To Pee Triggers are supposed to fade after a while. But still i was standing here in the public bathroom of the shopping mall with my trousers all wet and waited for them to dry. With a lot of time to think about my situation i wondered what had gone wrong! For many years i had played along with erotic hypnosis and enjoyed files of many hypnotists. I loved to explore new fantasies and exotic fetishes always with the erotic kick of my submissive sexuality combined with the curiosity of science.
The triggers always fade – sometimes it takes weeks sometimes months, but they fade. This one continues to come back at the strangest moments: “When i see breasts or cleavage i have to pee” – Very simple. I loved the idea of giving up control when i allowed Domina Shelle to install the trigger and we had a lot of fun playing with it for a while! Then i moved on towards other interests, other fantasies and also other hypnotists and forgot about it. And the trigger faded and vanished as usual.
Until a few weeks ago when it came back into action. First slow – i started to feel a little pressure building instead of getting aroused at the moment when my admiration was directed to a nice pair of boobs. I did not think of the trigger at all. Sometimes i had to end a conversation and rush to the bathroom – i still thought it was coincidence. Bladder tea and herbs could be a solution and indeed it helped at first. But the effect of the tea faded while the nasty trigger visited me more often.
When I consulted my doctor she checked for hidden infections. As she found nothing she asked a lot of questions to investigate the root cause: the time of day, my stress level, my drinking behaviour and if there are special circumstances when it happens.
I started to blush and stammer as i suddenly remembered my hypnotic conditioning. She leaned forward and said: “i know it might be a disturbing situation at your age but i need to check for a possible psychological reason”. I did not hear what she said as her gown had opened up a little bit and my eyes immediately wandered to the softness of her cleavage and the curves of her breasts that formed lovely voluptuous packages under the fabric of her clothes. A warm feeling and the urgent need to pee was my price to pay.
“May i please use the bathroom, Ma’am” i asked in a submissive tone and added not so submissive while rushing out “right now”. When i came back i could hardly hide a little wet spot in the front of my crouch and apologized: “i am so sorry!” The look on my doctor’s face was concerned and amused at the same time: “You asked so nicely but next time you should wait until i grant you permission.” And her face changed to professional again: She recommended me for bladder training and the use of adult diapers during the training to avoid any accidents.
“During the training you have to drink a lot and try to hold it in as long as you can. Please also measure the urine quantity and write it down together with the times you have to urinate. You also might consider to consult a clinical hypnotist as hypnosis is very efficient to control unconscious body functions.” She was so right – the last fact i was fully aware of in that moment. We agreed to make a follow up appointment within one month and she gave me a list of clinical hypnotists. But i knew already which hypnotist to contact!

Part 2
“Look at you! Is my lost puppy coming home? Does my straying pet remember that it needs its Owner? They always come back -You know!” Domina Shelle greeted me in her sweet wicked way that I used to love so much and wondered for a second why we drifted apart. “My Domina” I began my well prepared speech and it appeared all natural for me to call Her Domina again, “I think, that i recently have difficulties with a trigger that You installed a long time ago and wonder if you can help”.
During the next 30 minutes i told Her everything about my new predicament, how female breasts started again to trigger my urge to pee and how it went badly up to the point that i could not control myself. I told Her about the visit to my doctor and her recommendation for bladder training and clinical hypnosis. I ended my report with the visit to the mall: “To survive the next week until the bladder training and hypnosis takes effect my doctor recommended to buy some adult diapers. I was a little ashamed when I went to the drugstore in the mall.
As I could not find the diapers i had to ask a lady from the staff. I told her that I need adult diapers for my aunt. The lady was very helpful and friendly but my urge to pee started immediately when I recognized her beautiful breasts wiggling so tempting under her blouse.
When she handed me the package a first little jet hit my pants. I tried to pinch and tense my muscles and concentrate to avoid an accident. As she realised that I was locked in place and could not walk due to my struggle she turned around and asked if I would need further assistance. Her smile and the wiggling of her boobs did the rest and the flow started to stain my trousers. ‘Your aunty?”she giggled ‘maybe your aunty can help you with some potty training!’ she mocked me in a friendly tone. I dropped the package in shame and flew out of the store seeking the restroom of the mall where I cleaned and dried myself.
Back home I contacted You, My Domina.” Princess Shelle suppressed giggles the whole time of my story, sometimes bursting out with a “oh poor pet” here and a “I am so sorry” there just to start giggling again. When I finished, she needed some minutes to turn back to a friendly understanding attitude.
“Did you get the diapers my pet?” she asked, “No, I did not dare to return to the store after the incident” I replied.
