Now that you are under contract and owned to serve Me, these will be an ongoing assignment and tasks you will do for Me. Keeping in mind the need to sustain and integrate these tasks for Me well into the future, I recognize the need for flexibility. These tasks are another real way you can help your Domina succeed with My work, by bringing new potential slaves to O/our site. When you vote for Me at My banner sites, that elevates My position and can attract new viewers. This pleases Me very much. When you write reviews, which I look at frequently, you help Me more than you realize. you are My worker-salesman. When someone new comes to the website, I refer them to My reviews as a basis for what I am all about. And you make Me sound so lovable and irresistible. you are so insightful, My pet. ~giggles~ It works, so that should be your motivation. Writing REVIEWS on any tributes that you have given to your Domina is very helpful to Me because it encourages others, who realize what W/we have. Just one time, you may write how you felt when giving the TRIBUTE or why you wanted to TRIBUTE Me. Whatever you feel—BE SURE to write even a very brief review on your TRIBUTES, Including: Lunch money, car, food, hair, nails, monthly OBLIGATIONS…etc (which should be a MONTHLY gift of Love—since you LOVE doing this for Me). Go My pet, and OBEY. Be truthful, be yourself and say something from your heart. Be PRIDEFUL always, I am PROUD of you, I am PERFECTING you. One more note. I do NOT want any of this support to become a chore for you, My pet. So on days you are rushed, let it go. Everyday is not as important as you wanting to do this for Me. Just keep in mind, voting for My banner does help. I will think of your generosity in dedicating your time to Me.


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