Sweet Shelle’s Goodboy

John had decided to look up Shelle Rivers’ list of recordings.  He had listened to a few hypnosis files from Her that he had found on YouTube and found Her voice soft and sweet.  It did not have any malicious qualities to it and he did like to relax with a lightly dominant hypnosis recording.  Her style and demeanor seemed to fit him perfectly.  His first step upon visiting Her webpage was to find a recording themed along the lines of something he enjoyed.

Clicking through her blog he saw many chastity themed posts that held little interest for him.  He scrolled some more and saw something about a story contest which kind of peaked his interest, thinking maybe he could come back to that later.  He had been writing short erotic stories for many years as a channel for some of the thoughts generated by his shadow self, at least that is how he viewed that part of himself.  After looking for a while at Her blog which was interlaced with images, most of them provocative, even more so when he thought how gentle and sweet She sounded.  It was almost a combination of a gentle seeming nature combined with the eroticism of fantasies that always played out in his mind.  Soft and inviting rather than harsh and domineering.

Next, he moved to Her list of recordings.  He saw of course more chastity-based files.  Even several that belonged to some sort of progressive series.  Scrolling further down he saw some that interested him until one in particular really caught his eye, ‘Seduction Trap’.  The word seduction caused a stirring in him as being seduced by a beautiful woman was always central in every story he had ever written.  It was as if his mind locked onto the word seduction and forgot about the second word in the title altogether.  Mind made up, John proceeded to purchase the file growing excited in anticipation of a long trance with that sweet, soft voice he had already experienced in the YouTube files.

Once he had purchased the file he readied himself while it downloaded to his tablet.  He got out his headphones and made himself comfortable on his bed.  In only a few minutes the download was complete, and he clicked on the file to play as he took a deep breath readying himself for the wonderful relaxation he always experienced through hypnosis.  “Shhhh….listen,” Her voice so soft and sweet.  His arms and legs already starting to get that soft numb feeling as he felt his body relaxing.  “Shhh….just listen,” Her voice continued.  John’s eyes were closed as he let Her voice into his mind.  Aware that he was relaxing faster than normal he just let Her words direct him.  The words themselves started to slip past his awareness and he could not seem to hold onto them, but the images were powerful.

Imagining Her sitting on a couch with a book wearing only panties and a t-shirt while he kneeled down in front of her, “you are starting to imagine yourself serving Me.”  Had She made him imagine that or did he think of it on his own?  More images came to him along with arousal.  So relaxed that he no longer felt his body, he was lost in trance.  The soft voice feeding his mind.  Her voice.  Sweet and irresistible bypassing his conscious mind and making him feel wonderful.  Thoughts of making Her happy made his arousal grow.  As relaxed as his body felt, it was sharp in contrast to how rigid his cock had become as it pulsed with pleasure.

Then he heard Her say it, “Good boy,” and again, “good boy.”  He felt limp and helpless.  Aroused and compliant.  The sweet voice had suddenly become so much stronger than any will he could muster against it.  He wanted to kneel at Her beautiful manicured feet.  He wanted to make Her happy and it made him feel so good.  So aroused and wonderful.  The feelings kept coming and he felt his arousal growing and pulsating through him along with Her sweet words that he was having trouble remembering the moment after She had spoken them until, “three…opening your eyes…four…the room coming back into focus…and five…wide awake.”

He listened to the last of Her words still feeling so hot and horny.  His cock was still hard, and he knew he needed relief before heading to work that day.  Grabbing his cock, he started stroking it knowing it would not be long as aroused as he had become.  The strokes felt so good.  Waves of pleasure made him start to moan as he rubbed his cock waiting for the build-up right before release to take him over the edge and sate his need.  As he stroked he kept waiting for the build-up.  He was loving the feeling and not able to stop the moans that came out of his mouth, but the build-up did not come.  Partly frustrated underneath the pleasure he kept going and then, through the haze of his pleasure and lust a thought came into his head, ‘you know, She does like chastity.  What if I just stopped here and held off orgasm?  I can always cum later.’ 

The thought though surprising, started to seem more and more like a good idea.  His hand started to slow on his cock and his head fell back against his pillow once more.  Taking some deep breaths he gathered himself and hesitantly pulled his still hard cock back into his pants and zipped up.  Grabbing his keys he headed out the door to his car.

The normal frustrated drive to work, yelling at the ‘idiots’ in the other cars did not happen that day.  His thoughts drifted to the mystery of why he decided to hold off on his orgasm.  Was it for Her?  The thought of Shelle made images come to the front of his thoughts.  Shelle in long black boots, long tight-fitting dresses, and for some reason one of his favorites, Shelle sitting in a chase lounge with a book.  Her tanned legs on display all the way up to where a loose t-shirt hid the rest of Her body and a book blocking the view of Her face.  Why that image?  You could clearly see Her lovely feet and legs and he had always been a sucker for nice legs.  Maybe it was that thought, of Her being soft and sweet but not quite so innocent?  Almost like the girl next door yet secretly diabolical at the same time.  A woman who sold and kept you with sugar but made the price high.  Her wishes were more important, and She used your own lust to make sure you remembered it.

The rest of his day went on like that.  For periods he would get some work done at his desk and then his mind would drift back to Her.  The images causing a stir in his crotch.  He had dealt with post-hypnotic suggestion in the past, but nothing seemed to stick with him so strongly.  Towards the end of his day and email came into his inbox.  A message from ‘SweetAss Shell’ on the pay website where he had purchased Her recording.

Using his phone, he logged into his email and clicked on the link not wanting to do it on his work computer.  He logged into the website and quickly went to his inbox and opened the message.

‘Stroke your cock for Me baby.  Stroke and click for Me three times.  I know you like to make Me happy and stroking and clicking makes Me very happy.  Once you have clicked three time you can bring yourself to the edge, but no cumming!’

He was getting hard just think about actually doing it…but it was silly.  Paying some woman $2, three times, to rub your dick until you were about to cum only to have you stop right before the moment of release.  Thinking about it made him shiver and before he knew it he was clicking on the send button.  And again.  And again.  Another picture came up in the new message of Her in shiny pink, thigh-high boots with words written on it.  More delicious words that his mind took in as he started rubbing his cock through his pants while he sat at his desk.  Hoping no one would walk by his door he kept going.  Stifling the moans as best he could his body shook as his hand rubbed his cock through his pants.  Suddenly he felt the build-up start and with no hesitation he took his hand off his cock.  He had to take several deep breaths before his body stopped shaking and his senses started to come back to him.

As the haze of arousal started to subside he could not believe what he had just done.  Not just in his office, but this morning at home.  Chastity was not something that really interested him so why was he bothering?  Was it really because it made Her happy?  The thought of making Her happy made him shiver again.  All John could think about as he went back to his phone in search of other recordings by Her is, ‘what in the hell am I doing?’



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