using her feminine wiles to overcome him was playing out all over again. With Shelle, there was all the hypnotic programming that made it more intense. The lines between fantasy and reality had been blurred.

“You only need to stop Me now pet and I will leave just as you have asked,” his pants had been undone and he felt Her slide them down his legs, “or you can finish taking off what’s left of your clothes and present yourself to me like you so badly want to.” He felt Her hot breath on his ear, “that need that is burning inside you. So hard to ignore Me now, isn’t it?”

He bent down and removed his shoes and socks before taking his pants the rest of the way off. She moved around to stand in front of him as he went down to his knees, “I hope you like your reward pet,” Her look turned almost predatory, “and now I feel like you would really love to touch your lips to My beautiful feet,” he looked down and saw her lovely painted toes. The impulse was there in his mind. Bending down he slowly began to kiss them one at a time.

“That’s right My pet, going so deep for Me as you kiss them,” the snap of Her fingers sent shivers through his body. “How much my suggestions seem like your ideas pet,” She kept speaking as he worshipped Her lovely feet. “I am pleased pet,” She purred and the jolt of pleasure he felt made him pause for a deep breath to gather himself before continuing to kiss Her instep.

Abruptly Her foot was pulled away as She walked back over and sat on the couch, “wouldn’t you like to crawl over to Me on your hands and knees and keep kissing them pet?” The question made the urge so strong as he moved around the coffee table crawling back to Her lovely feet. She spoke and he acted. “How easy you fall into trance with Me pet. You’ve let Me in and I am going to continue to use your vulnerability to get what I want.” His lips moved over every part of Her feet. Occasionally She would point out a spot he had missed or one that demanded more attention.

“Feels so good to please Me pet,” his hard cock twitched whenever She spoke of pleasing Her. “You can’t even remember revealing your deepest fantasies to Me pet. You can’t remember Me letting you resist Me like this.” Her words were echoing in his mind but as soon as She spoke them he would forget what was said, “your favorite fantasy is always the point of being broken down like this pet. Helpless to resist the will of a beautiful woman. A woman like Me pet, who crumbles your will.” His body was shaking as the arousal pulsed through him. “So cute the way you stood your ground pet. I love it when you put up the walls for Me to break them down, just like I am breaking you down right now. Forget pet. Love Me and forget…”


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