“It was the right decision to come to Me My pet and I will help you to deal with your predicament.” Domina answered. “I do have a clinical hypnosis training, but I think in a Domina slave relationship hypnosis can be much more efficient – therefore we will have to bring you back into deep submission to Me for the duration of the therapy. – Are you o.k. with that my pet?” I totally agreed and actually looked forward to it! “It is indeed unusual that a trigger comes back like this, but maybe there is something else behind” She continued “maybe a deep desire to serve me again and submit to me? Maybe your subconscious mind activated the trigger to come back to me? Well we will find out together!”
Her voice was already hypnotizing me, maybe she was right, maybe it was already a cure to just be back and submit to Her again. I listened as she continued. “I have already an idea how to approach this issue but it would require you to visit Me every second or third day and additionally listen daily to certain hypnosis files. I will explain everything to you soon but first you need to sign the therapy and consultant contract. Of course I will not charge the high rates of an erotic hypnotist but only the moderate rates for clinical hypnosis” I liked the idea to see Her regularly again and agreed immediately!
She continued “Today I will hypnotize you in person and prepare you for the therapy but your subconscious mind has to work as well. You need to figure out on your own what happened and bring to the surface why this trigger is so important to you that it was activated again. Therefore the file you have to listen every day is the same file that installed the trigger in the first place. Do you trust Me My pet?” “Yes, Domina” was my immediate answer, it made all sense what she said. “Then after three days you will come here again and I hypnotize you further to help you in the process and readjust your mind. Now lay down on my white leather couch and relax, while I start to hypnotize you. Do you want to be hypnotized by me?”
When I woke up form trance I felt refreshed and it took me a while to remember where I was. Full of fear I looked at my pants but luckily everything was dry!
Domina was gone but had left a note on the couch for me:
“My pet – I was really happy to see you again, I had missed you! Know that you can trust Me and I will do My best to make this situation better for you. Please write down you doctor’s contact information in case we have to consult each other. She will also get my report by the end of the month. Additionally let’s monitor your bladder training together. Every hour of the day you need to finish one big glass of water – minimum 8 ounces. For the next 3 days you are only allowed to use the restroom on even hours. And do not forget to measure the amount you bladder could hold! When you leave – be a good boy and close the front door carefully. “

Part 3
The first meeting with Domina filled me with deep desire and satisfaction. It was all back – the adoration for this beautiful Women, the lust for Her perfect curves and the desire to please Her. I followed her instructions to the point but the trigger file remained a mystery: while I listened I had no clue what the file was about – just as if Domina would talk in a different language and shortly thereafter I had forgot the little that I understood before. I was stuck. The trigger however worked now with 100% certitude: I realized that I have 2 seconds – when my eyes focused on a pair of yummy breasts I could count: one Mississippi – two Mississippi – pee like a Mississippi river.
Several times I had an accident during the next three days and made a mental note to finally buy these diapers. But I also realized how impressed I was by Domina’s hypnotic powers and how aroused I got by the fact, how dependent I was on Her therapy right now. Every time my trousers were soaked in warm liquid I got a hard erection from the presence of Her power and the humiliation I had to endure. I had to rush home – not only to clean myself up but also to jerk off to the sound of Domina’s giggles in my head.
I hardly could wait for the next opportunity to meet Domina again and as the day was finally there I counted the hours.
Domina greeted me in a wide golden sweater that luckily concealed all hints to her enticing breasts. My attention was captured by Her shapely legs that were en-framed in a tight black miniskirt and a pair of lovely black golden strappy high heels that revealed her enticing toes with golden nail polish. “Hihi, I see your attention is on my legs and feet where it belongs! We do not want to get you in any trouble, do we?” She greeted me and added:”This is a clinical hypnosis session but I would not mind if you want to greet me properly.”
I dropped to my knees and kissed the straps of her shoes with great care not to touch the skin of her foot – that would have been totally inappropriate: “Thank You my Domina for the cautious choice of our outfit – You look magnificent.” “Follow me” she said, turned on her heel and walked inside. My last kiss hit the concrete floor. When I reached the therapy room she giggles: “Oh you can get up up now, no need to follow me on all fours, at least not now.”
As the session started I first told her what has happened during the last three days and she was taking notes and nodding her head from time to time. “And you did not buy any adult diapers to be more secure?” She asked when I had finished. “No” – I said – “Somehow I always forgot” “Oh – poor thing, wicked Domina played an evil trick on you because she slipped a suggestion into your mind during our first session to forget that!” My indignation vanished and arousal kicked in – it always made me horny when she tricked me.
A non convincing “Domina, how could you” was all I said before she continued. “Do not question Me My pet, I had good reasons: first – diapers give you the feeling of security, but I thought that the sense of urgency and risk will support you in the process to figure out what is going on. And second – You should experience and savor the moments to figure out how you feel about it when you pee yourself in public. So tell me my pet – how do you feel about your situation. And I confessed how aroused I was from the humiliation and the perception of Domina’s Power each time it happened .
