Nadette and Professor Shelle

Scrub scrub scrub  

I love to clean the tiled floor, the scrubbing sound of the bristles are so calming. For me it is the  most satisfying task of them all. And I had a lot of tasks tonight as the house of Prof. Shelle should  be spotless for the date with her new boyfriend tonight. He is a very handsome and tall doctor from  Her clinic and I feel a little warmth on my cheeks and under the skirt of my uniform when I think  about the sizzling erotic that will soon spread in the spotless house! 


Doing the Maid service for Professor Shelle as second job is very 

important for me – not because of the payment – that was nothing 

compared to my part-time day job as personal assistant of upper 

management in a successful internet startup. The maid job was 

important because it allows me to relax and find balance. 

When I visited Prof Shelle the first time almost 4 years ago I was 

already part-time as I suffer from severe sleep disorder. She was my 

last hope and her reputation as clinical sleep therapist preceded all the 

positive changes that she achieved in my life. Balance calmness and a 

good nights sleep and very pleasant and stimulating dreams. 

I hear Professor Shelle’s car already – to the point! Everything is done –  tile floor is always the last step! 

She smiles at me as I greet Her at the Door: “My sweet Nadette! I can already tell from here what a  great job you did! Please be a dear and prepare a bath for Me now.”  

The click clack of my high heels on the stairs is interrupted by her call behind me: “So eager –  Good Girl! When I am in the tub – please bring Me a glass of Champagne when you fetch my old  clothes.“ 

I am thinking about the tasks given to me and especially how I will behave in Her presence. During  the therapy we figured out many unconscious root causes of my insomnia. One was the insecurity I  felt in front of women. I desired women, craved their smell and touch and felt inadequate at the  same time. Professor especially designed a “No Nudity” therapy for me. Actually I am not allowed  to see any women “naked” – that includes revealing cloth such as bare shoulders, cleavage, skirts that do not cover the knees and especially no bare toes! It is amazing how easy it was to adjust to  the rules with the help of a few therapy sessions. Actually I developed new interests over time that  grated me a lot of pleasure without any insecurities: The skin of a bare ankle between a closed shoe and the trousers seam turned out to be a great turn on!  

The bath is ready and I walk down into the cellar to fetch a bottle of Champagne.  

Additionally she trained my mind to think of myself as an innocent girl, free from the performance anxiety that come along with me in the role as male sex-partner. The maid uniform is part of that  therapy as well as my outing at work as “transgender”. An additional  

support for the therapy was a metal device that Professor called “The  

Nub-Maker”. It is locked and squeezes my cock to the size of a  

hazelnut. “By putting your sex out of reach also the performance anxiety 

will vanish.” She had explained to me: “Without a cock – you do not  

need to think about performance anyway. Don’t worry – it will be just for 

a while – after some time we can take it off because your genitals will  

have shrunken due to the permanent compression.” – Whatever is good  

for the result of the therapy! As long as I can sleep and relax! 

I have to balance the Champagne flute on the silver tray as I knock at the bathroom door. “Your champagne, Professor! May I come in?”  

I hear some water splashing before Professor grants me admission. “Put the tray in My reach on the  board of the bathtub, my dear” I keep my eyes on the floor and move toward. I pick the pile of  clothes on the floor when I hear Professors sweet voice: “The Champagne is delicious, thank you my dear! – I almost forgot to ask: How is your little nub doing? Do you think it has shrunken some  more? your weekly “key day” is close, isn’t it?”  

With the word “key-day” i feel a twitch in between my legs: “Key-day” means that I am allowed to take the box of keys from Professor’s shelf and select a key. If it fits the lock I will be allowed to  take off the nub-maker and stroke my cock under Professors supervision and then we take measure of length and girth to monitor the progress that I make. If the key does not fit it goes back into the box until the next key-day. Unfortunately they all look identical. 

“Actually it would have been today, Professor. – But I fully understand if Professor prefers to  prepare for Her date”  

I am so horny by the thought to take the nub-maker off and touch  

myself! My left hand finds Professor’s worn panties in the pile of  

  clothes that I am holding and without any thinking the hand brings  

the delicate fabric to my nose and mouth and i inhale. The smell of  

her pussy finds the olfactory receptors and pulls the levers to  

control my thoughts and desires. i look up and see Professor’s  

exposed shoulders and neck reaching out of the bubbles. i imagine  

how my lips might kiss the soft skin of Her divine body when Her  

voice disrupts my daydream: “I am sure you waited for your  

special “key – day” so long – I know how eager and obsessed you are to play with your nubby.  There will still be some time after the bath for your little nub-rub – let’s meet In my study when I am ready. And yes – you may take down the box already and select your key for tonight. Let’s see how tiny your clitty already has become in the nub-maker” 

45 minutes later i kneel in Professor Shelle’s study, undressed and naked with one key from the box  in my shaking hands. i so hope that it will be a good one this time and unlock the cruel cage! i had three trials already this month but no match! Professor Shelle walks in dressed in a very sexy  golden nothing of a dress. Her toenails glister in red. She is absolutely stunning! i cannot take my  eyes off Her and a little moan of desire escapes my lips as my clitty starts to twitch in the nub maker. Trembling hands try to insert the key when Professor gently pulls my arm back: “My poor Nadette, you had a bad relapse tonight – I am so sorry but I cannot allow you to use this key. You  looked at me in desire – I can see your little nub jumping right now!” Glistening precum fluid escapes my clitty cock as Professors lifts up my balls with the top of her foot. “Don’t you know that \ bathrooms have a lot of mirrors? I have seen what you did with my panties and how you violated  my privacy by looking at my nakedness! I fear you will not be able to sleep without a little cleansing and corrective exercise!” With these words Professor produced a metal file from behind  Her back: “you will file off the key bit from that one and from two other keys right now! – On the  one hand, your chances are good to destroy three bad ones – then the next time it is easier to  pick the right one! But on the other hand from now on your little mind will spin around the  possibility that you actually destroyed the good one until you accept that it might never come off”  

Tears of desperation run down my cheeks as She leaves the room. But soon the sound of the file starts to calm me down:  

scrub scrub scrub…


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