The Queen of your Heart

My dear love slave, are you still feeling the excitement of Valentine’s Day? I’m basking in the afterglow of all your attention and O/our intimate moments together. Usually, I’m the one telling you to live up to My expectations to obey, serve and please Me. And you have, My sweetheart, by showing Me so much love, loyalty and devotion. But as the Object of your addiction and desire, there is a lot I also have to live up to. When you think of it, O/ours is a very unique relationship. W/we share intimacy. W/we have revealed so much about each other.

you think about Me all the time. My sweet, I am thinking of you when I write and record My erotic hypno & femdom hypno sessions and when I spend time writing to you about O/our next adventure together.

So, with that in mind, this week I am The Queen of your Heart in an intimate rendezvous with you, My love slave. There are many reasons for your attachment to Me. With your submissive nature you are drawn so naturally to a powerful, beautiful Woman, like Myself, who knows how to feed your craving for submission and obedience. you find everything you do with Me is so arousing. I allow you to touch and pleasure yourself for ME. And that’s a big motivation to want to serve and please Me. And you love being hypnotized, going deep and surrendering yourself to Me. Then, with My voice and My pictures and videos, you also find Me adorable and have fallen in love with Me. My Valentine, right now is the Perfect time for LOVE is in the air.

So, what’s the expression? GFE, Girl Friend Experience. In this erotic brainwashing session let My love for you take over and just submit yourself to the central Woman in your life.

Are you ready for Me to be your life long Girlfriend as well as your Domina and Mistress/ Owner who you serve and obey? Listen to the very, very end and find out just how ready you are to commit yourself to a lifelong devotion to your one true Love, your Domina Shelle, your Queen, your Everything. REMEMBER, loving and being loved is O/our most powerful emotion that makes everything better.


If you really enjoyed this session. After you’ve recovered, Give a listen to either Gardener Of Financial Domination or Domination as you see how it fits into a very erotic part of O/our Dom-slave relationship. Here is one more chance to Love your Valentine with a Challenge to PLEASE.

Here are My special deals:

Hypnotic Hood
Embrace the sensual bliss of being enslaved by your beloved Domina…

you will know just how invasive My control is…

Sexual Psychosis
If you love being hard, HORNY, CONTROLLED COMPLETLY…

Echoes – The Ultimate Mind Domination
My TRIGGERS echoed and ETCHED deeply…


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