My arrival:

I was getting nervous as I left the airport after my very long trip. After two years of serving my Owner online, being hypnotized by Her and molded into Her obedient slave, I would finally meet Her in person to serve Her for a couple of days while She was visiting Her farm. I found a cab. We left the city and after a while, a farmhouse appeared in the distance, Domina’s farm… my heart was racing as I got out of the cab and looked around. There was a big farmhouse and some smaller buildings. In the distance, I could see a couple of fields, meadows with fruit trees and a pasture.
Following my instructions, I went over to the stable and stepped inside and found a small box and a letter on top of it.
“Welcome My maid marta! Get undressed and put everything on that you find in the box, then cuff your hands overhead… kisses…”
I looked up and saw a pair of handcuffs dangling from a chain. On top of the box was a leather hood with only small holes at the nose and below I found a pink collar and a chastity device. I undressed quickly and picked up the chastity tube to inspect it more closely. It had small spikes inside, not sharp enough to injure me, but I was sure, that an erection would have unpleasant consequences. The prospect aroused me and I had to concentrate to calm myself down a bit before I was able to put it on. Next came the collar and the hood. Without being able to see, I reached up and found the handcuffs and clicked them shut. Then the waiting began…

I could occasionally hear some noises outside, but most noise was muffled by the leather hood. I must have drifted off a bit, when I was suddenly woken up by a stinging pain across my ass. Not too hard, but enough to get my attention. I felt a riding-crop trace along my butt-cheeks and my thighs, slapping me every now and then. It didn’t take long until I started moaning. I was enjoying the slaps, my cock tried to get hard but was painfully stopped by the chastity cage. No longer nervousness, I had arrived where I belonged.

The spanking stopped and my mask was removed. In front of me stood a tall blonde, dressed in tight leather pants, thigh high boots and a white blouse. I was puzzled for a moment not to see Domina Shelle.
“Hi maid marta!”
I recognized the voice immediately.
“Hi Lady Helena, what a pleasant surprise!”
Before I knew what was happening, She reached down and squeezed my balls hard.
“No more male sounds while you are here! Understood?”
“Yes, Lady Helena”
I was trying my best to sound feminine, but judging from Her laughing, it must have sounded rather funny.
“You will have some time to practice that, little maid. Domina will arrive tomorrow evening and until then, I will teach you some basics. I warn you, don’t make me look bad in front of Her…!”
With that, She reached up and unhooked the handcuffs from the chain.
“Now greet me properly!”
I sank to my knees and gave each of Her boots a kiss on the tip. I was going to kneel upright as the riding-crop hit my ass-cheek hard.
“Did I say you are finished? There’s dust all over my boots!”
She pointed to Her right boot with the riding-crop. I immediately started to lick. The dust tasted awful, but I didn’t dare to disobey. Lady Helena continued to point the crop to the areas She wanted me to clean and every now and then I received a swat on my ass when I started to slow down. After what felt like an hour, She was satisfied and told me to kneel up.
After attaching a leash to my collar, She put the hood back over my head. I felt a tug on the leash forcing me to my feet. I followed the pull, careful not to stumble and fall. It was uncomfortable to walk on the gravel with my bare feet, but finally we must have reached the farm-house. Lady Helena guided me up a few steps, then I could sense that we were entering a house. After a few turns, I felt a soft fluffy carpet under my feet. The hood was removed again and I found myself in a small room. Everything was decorated in pink with a lot of bows and ruffles. The air was filled with a sweet flowery scent. I could see a comfortably looking bed, but also a cage in one corner and hooks on the walls and in the ceiling. There was another door that led to a small bath.
“Get a shower and do your makeup, I’ll be back in 30 minutes.”
Lady Helena removed my handcuffs and left the room. I hurried to get into the shower, happy to be able to rinse the dust out of my mouth. The shower felt soothing. I wasn’t very experienced with applying makeup and knew that I would need quite some time for it.
There was a dresser with lots of makeup at one of the walls and without much of a plan, I went to work. I wasn’t very happy with the results, but before I could try again, Lady Helena was back.
She told me to face Her and inspected my make-up. I could immediately tell, that She was not satisfied. Slap! Slap! Slap! Without a warning, She had given me a couple of face-slaps.
“That’s not even close to standard! Remove the makeup, I will show you…”
I quickly removed the makeup and She started to redo it.
“Watch closely, I will only show you once.”
Within a few minutes She was done and after fixing a blond wig onto my head, a pretty girl was looking back at me from the mirror.
Back in the bedroom, Lady Helena opened a big closet. It was full of maid uniforms of different styles and colors, shoes, panties, bras, stockings, corsets… Everything hung or folded very neatly. She handed me a set of matching bra and panties and told me to put them on. Both were pink with white lace, but it was not an ordinary set of lingerie. The panties had a cut-out at the front, so that the chastity cage was hanging out. Before I could continue with the bra, Lady Helena told me to bend over. I felt something cold enter my sissy-hole. I had often worn butt-plugs before and this one felt quite small. Wearing it would be no problem at all. I felt Lady Helena attaching something to the plug and as I heard a hiss, I realized, that the plug was inflatable. She pumped it up until I was moaning a bit, then gave the bulb a final squeeze and removed the hose. The pressure was uncomfortable, but the plug also pressed against my prostate, causing my cock to swell again. Once again it was painfully stopped by the spiked chastity cage. After a minute, I had accustomed a bit, but I was not sure whether I would be able to stand this pressure for long…
The bra would be next, but before I could put it on, Lady Helena handed me a pair of breast-forms. They had little dents where my nipples would be and were coated with a kind of glue. I was told to press them against my chest. It felt a bit hot as the glue settled and while it did, Lady Helena explained: “This is a special glue, that can stick almost every material to skin. It can only be removed with a special solvent that only Domina Shelle has.” And with an evil laugh She added “better be a very obedient sissy-maid or I might use the glue elsewhere on your body…”
After a minute, the glue had settled and I was allowed to let go of the breast-forms. They pulled heavily on my chest and the dents created a suction on my nipples making them very sensitive to any movement. I put the bra on and it did a good job holding my now D-cup breasts, making the pull on my skin and nipples bearable.
But Lady Helena already held the next item in Her hands, a quite restrictive looking corset. She told me to hold onto the bedpost and wrapped it around my waist. It went from just below my breasts down to below my ass-cheeks and even without it being laced, I could tell that I would be unable to sit or bend down. Lady Helena started to tighten the lacing until the corset was completely closed. It felt tight and restricted my breathing a bit and while I was still trying to get accustomed, I hear a click from behind and saw Lady Helena holding a little key.
“You better show a good performance for the rest of the day or you will sleep like this…”
Was She serious? How could I possibly sleep laced that tightly…

