Now that you are under contract to serve Me, this will be one of your first assignments. See it as part of your obligation to work for Me. I want you to promote Me and My work to others. I will suggest some things I want you to do for Me, but it’s all the better to show initiative and find clever ways to spread the sound of My voice to a waiting world in headphones ~giggles~ You get the point. Ideally, you should be listening to a training session from me every day. Part of your obligation to me will be to inform others online how much you enjoy my work. Comment (write REVIEW) on at least half of my sessions that you have listened to this week. New or old. If, for example, you have listened to 4 recordings this week, I expect you to review 2 of them on my site. Let others know how much of an impact I have made in your life. When you make your contract payment for MAY, leave a comment with your Obligation about why that is important to you. On My car challenge, leave a “review” whenever you are moved to please Me with a contribution, now as low as $25. You can say why this tribute is important for you to make. Something beneficial (being updated often with NEW videos) will be going to YouTube, subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t already and say something nice about Me. I will be using YouTube more. I expect you use Twitter, possibly, Facebook and other social media. Use your resources there, if you are in a position to do so, to say how proud you are to serve such a (adjective of your choice) Mistress. If you find a new way to promote Me, let Me know. Or, if you know someone, personally or online, that would benefit from knowing Me, send him or her to Me. That would be quite a coup for you. These public declarations of your devotion to Me are important to O/our relationship. It makes Me feel more in possession of you, My pet. Yes, you will see this assignment again and again until it is a part of your everyday life. Just like VOTING daily!!!!


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