After working until nearly 2 AM, I got pulled over on the way home.
The officer walked up to the window and said “License and registration please sir.”
It was a Woman, a very attractive Woman. The Sheriff’s uniform She wore clung to Her like it was painted on over all her curves.
“Here you go Officer” I said as I handed my driver’s license and registration card over.
“You may address me as Sheriff Rivers,” She said. “Wait here.”
A few minutes later She came back.
“Do you know how fast you were going?”She asked.
The trap question, I admitted to going 50 Mph.
“Do you know what the speed limit is here?” She asked.
‘Yes, it’s 40 MPH”, I said.
“The fine for an offense like this is $100 plus $15 per mile over the limit, that’s $250.00 if I give you a citation.
Or I could let you off with a warning, because you have a clean record. But I really think you need some consequences.
So I’ll give you a choice. Would you prefer a ticket or a spanking?”
‘What do you mean a spanking, Sheriff Rivers?” I asked.
She said She would paddle my bare ass until She was sure that I was sorry for speeding, and begged Her forgiveness and that would be the end of it.
I figured I could take a spanking instead of paying the fine and having my insurance cost increase, so I agreed to the spanking.
“Step out of the car”, She demanded.
I got out and she walked me around to the other side.
“Drop your pants and put your hands on the top of the car,” She ordered.
While I was unbuckling my belt, She went over to Her vehicle and returned with a nasty looking leather paddle.
“Drop your undershorts, too, I’m going to spank you, not your undies.”
So I pulled my shorts down too.
Then She gave me a swat, not too hard, but enough to make me jump.
“Hold still you naughty naughty boy”, She taunted.
Another swat, a little harder.
“I think you like being punished like this,” she whispered in my ear.
A few more swats, and more teasing from Her and I was starting to get aroused.
The heat from my behind was making the blood surge into my cock.
When She noticed me getting hard, She began hitting me a lot harder.
And She was talking really dirty the whole time, calling me a submissive little pussy licker and other names. She told me to beg Her for forgiveness and thank Her for the punishment. Which I did.
Then, She reached underneath me with Her free hand and grabbed my cock firmly.
The swats reached a crescendo and I exploded and shot cum all over the side of my car as She laughed and said She was going to make me Her slave begging for another spanking.
She let go and told me to pull my pants up. Then She handed me a card and told me to call next time I felt like getting spanked.
I thought of Her a lot after that and everything She said. A week later, I couldn’t resist and I called and begged for another spanking, but that’s another story. She told me to bring the cash for my ticket so I could personally pay Her each time for a new spanking.


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