With the corset, I was unable to put on the white stocking that Lady Helena took from a drawer. She had some fun having me beg Her to help me until She finally gave me a push that caused me to fall over backwards onto the bed. She rolled the stockings up my legs and attached them to the garters of the corset, then She locked a pair of high-heels onto my feet before helping me up. The heels must have been around 6” high. I had worn such before, but I wasn’t able to walk very well in them yet.
The last item was a baby-pink maid’s uniform with a lot of ruffles and a very fluffy petticoat. Lady Helena helped me to step into it and closed the zipper on the back. Again I heard the now familiar click of a padlock. I noticed, that the dresses collar was quite high and stiff, forcing my head into a straight posture. It also had a ring on the front that Lady Helena attached a leash to. She led me out of the room and this time I could see the luxurious interiors of the farm-house.
We entered a large living-room were Lady Helena sat down on a couch.
“You are now wearing your formal uniform. It’s meant for serving guests, for work around the house, you will wear a simpler one that gives you a bit more freedom to move. I will now teach you to move elegantly in this uniform… walk across the room, curtsy, then come back and curtsy again… Go!”
I started to walk, struggling with the corset and heels and obviously this was not good enough. Lady Helena began to correct me already after a few steps and when I finally made it across the room and back, a simple “not good enough… again!” sent me onto the next round.
“You better learn fast…” I heard Her laughing…
This went on for ages. My feet soon began to hurt, causing me to struggle even more, but Lady Helena showed no mercy. I clenched my teeth and tried really hard and after several rounds more, She seemed to be satisfied.
“That will do for today. Your feet must be hurting badly, come take a seat… oh, I forgot, you can’t…”
She burst out laughing, I just whimpered… She helped me down to my knees in front of the couch. I could only kneel upright due to the corset, but at least my feet could get a rest.
Lady Helena sat in front of me and told me to remove Her boots. I started to pull down the zipper, but as I reached Her calves, I couldn’t reach down further due to my restrictive clothing. She made no effort to help me, I could tell that She was enjoying seeing me struggling. I finally managed to lift Her feet, pull the zippers all the way down and take of Her boots.
Lady Helena’s stockinged feet were a bit sweaty and this time, She didn’t wait for me, but lifted them and pressed them into my face.
“you may worship them, slave…”
Oh how I enjoyed the feel of the nylon and the smell! I started to massage Her feet and at the same time kissed and licked Her toes. I was in heaven and getting aroused again. The spikes dug painfully into my cock, but this time, I was unable to distract my thoughts. I tried to tell myself, that this is work and not to be enjoyed by me, but of course that didn’t help. Lady Helena seemed to be pleased by my efforts as well as by my suffering and when She finally told me to stop and put Her boots back on, She did that with a little pat on my head and a “good girl”. Hearing that sent a shiver down my spine. Domina had conditioned me, so that hearing those words acted as a reward and made me proud.

