i am at a bar just having a drink. The jukebox is playing some 80’s music. People are talking loudly, trying to be heard.  Someone is breaking a newly racked, set of balls on the pool table.  You walk in and sit next me.
i glance over at You.  i can’t help myself.  i notice Your lovely nylon covered legs, under a black short mini skirt.  You cross Your legs towards me, showing more of Your legs.  Your thigh is showing where the nylons stop.  You are dangling Your shoe on the end of Your foot, ever so vicariously.  Your breasts.  Oh they are so nice.  Your cleavage is pushing out through Your white V-shaped top.  It’s tight around Your breasts. Thinking to myself, this woman is stunning.
You notice my eyes checking out Your legs. The shoe dangling from the end of Your foot.  i am aroused by Your legs and You notice it.  A Woman’s legs have always been a fetish of mine.  Somehow You seem to know this.
You start talking to me, striking up a conversation, going on about something with work.  i find out You’re a nurse. i find myself mesmerized by Your southern voice and what You are saying. Something about me feels tired, but i do like the look of Your legs. i love the softness in Her voice. Wait. Did She just ask if i like how Her legs look or that i am feeling a bit tired?  Hmmm, now to think about it, i am feeling a bit tired.
i am looking into Your eyes.  You are telling me to keep staring at Your shoe.  You are moving your shoe back and forth. Back and forth. Your dangling shoe is in perfect motion.  It’s mesmerizing how it moves.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  You’re saying again how i should relax, just let go.  You tell me to keep watching Your foot.  You tell me it’s entrancing how the shoe swings back and forth.
Your shoe and foot are still in motion when You tell me to close my sleepy eyes and to relax for You…telling me to go down deeper into sleep.  I close my eyes and find that all i hear is Your voice. The music is almost gone. it’s just Your sweet voice i hear. You tell me to go deeper.  Sleep my baby….You say to me… down and down you go.  That feels good doesn’t it.  i have totally lost track of time, how long has it’s been since i closed my eyes. i love Your southern voice, i think to myself.  At the moment I don’t have a care in the world.  You say to me again… Go deeper for me…  Sleep.  Then You say, Go blank for me. Just like that all my thoughts about the bar, the music, the people talking, they are all gone.  All but Your sweet sexy arousing voice.
You tell me You are right here with me.  You tell me to not worry about anything,  that i can trust You…  just go deeper, My baby.  It’s reassuring to hear this from You.  it relaxes me more.  You tell me i can trust You, and i do.  i think i could always trust You.You tell me it feels good to submit to You and that i should go blank. You tell me i am getting aroused. And just like that i feel my cock pushing against my shorts.  It feels so good, the pressure building against my stiffing cock.  You tell me i am feeling horny for You and i am.  i feel myself leaking some precum out of my cock with pressure against my shorts. It feels so good. i’m getting harder.  You tell me to go deeper for You.  Just like that, i do.  It just happens.  my mind falls without thought.  i am here at the bar, no thoughts, only my arousal. i am so horny now.  i have never felt this way before. There is so much arousal. i am so fucking horny for Her.  You tell me to think about Your legs and i do.  i feel my cock twitch with the arousal.  The thought of Your beautiful nylon covered legs.  You tell me to think how it would feel, if Your legs were touching mine. You move Your leg against mine.  i feel a rush of excitement. my cock stiffens more and twitches again.  i feel more precum leaking out of my cock into my shorts.  You tell me to think of Your breasts…  How it would feel to brush my mouth against Your hard nipples.  i make a noise, like a whimper or was it something else?  The thought of Your nipples is so exciting to me.  The thought of Your breasts pushing out of Your top. 
You keep telling me to go deeper for You.  Everytime i hear this, i fall.  Deeper i go.  It’s uncontrollable.  You tell me to sleep deep for You now.  I feel myself letting go.  i’m not thinking.  i am doing as i am told.  i sleep deeply for Her.  It feels good to let go. It feels more arousing to me.  i must do as i am told.
