Mathew Nicer was bored, as usual. It was Friday night. He could not bring himself to go out. The television program hadn’t interested him for a long time. His friends were with their families. Now he sat there, alone in his little house, thinking of how it could have been. Six years ago, his wife decided to break with him. He had been too soft for her, not an alpha who leads and attracts people around him, a man who had an answer for every questions. That was never him. His wife was right. He liked it when he was told what to do, especially when a pretty Woman did it.
He had this fantasy since his youth, that a pretty young Woman takes a liking to him and puts a spell on him with Her powers and he becomes Her unresisting slave. Control through hypnosis! And it was arousing. The first time he had read this in a comic, the victim was hypnotized by a powder that was blown in his face by a female criminal and he did everything she asked of him. There was no internet then, so he made up stories in his mind about being seduced by a stunningly beautiful, self-confident Woman, forced to play all sorts of erotic games.
In reality, this never happened. He never found the courage to tell his girlfriends and later his wife of his fantasies because he was afraid of being laughed at as a freak. So it remained his private fetish. With the internet, he could now live this fantasy, but the experiences were rather disappointing.

Maybe he let himself be seduced too much by the stories: A “look deep into my eyes” and bang! – his will was pulverized and all that was left was a drooling zombie. It wasn’t like that. Unfortunately!
After many attempts with audio hypnosis, YouTube clips, even phone calls to an erotic hotline, he was disillusioned. The idea in his head of being hypnotized excited him, but he never really experienced it. He thought about convincing himself that it works and to simply do what the female Hypnotist asks Her victim to do. There have been a number of so-called Hypnodommes, – the few who could really hypnotize. Even the phrases often resembled each other: “you are tired,” “you can not move,” “you find me irresistible …” In the end he masturbated on command. He thought it was very arousing but he was not hypnotized.

Nevertheless, he found himself again and again on the well-known pages, as happened this Friday. On mcstories, there was nothing new. A quick look at
Literotica also showed no interesting stories. He then searched under the common terms “erotic hypnosis” “femdom hypnosis”, “obey hypnosis” and also “best hypnosis”, “female hypnotist” and of course “brainwash”. Today he tried
under the keyword “Hypnosis femdom Ranking”. And then “testimonials” by other Hypno freaks which works on Amazon.
Always the same names without having really experienced a powerful trance. Some Dominas specialize in “findom” or “chastity”. But why should he pay a lot of money for not having fun? He was not that crazy after all. Mathew had never really understood this chastity stuff. It seemed a special fetish, like a foot fetish aroused at the sight of feet, something else he could not understand but every one has his preferences.

That evening he came across “Princess Shelle Rivers”, a name he had often seen. He had not listened to Her files – only a short sample and he decided, that it was not for him. There were so many Ladies, Princesses, Mistresses and Dominas, you can lose track.
“Why not?”, he thought to himself. On Youtube, there were a few longer hypnosis videos. “The Blossom – My Hypnotic Seed” seemed to be interesting, especially that picture. There was a Woman, a really erotic Woman, wearing long boots and covering Her breasts with Her hand. A shame indeed, but the sight was truly breathtaking. Something triggered the image in him. He could hardly look away from Her. It was like a compulsion.
He shook himself a bit and thought, “This is a good prerequisite for a Female Hypnotist – if the sight of Her is already so hypnotic!”
He made himself comfortable and started the hypnosis. There were different pictures of this Domina, then clouds. Then words appeared on the screen and then his eyes suddenly went blank. His mouth opened and he sank like a knocked out boxer. He moved his hand only once and pushed the cursor on endless loop.

“It’s time to wake you, I know you don’t want to” was the first thing he heard and an empty gaze slowly filled with life. “Did I fall asleep” he asked himself? But now he did not feel tired at all and had the irresistible urge to hear more of Her voice. Something was special about Her. He could not say exactly what it was, but thinking of Her caused a tingling sensation all over his body. He could hardly remember anything. And yet it felt good and he realized how hard, really hard he was! “Wow!”, he thought, he could not remember any erotic content. Well, the pictures were erotic, but that should be no reason for him to be so excited. He was surprised and elated. “Did it exist, the voice that could mesmerize me?”