With Her boots back on, Lady Helena told me to fetch a jug with water from the kitchen while She walked over to a cupboard. My feet had recovered a bit, but I was still uncomfortable in the 6” heels.
It was the first time for me entering the kitchen of this house and I had to search for a moment until I found a jug. I filled it with water and brought it back to the living-room where Lady Helena had prepared a tray and six tall champagne glasses.
“Let’s play a little game. Walk across the room while you carry the tray. you will curtsy and come back. Then you will place each glass onto the table with a curtsy. Do that six times, starting with one glass and adding one every time. I will time you and for every minute you take, there will be a minute of spanking afterwards. But the more you spill, the harder and faster I will spank you.”
I didn’t have the impression that Lady Helena intended to give me that comfort. She handed me the tray, placed one of the glasses on it and filled it to the brim. Lady Helena started a stop-watch and told me to get going.
Like I had expected, I spilled a first drops with the first steps already. I knew there was no way to avoid that. I reached the wall but the curtsy was difficult. I almost tipped over the glass and almost half of the water spilled out.
I made it back to Lady Helena as She announced that one minute had passed. I placed the glass onto the table with a curtsy, then She took the tray from me to pour the spilled water into a beaker.
“Your poor little ass” She grinned. “Already so much water spilled…”
She refilled the glass. Then I went on my way. When I returned, three minutes had passed, and managed to spill less this time. By the 5th round I lost balance for a moment and the rest of them tipped over.
“Oh your poor little ass…” came the comment from Lady Helena. “did I tell you that the game starts over when you tip over a glass?”
My heart sank. I watched Lady Helena fill the first glass again and off I went… This time my feet had started to hurt again. Finally, Lady Helena stopped the timer and 41 minutes had passed and the beaker was almost full.

“Now for the fun part… for me…”, Lady Helena laughed as She attached the leash to my collar. She led me back to my room, where She unlocked my dress and the corset and helped me out of them. She handed me a garter-belt to keep my stockings up and after I put it on, She wrapped a leather collar around my neck and attached the leash to it.
“Crawl!” and with that, She began tugging me behind Her until we reached a staircase. Downstairs I found myself in a hallway with cell-doors on each side and at the far end, there was a heavy wooden door. Lady Helena opened it and we entered a large dungeon. She led me over to a spanking-bench that stood in one corner of the room and told me to bend over it. Then She began to tie me down with numerous leather straps until I could barely move and felt completely helpless. She went over to a table and after a moment came back with a wooden paddle.
I nodded… “Oh, maid marta. Don’t worry, this was only a game. I’m not going to break you, but you will get an idea what a real punishment would be like. you probably won’t want to sit down tomorrow…”
Laughing, She stepped behind me and started to paddle my ass. First slow and lightly, then She started to hit harder and faster until I was on the brink of pleasure and pain. She varied a bit, sometimes giving me more pain, then more pleasure. And I was enjoying what She did. When She stopped after a few minutes, my ass was glowing. She returned to the table and came back with a riding-crop and a leather-strap.
“Which one first?”
I thought for a moment before I decided for the crop. Lady Helena began spanking my ass in a medium pace. The stingy pain was a contrast to the paddle and I liked it, but as She started to hit my thighs, that changed. Although She wasn’t striking very hard, I didn’t like how that felt. I began to struggle against my restraints…
“Oh, I have found a weak spot… good to know…” She laughed and continued. I was almost starting to beg when She stopped and picked up the strap. Lady Helena placed slow hard strokes onto my ass. The first ones hurt, but it was a kind of pain I could get accustomed to and after a while, I began to enjoy it again. I forgot the world around me and when She stopped and informed me that the time was up, I was almost disappointed.
“And now the punishment…”
I looked at Her puzzled…
“Don’t think I forgot about the bad job you did with your makeup… I think six hard strokes with the cane are justified for that…”
She tested a couple of canes by swishing them through the air, then decided for one and got in position behind me.
and a second later the first stroke landed on my cheeks. I let out a loud moan, first from the surprise, then because the pain had set in.
“What do you say? If you forget again, I’ll start over.”
I had forgotten to count…
“One, thank You Lady Helena!”
A moment later, the second stroke hit me.
“Aaaaah… two, thank You Lady Helena”
She waited for the pain to sink in and let the cane swish through the air a couple of times, each one making me flinch in the anticipation of the next stroke. Then She landed the third stroke. It was even harder than the first two.
“Aaaaaaaaaah….” I was starting to sob and almost forgot to thank Her and count again.
“three, thank You Lady Helena”
The next stroke came immediately. I was seeing stars and barely managed to count. Lady Helena started to trace the cane over my left thigh. I started to shiver, about to beg for mercy, but before I could, She delivered the stroke, then another, followed quickly by another on my sensitive thighs, they still hurt a lot.
“We are done, maid marta. I hope you learned your lesson…”
She untied me, grabbed the leash and led me back upstairs to my room. There, She fetched a black and white maid-uniform and a matching corset from the closet.
“This is your normal working uniform. Get dressed and fix your make-up. I want dinner at 5:30. You will find everything in the kitchen.”
After She had left the room, I inspected my behind. Dark red all over and six distinct welts had formed where the cane had landed. I knew that I would feel that for several days.

