John sighed as he stared at the clock. One hour left until he could go home for the weekend, although he had nothing planned and expected another boring weekend. Time seemed to slow to a crawl, as it always does on Friday afternoons. It was with about 10 minutes before the bank was set to
close, She walked in. The most stunning woman that John had ever seen. John gulped as he felt a stirring in his pants. Suddenly he was very grateful he was sitting at his manager’s desk, so that his arousal would be hidden. He tried not to stare as the woman walked to a separate counter to fill out a deposit slip to open up a new checking account. John tried to busy himself and wrap things up for the week, before a teller brought the Woman over to see him to resolve Her problem. The deposit was for $750 in cash and the Woman insisted She wanted the free checking account. She sat down at the desk and the manager told the teller he would take care of the matter and she could go home with when the bank closed.

“Hello my sweet,” the Woman said. “I would like to make this deposit to open My free checking account.” She handed him her deposit slip and the cash. “You see I get a lot of cash payments for My services and I wanted a checking account so My customers could make direct deposits into it and
I wouldn’t be handling so much cash in the future.” Their hands brushed as she handed it over and John felt a small tingle where the contact had been made. He glanced at the name on the deposit slip “Shelle Rivers” and explained, “Miss Rivers, You see the Free Checking comes with a $1000 deposit that has to be maintained to keep the account without paying fees.” Even her name sounded beautiful in his mind.

“Of course Miss, we…” John replied
as he was about to continue.

“That’s Mistress, My pet, I need this account opened today.” Mistress Shelle replied and smiled.

“i beg Your pardon, Mistress” John automatically replied. That was funny, why did he acquiesce so easily to Her request to be called Mistress?

“Don’t you just love how slow time gets sometimes” Mistress Shelle prompted John. John looked up at Her and found himself entranced by Her Eyes.

“It’s amazing how the speed at which time passes is affected by our perceptions, My pet.” Did She just call me Her pet, John thought? “For example,” Mistress Shelle continued, “When we find things to be enjoyable, time passes by so fast. When we’re waiting for something to happen, time
passes almost agonizingly slowly. So, can you make this work for Me even as the bank seems to be closed?” John felt himself nodding along. “It’s amazing how fast time moves when you’re looking into my eyes. But I noticed, my pet, that you want to look elsewhere, don’t you?” Mistress Shelle asked, as John meekly nodded. Shelle guided John’s gaze down to Her gorgeous breasts. John’s mouth slowly opened as he gawked at Mistress Shelle. So what can you do for Me, Mr. Bank Manager?”

“We’re the only ones here”. John looked up at the clock and saw that yes, the bank had been closed. “You say you have to open the account today? Let Me think.”

“Now, my pet, can you think as you stare at My breasts? I have a proposition for you. You could advance Me the $250 and open the account and I could pay you back by tonight? Say I gave you a command to unzip your pants, take it out and STROKE for Me, you couldn’t do that here in the bank,
could you? But I can arrange when and how you could do that, My pet if you just open My account. Do you like My proposal so far?”

“Yes, Mistress. I’ll advance You the money, open the account and then You can tell me what to do. My time and effort are Yours.” He went to the ATM machine, then the teller station and soon came back and sat down with the receipt for $1000 and some starter checks and explained that Her free
checks and debit card would be coming in the mail.

John again meekly nodded as he found his left hand moving along his khaki-covered crotch. “Stop, My pet” Mistress Shelle instructed, clearly pleased with how submissive John had advanced the money .

“Yes Mistress” John automatically responded. He tried to gather his wits, but Mistress Shelle reached across the table to lift his chin with Her Hand, forcing his gaze to once again meet Hers. She smiled at Her pet as John felt his heart flutter. Mistress Shelle winked at him as She noticed
his hand between his legs.

“Well my pet, I must go now. But here is how I will pay you back so you’ll get your weekend off to a very exciting start. Here is My card and how you can reach Me next time.
But for tonight give Me your phone number and I can call you at 8pm and W/we can continue this lovely conversation for one hour. There is so much to talk about. I’ve been thinking of slave name for you, My pet. You’ll always be a good boy for your Mistress, won’t you? Do you like the name dickie?
My obedient slave dickie? I’ll explain all about you can start serving Me. And I need someone to explain to Me about the best and safest money transfer system where people can pay for things and transfer money into My bank account directly? I think some people
might find that HOT. Can you do that for Me, My good boy?”

“Yes, Mistress, the guard will let you out the door,” slave dickie immediately responded and signaled to the guard. “Good boy”, Mistress said as she got up to leave. John felt himself staring again as Mistress Shelle walked out of his office and out of the bank. Eventually John regained
his senses, and looked at the clock. Two hours past closing. Several thoughts went through his mind, such as “How long had i been staring at Mistress Shelle” and “Am i remembering everything correctly?” and “Why did Her calling me, Her pet, excite me so much?”

As John stood up to leave the bank and alarm it, he found a business card that had fallen off his pants. Right on the crotch. He turned the business card over and read

“Shelle Rivers, Certified Hypnotist.

He knew where he would be at 8pm that night and wait for new instructions


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