He dismissed the idea. “No, it was just coincidence”. He was just tired from a busy week. There was a logical explanation but tomorrow he would try again. A glance at the clock made him grin. It was 2 AM. No way he had been sitting in front of the computer for that long! As soon as he lay down in bed, he was asleep.

He briefly woke up and noticed that he probably had a wet dream. His pajama pants felt wet and he was surprised to find his penis stiff and erect. Not just a little, he was rock hard and his testicles seemed quite full. It was almost painful.
Mathew got up, threw his pajamas into the hamper and stepped into the shower. “If I was so horny, I could still get a quick one off,” he thought.
He was aroused enough, so he began to masturbate. And before his eyes he saw the Woman from the video again and he even had the sense of hearing Her voice. It was indescribable. In his mind’s eye, more and more pictures appeared. It was the same Woman, with an erotic aura, an attraction he had rarely experienced. He was sure that he would get a quick shot. He masturbated as fast as he could, but for some reason he did not come to climax. It was like being jinxed. After almost half an hour, he gave up, unnerved, even more horny than before. He dried himself and with aching balls he lay back in his bed.

There he lay now, feeling the blood pumping through his penis, but as hard as he tried, he just could not fall asleep. His hand moved back to his cock, but after a few strokes it only got worse. His thoughts revolved around the Woman whose clip he had just seen – the clip he had no memory of.
After only an hour of rolling around, he came up with an idea that had helped him fall asleep before. He’d stored a couple of hypnosis files on his computer, everything he’d gotten his hands on, from Youtube to free-hypnosis, all packed in a folder. He also had some relaxation hypnosis. They were less erotic in nature, but he had always managed to get calm down and sometimes sleep on restless nights.

It was now nearly four o’clock and he went to his computer, switched it on and searched for the folder “Hypnosis”. But as much as he sought, he did not find it. “That’s impossible, almost 300 MB of Hypnosefiles – Where are they?” His erect cock also made it difficult to think, he saw repeatedly flashes of erotic images in front of his eye: A dark-haired Woman, looking down at him with a smile.
“Where was this folder? I was pretty sure I’d seen it a few days ago!” In his condition, there was no point in searching the drives.

Suddenly there was a beep. You have mail! “At this time? He opened his mail
program. The mail was from Shelle Rivers and the subject line said, “Hypno-Sleep”. “Now this is strange,” he thought and opened the mail:

Hello my goodboy …

if you have problems with sleeping,
i have a little gift for you.

Kisses (giggles)

A warm feeling flowed through his body while he read the words. A smile spread on his face. “Very strange”, Mathew smirked, but he really needed some sleep. There was a file attached titled “Hypno-sleep”. He automatically pressed the download button and waited until the file was downloaded. “Hypno-sleep” – that would be just the right thing. He copied the file to his mp3 player, plugged in his headphones, went to bed and pressed start. ….

He was awakened by the ringing of his pc. “Oops, it was already 10:30 o’clock”, he said in surprise. He felt great, happy and refreshed, as if he had slept through the night.

“Although I can not be hypnotized, the hypnosis of Princess Shelle is really excellent for falling asleep. At the thought of Princess Shelle, he felt a twitch in my pants and looked down at himself. The erection was still there! This time he smiled. It didn’t bother him, he even felt proud. “I feel like a twenty-year-old,” he thought and jumped out of bed. Elated, he went to the kitchen, made a cup of coffee and heard the ringing. He turned on the monitor and thought he had shut down the pc. It was another email. His heart jumped as he opened the emails and smiled. It was again from Shelle Rivers.

good morning my goodboy,

i hope you like my little gift.
I bet you do!

