Unconscious Acceptance…femdom hypnosis

Are you getting there, My pet…with My erotic hypnosis sessions, each new one more intense, taking you deeper, making you more addicted the moment you hear My voice? Are you craving to be taken by My words, feeling lost without My control and instructions every...

Shelle Rivers’ Trained and Drained…Findom Hypnosis

Are you ready for Springtime? I’m ready for LONG hot sweaty RUNS. So how about W/we TRY to leave some troubles behind and start O/our Spring rebirth, today? And the best way to do that is to turn your focus and attention to Me, of course, the source of all good things...

Fantasy House of Domination…Erotic Domination Hypnosis

My sweet slave, you know that I love to play with you. I have so many places that I can take you…Places that I have created inside your mind. This week, I have decided to take you home… to a very special place that I created within you so long ago…...

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