You tell me i will open my eyes. That when i do, I will stay in trance.  You tell me i will stay in a deep trance for You, when i open my eyes.  You ask me if i understand.  i say yes.  You tell me to open my eyes.  i open my eyes for You. i am looking glazed eyed at You.  Your legs are spread.  There’s a hint of red lace panties showing.  i can see a wet spot in the middle of Her panties.  One of Your nylon legs against mine.  i can see where the nylons stop on Your firm shapely thigh.  Your skin between Your nylons and panties glistening in the light.  i feel my arousal continuing to grow.  You tell me it’s time. i am to go with You.  You tell me to pay the tab and put $20 down on the counter.  i do as You tell me.  i pull $20 out of my wallet and i put the money on the counter.  We get up and start heading for the door.
i don’t care where we are going.  i don’t have a care in the world. You take my hand.  Your hand is so warm and inviting.  i am so horny for You.   You tell me to follow You.  We walk out and get into Your car.  You tell me to close my eyes and sit back.  You say go deeper.  More than before You say.  Go deeper for Me Now.  It seems i fall back into the seat, like i’m part of the seat now.  i am deeper than i was in the bar.  You tell me i am more horny than before.  my cock twitches and i feel my cock is pressing harder against my shorts more.  It feels so good.  Too good.  You tell me to unzip and show YOUR cock to You.  You tell me my cock is Yours now.  I unzip and pull my throbbing wet cock out. It’s leaking precum, it’s dripping onto my shorts.  You tell me to stroke Your cock.  I start to stroke fast and You tell me to go slow.  I start going slow, then You say like this.  Go up, You pause, i do as You say, then You say, go down, and i do it without thinking, it feels so incredible.  You repeat, go up, go down, and I do as I am told.  You tell me to keep stroking for You.  You ask me if it feels good. i tell You it feels so good.  It’s like nothing i have ever felt before, i say.  You tell me to repeat after You.  “I am Domina Shelle’s slave”.  I repeat, “i am Domina Shelle’s slave”.  You continue, “I am owned by Domina Shelle”.  i say “i am owned by Domina Shelle”.  You say “I will do whatever Domina tells me to do”.  i repeat it without thought, stroking my hard dripping cock, “i will do whatever Domina tells me to do.”
You tell me to stroke faster and i comply.  i start stroking faster.  Finding the arousal building more and more.  I am close to coming.  It feels so good.  i have never felt anything like this before. You tell me to go faster.  But DO NOT cum.  i am stroking faster.  i have to pause.  The arousal is too intense. Then i start stroking again.  Feverishly fast.  Then pausing. i am at the edge.  i must not cum.  i don’t know how long i have been stroking, when You tell me to stop.  You tell me to put my arms at my side.  i do as i am told.  Without thought.  i am in ecstasy.  i am so horny for Domina.  The precum is all over my shorts.  my cock is throbbing.  my cock is harder than i think it’s ever been. 
You tell me You had fun tonight.  You tell me to put Your cock away.  my cock is so hard and dripping. It’s pressing against my shorts, not really fitting, i zip Your cock away.  You give me instructions that when i am told i will exit the car.  i will count to 10 and wake up feeling great, better than ever before.  She tells me to get out and I do so.  my eyes closed, i start counting to 10, i wake up feeling the cool night air against my face.  Feeling so good.  Wondering how i got outside the bar.  i feel a wetness on my leg and see the precum wetness all over my shorts. my first thought was oh no, but then i remember how incredible it all felt.  i am so thankful i met Domina Shelle. 
The following week i kept going back to that bar every day.  i kept hoping i would see Domina Shelle again.  but after weeks of going there She never did come back.  i will never forget my Domina and how She made me feel that night.
Then one day, out of the blue, a package arrives. I quickly open it to find Domina’s red lace panties with that wet spot in the middle and bring them to my face and inhale Her very essence to feel Her close to me. There is hope!


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