Cum and visit me on

He almost spit his coffee over the keyboard as he felt his cock spit a barrage of cum into his pants. The orgasm was so overwhelming, that all his strength was drained and he fell to his knees. His face was bleary-eyed and barely supported his hands before he collapsed exhausted on the floor.

He didn’t know how long he was unconscious, but finally he managed to get up, and felt semen running down his legs. His heart beat like having a workout and he gasped, drooling saliva from the corner of his mouth. “What the f * ck?”, he thought and managed to drag himself into the bathroom. He had just experienced the most incredible orgasm of his life, without being touched ….. just because he … because he… what? … read an email?
What was wrong with him, what was going on? In the bathroom, he got rid of his clothes and noticed that his cock was still hard, his balls still bulging. “That’s impossible,” he said, washing his body gently with soap. Every touch of his cock made him moan, but his ability to come was miraculously gone. He wrapped a towel around his body and went to his computer, something seemed to pull him there. He was afraid to look again at the screen, but the email was gone and instead the page “Shelle’s hypnotica” had opened.

With glazed eyes he saw the image of a stunningly beautiful Woman, Shelle Rivers. As if in a trance, he read the categories. “Brainwashing “,”fetish”, enslavement”, and looked at all the different hypnosis files and read the reviews. It was an inner compulsion, he had to see and hear more of this Woman, who apparently and shockingly had the power to control men through Her voice! The conjecture became reality. “She brings me to an orgasm just by a word.” Did she really exist, this powerful hypnotic Woman he dreamed about all his life?

Mathew clicked on the “Beginner’s path” and added a few files to the shopping cart: “Dopamine” “good boy”, “I had you at – Hello” and “Trance deepener”. He could not stop and kept shopping until he a considerable number of files had been collected. As he was logging in, he read where he needed to register “Hi Mathew Nicer”. He jumped up and almost knocked over the chair. “What’s going on?” He put his hands to his forehead and tried to clear his head. But he couldn’t have a clear thought. Instead he heard a female voice in his head:
obedience brings pleasure – obedience brings pleasure!”
…over and over:
“obedience brings pleasure, … pleasing your Mistress brings pleasure!”
“What is happening here?”
“Obedience brings pleasure!”
His breathing calmed, the heartbeat slowed.
“Obedience brings pleasure, you want to please your Mistress”
He looked at the shopping card and hesitated: “I can’t buy hypnosis files for over $600!”
“Pleasing your Mistress brings pleasure … you want to please your Mistress”
“I can’t spend so much money ….”
“Pleasing your Mistress brings pleasure! …obedience brings pleasure!”
The idea of supporting Mistress Shelle (since when did he call her Mistress?), buying her files makes sense… feels good…
“Pleasing your Mistress brings pleasure”
“With Mistress Shelle my life will be more pleasant ……..”
“Pleasing your Mistress brings pleasure – you need to please your Mistress”
“Do i love my life? She would make my life more … worthy…..”
“Pleasing your Domina brings pleasure – you need Me!”
In Her inner eyes he saw Mistress Shelle being pleased with him, because he obeyed, because he pleases Her. And he knows She is pleased, when he obeys, when he listen to Her hypnosis and brainwashing-files.
“Do not resist — FEEL the COMPULSION building.”
“you need Me,”
“Yes!” He said softly
“you are addicted!”
“Yes!” He said, louder this time
“you are mine!”
“Yes, I’m yours!” He shouted and pressed the confirmation of sale.

Then it was all in a trance, he came again. Perceiving everything as if through a veil, he found himself lying in bed, listening to the next file, then he was back in front of the computer at Her side…. he suddenly had a Twitter account and wrote something about Domina Shelle – they all should know ….. then again in trance … it was dark now … he sat again in front of the computer, read the reviews to “Chastity files” his cock twitched and he smiled. “This seems to be a good idea!” With a smile he pressed “add to card”.

And so, Mathew Nicer found arousal, fulfillment and purpose in his new permanent life with his Mistress, Domina Shelle, as Her hypnotised submissive slave, his true self, never to be bored again.


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