I hurried to put on the new outfit. The corset was shorter and allow me more freedom to move. I put it on and laced it, though not as tight as the one before. Next I put the maid uniform on. It just barely covered my ass and the tops of my stocking were clearly visible. I tried to close it, but it was too tight, forcing me to lace the corset more tightly. I quickly went to the bathroom to fix my makeup, sat down on the small stool in front of the mirror, but as my ass touched it’s surface, I jumped up in pain. Lady Helena was right, I wouldn’t want to sit down for a while. I did the make-up, then rushed to the kitchen. I found a note with detailed instructions for dinner. There was also a clock showing 5:12. While working, I could hear Lady Helena from the living-room. She was talking to Domina Shelle on the phone. They were obviously talking about me and judging from Her laughing, Lady Helena seemed to have enjoyed training me today and was not too displeased with my performance. The clock was now showing 5:28 and I put everything on a tray and rushed to the living-room. Lady Helena smiled.
“Your are very punctual, maid marta. Good girl!”
I curtsied and placed the tray on the table. Having no instructions, I just stood there while Lady Helena ate. my ass or my feet hurt… She finished eating and asked “I bet you are hungry, right maid marta?”
“Yes, Lady Helena!”
Lady Helena threw Her leftover food onto the floor, spit some wine onto it and started to squish it with Her boots. I knew what I was expected to do, so I knelt down and started to lick my dinner off Her soles. It took a while, but I managed to get sated. After I had licked Her boots and the floor clean, She sent me to Her room to run Her a bath.
I started the water, hoping to find the right temperature and added some bubble bath. A few minutes later, Lady Helena stood in the door. She sent me to clean the kitchen while She started to unbutton Her blouse. I had secretly hoped to help Her with Her bath, but obviously I hadn’t earned that privilege yet.
So I went back to the kitchen. Put things away. With no dishwasher, I cleaned everything by hand and used the opportunity to make myself more familiar with the inventory.
I heard Lady Helena come down the stairs and enter the kitchen. She was dressed in a luxurious satin gown that didn’t look as Dominant as Her previous outfit, but the riding-crop She was holding left no doubt that She was still in charge. In Her other hand, She held a length of rope and a little box. After an inspection of the kitchen, She took me to the living-room where She uncoiled the rope and tied my hands behind my back with quick efficient moves.
“You can’t wear the spiked chastity all the time, we need to change that. Domina has decided that you will always be bound when your chastity is removed. That cock isn’t yours any more and you are not allowed to touch Her property… I will now remove that device, but I warn you not to get an erection!”
She unlocked the tube and slid it off. I tried to concentrate on other things in an effort to stay limp, but as She started to inspect the marks that the spikes had left on my cock, brushing it ever so slightly, I couldn’t help it.
“What did I say?”
She took the crop and started to hit my cock until my erection was gone. I was relieved when She slid the new tube on, that would prevent me from getting another unauthorized erection. The new chastity device was made of clear plastic and I could see there was some electronics built into it with wires running to pads in different locations. After clicking the lock shut, She untied my hands and told me to stand at attention.
“As you can guess, this device has some built-in features. Let me show you…”
Lady Helena took a small remote and pressed a button. A jolt went through my balls, causing me to double up in pain.
“That’s the lowest level of the punishing function… quite effective, isn’t it?” She laughed.
“The other buttons will send different patterns of electric pulses to your cock. You will learn to associate each pattern with a different command.”
For a few minutes, Lady Helena taught me the meaning of the patterns. Kneel, stand, curtsy, on all fours and another one to call me. She had great fun change me from one position to the other and used the punishment function whenever I made a mistake.

