i don’t know what to do when i don’t hear my Domina Shelle’s voice

i miss my Domina and what She did to me that day in the bar.

i was driving and I was reminiscing of Her sitting in my car. She always wore short shorts and a halter top that barely kept Her full breasts confined. She would always let me rub Her legs while we were driving around. Her legs were long and firm. Her legs might have been the start of my leg fetish.

i got out of my car and started walking up to the door. She had the most amazing body. Like a model. We would jump in Her pool when the water was freezing. She would come to me and Her body was so warm, Her breasts just seemed to defy gravity.

“Bride or Groom?”, the voice asked. “Bride”, i said. my day dream, broken. i walked into the church. i knew almost everybody on the Bride’s side. W/we all worked together. That’s how W/we had met. The usher took me down to about the middle of the church and i slid blindly into a seat. i started looking at the single sheet of paper that had the ceremony’s timeline. At the top was a photo of the soon to be married couple. She looked so beautiful. i set it down and started looking around. Some friends asked if i was okay. i said “Yes”… when i really wasn’t.

Then i saw You. There You were 2 rows up from me. There was room next to You so i got up and moved. i asked if the seat was taken and You said no with a beautiful smile that seemed to light up the room. You asked how i had been. i said i had been better and thanked Her for the gift She had sent me. i still kept Her red laced panties in my bedside drawer. She touched my leg and felt a rush come to life in my body. my cock let out a bit of wetness.

“Do you want to go?” She asked. “Yes. i do.” W/we got up and She took my hand. Her hand was so warm. Like She had been holding a hot beverage.

W/we walked out of the church and She took me to Her car. “Get in,” She said with a commanding voice. i did as She asked. i would do anything She told me to do.

i got in and noticed Her skirt was riding up high on her thigh, Her thigh high stockings showing where they stopped. Her skin was perfect. Creamy white. Her legs looked so inviting. She said to me, “you remember looking at my legs, don’t you?” “Yes”, i said, they are perfection. “Do You remember how it felt to let go for Me”? “Oh yes.” i said i love letting go for You. “Good, then sit back in the seat and get comfortable. Let go for Me. Just relax my baby and let go. Go deep for Me. Deep a SLEEP for Me NOW. “ Just like that i was under. She kept telling me to go deeper. With every word She said. the deeper i fell. It was like an endless pit forever falling.

She told me to relax and let the dreams come.

She started Her car and started driving.

i tried to focus, to remember how or what had happened. But i was too busy feeling the arousal building. It was getting harder and harder to think about anything but my pulsing throbbing cock. About anything at all, but obeying Domina and worshiping Her luscious long legs. How did i get here? i briefly thought between the strokes?

“Look at My legs, slave”. She repeated over and over it seemed. i realized i was gone… hypnotized. i had fallen again deep under Domina’s Absolute Control. i loved it here. i wanted it more and more. my cock was dripping with precum. How did it get out of my pants? When did i pull myself out? Oh, i am stroking it. i thought to myself? It feels so good. i’m so stiff. So fucking hard. It felt good in my hand as i went up and then down slowly.

“That’s it, My pet,” Domina said, “Up and then down. Slowly now, just like I was doing for you. Keep going. Let the arousal build more and more. Feel it. Own it, my baby. Let yourself go and be Mine. My slave. My pet.”

Repeat after Me. “i stroke my cock for Domina so i can be a good boy.” i said the words, blindly. Keep repeating, My pet. Keep repeating and go deeper for Me NOW. Just let it happen. SLEEP.”

The orgasm had rewarded me when She told me to surrender. Every time a part of myself, my past, my human self, slipped away. For some reason i imagined water, swirling down a drain. i think my mind was slowly leaving me, leaving me blank and empty.

The more i gave of myself, the more i was given an orgasm for my obedience. i felt myself becoming more submissive with every stroke up and down.

Domina attached a machine to my stiff, hardened cock. Asked me to kneel. i knelt and felt the machine start sucking at my hard cock. The feeling was intense. i couldn’t hold back, i was so fucking aroused that i came fast and hard.

She told me to stand. i stood up and again the machine sucked hard, vibrating hard. my cock let go again. my whole body shook with the release.

When She spoke, i listened and obeyed. Every time i obeyed, the machine whirled away and i would release another hard orgasm. my legs were so weak and giving out. i could hardly stand when Domina took my hand telling me to lay back. i did as i was told. Again, the machine whirled to life and i let go and released another orgasm. my cock not really cumming anymore but there was a release of an orgasm like i never felt before. It shock my whole body.

How could i keep cumming like this? i never felt anything like it. All i wanted was to do what i was told to do. my thoughts were waiting for Her voice. “Please, please tell me what You want me to do.” i need it so bad. i thought to myself. i wanted to submit so bad. To obey so bad.

Domina told me to roll over. i eagerly did it. Again, the machine came to life and so did my cock. Another mind shaking orgasm as my whole body quivered at the release. I was spent.

Domina unhooked the machine from my swollen cock. i let out a sigh from it being touched or maybe it was a whimper. It was so sensitive, now. i was drained. i was ecstasy. My mind was lost in the pleasure. i wanted Domina to tell me to do something. Anything. i was no longer me. She had broken me. She had me right where She wanted me. i only had one thought. i must Obey Domina. I will always Love Her i will always Honor my Domina. She is everything to me.


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