Once She was satisfied, Lady Helena sent me to Her room to get Her manicure set. I had just entered Her room when I felt the signal that called me back. I hesitated. Should I return immediately or better find the set first? The signal repeated after a few seconds, a little stronger. She hadn’t told me about this feature, but I figured that I should better hurry up. I found the manicure set and went downstairs while the signals got stronger every time.
Lady Helena grinned. “You see? There are many functions that I haven’t told you about yet. But you will find out sooner or later…”
She had me kneel in front of Her and started to teach me how to properly do a manicure. While I was painting the nails on Her right foot, the other foot found its way between my legs and started to gently fondle my balls. I tried to keep my concentration on my task, but my cock started to fill the chastity device, a little red light on the remote went on.
“This is another feature… it will record every attempt of your cock to get hard. For now, we don’t need a hard cock, so I will configure it to punish erections.” She pressed a few buttons and a searing pain went through my cock, causing it to shrink immediately. I went back to work on Lady Helena’s nails and Her foot went back to tease my balls. She smiled when She saw the light go on and me clinching in discomfort. After a few cycles, I had learned to focus on my task without getting hard, but absolutely frustrating. I wanted to feel the sensation of getting hard, but I was denied even that small pleasure.
After I finished doing Lady Helena’s manicure, it was time for a pedicure. Her naked feet made it even more difficult to concentrate when She told me to suck on Her toes. I hardened and got shocked again before She sent me to the kitchen to fetch Her a drink.

For the rest of the evening, Lady Helena enjoyed a show on TV sending me to the kitchen to fetch a snack or drink. I was on all fours serving as Her footrest. Then it was finally bedtime and led back to my room, undressed. Lady Helena attached the hose to my butt-plug again and deflated it. What a relief! Lady Helena showed me a drawer that contained several butt-plugs of different sizes.
“Whenever you are outside this room, you have to be plugged. You better not let me catch you without!!! You can chose the size yourself, but I can only recommend that you stretch your little sissy hole for the things to come…” She must have notice my questioning look. After pretending to think for a second, She said:
“OK, I’ll give You a hint… Kneel!”
She rummaged through another drawer behind me and and stood in front of me wearing a big black strap-on pointing it right at my face. Lady Helena told me to kiss the tip, lick and suck it. This was easy. Then She grabbed my head on both sides and started to thrust into my mouth, going a bit deeper every time. I gagged a little as the cock touched the back of my throat, but I soon got used to it. Lady Helena now pulled my head all the way down onto Her strap-on. It entered my throat and She held my head until I started to gag again, then She pulled out. My eyes began to water, but She didn’t give me a break. After some shorter thrusts, She grabbed my head again and pulled it down. She did that several times until She pulled the strap-on. out of my mouth.
“You better practice that too! I don’t want to stop all the time because you are gagging! Bend over!”
I bend over the bed. I knew what was coming and looked forward to it. I had dreamed so many times of being fucked by my Owner and Lady Helena. I felt the tip of Her cock on my sissy pussy and being stretched the whole day, it entered easily. She fucked me in a steady rhythm, first slowly, then getting faster, making sure that the cock pressed onto my prostate with every thrust. Oh god, this felt so good! After a while I felt like I was going to cum from this. Lady Helena must have sensed that and stopped.
“That’s enough, now clean it!”
She held the remote in Her hand with Her thumb hovering over the punishment button. She wouldn’t accept any hesitation. Reluctantly I got on my knees again and started to suck the strap-on clean. What a disgusting taste!
“You’ll find an enema-kit in the bathroom. Make sure you are always clean and this will be easier for you…”, Lady Helena suggested.
She pressed some buttons on the remote again.
“You will be woken at 6:30. The alarm stops automatically once you are on your feet. I want breakfast in my room at 8. Good night, maid marta…”
I wished Her a good night and heard the door being locked from the outside. Suddenly I heard some faint whisper. It was barely noticeable, but I could recognize my Owner’s voice. This must be some subliminal loop, would it be playing the whole night?
I decided to ignore it first and quickly got tired and laid down. I was asleep within seconds…


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