“This very interesting” Domina said “but I think this was the reason why you desired this trigger in the first place. Let’s make an experiment:” She ordered me to kneel on the stone floor about 10 feet away from Her and repeat 10 times slowly “i get horny when I pee my pants, I want to pee my pants more often” . On the 9th repetition Domina lifted her sweater to reveal her soft breasts in a beautiful lacy bra: One Mississippi, Two Mississippi and I could not fight the flow. “wow – this is impressive” She said, “now take off your dirty pants and throw them in the washing machine in the basement – there is also a hose you can clean yourself with and a bucket to clean the floor. My hard erection wiggled all the time while I accomplished all tasks.
Domina basically ignored me and made a not so clinical phone conversation with an online client. When I was back she pointed me to kneel down in front of Her feet and administered soft and sensual kicks towards my erection. I was desperate with arousal when She was done.
She took off her shoes and started to stroke my cock with Her soft soles while She talked to me in a calm voice: “My pet, I am so happy that you are back, and it seems you are also happy to be under My control. Are you sure you want that trigger removed? We have so much fún with it? Isn’t it precious, how it brought you back to me?” more than once I whispered in pleasure “Yes Domina”. “You need a lesson in self control – as long as you do not look at boobs there is no problem. Do you want me to teach you better self control?”
“Yes Domina” “Do you want to keep the trigger and learn better self control as My slave?” “Yes Domina” “o.k. Than – I prepared a paper with the new details of My assignment – Will you sign this for me?” -”Yes Domina” “Good, now move to the couch during today’s session. you will be allowed to stroke, but not cum – it is a lesson in self control after all.”
Again I woke up from trance totally disoriented – Domina’s in-person hypnosis was much more efficient than the files. My erection was slowly fading. I found Domina in the basement, my clothes were already dry. “Dress yourself up my pet, and when you are finished please leave the report of the bladder training with amounts of water, urine and times on My desk for Me to review. – I need to run! – There is a package of diapers for you on the counter – I felt so bad for you that I bought some. But if you want to impress Me: leave them where they are.”
“Yes Domina, Thank You Domina” was all I could say as She was already rushing out. With the last look on her legs I felt the warm feeling of desire and submission rise into my cheeks. I was hooked. I left without the package.
Part 4
During the last weeks I had changed.
Domina had made me stronger. My bladder was stronger and I easily could hold 40 ounces. My devotion to Domina was stronger as I was fully committed to Her and Her training again. The trigger was stronger as Domina had tricked me to listen to that special file every day. My will was stronger as I never slipped anymore to “accidentally” look at a woman’s boobs and pee myself, although I had started to like the feeling of warm humiliation. Domina always took good care that I absolutely loved everything she did to me! Domina made sure that if a women would encourage me to look at her breasts my will was not important and my humiliation would be perfect: She called it my special pee-show. It included wetting myself and reciting a small poem as long as the flow continued.
Domina loved that show and rewarded me with giggles. I was happy to amuse Her and to show my total submission to Her training.
The month was over – time for my final doctor’s appointment. The receptionist looked at me with a questioning look: “We did not expect you back!”. “There might be a misunderstanding, but doctor told me to show up again after a month of training and hypnosis for a final examination -I had that bladder issue.” I replied. The receptionist opened my file and scanned through the pages. “Here it is, Your hypnotist send the report already 3 weeks ago!” My heart dropped as she began to read out loud: “ ‘The subject’s urinary incontinence was found to be hypnotically induced as part of an erotic role play that the subject consented to. During the first week of the treatment the subject declared his decision to remain in the current circumstances to further engage in said role plays. The treatment was terminated’. Enclosed I have a copy of the declaration you signed!”
It was all out! Everyone knew! My throat was bone-dry, I could not speak and I must have gone bone pale. The receptionist recognized my situation: “You look miserable, maybe it is best if I call the doctor while you have a seat.” After a while she came back and said:”Doctor will see you soon.
You should drink at least 5 glasses of water before to prepare for a bladder examination. Please tell me when you are done, than I call you in.” She handed me a pitcher of water and a glass. I drank and repeated to myself: “Domina knows what is best for me, Domina knows what is best for me…” The water and the mantra calmed me down.
I felt the doctor’s eye on me. “Please have a seat”, she said “First off all – there is no reason to be ashamed! Suppressing our desires can cause unhappiness and even illness in the long run. Michelle is an excellent hypnotist with regards to the clinical side. But also her kinky side is world class, you are a vivid example for that. You can consider yourself a very lucky man to have found such a loving and caring counterpart. During the last few weeks I had some inspiring conversations with her! We decided to work together more often in the future…”
I interrupted “Thank you! I was so nervous, I am sorry….” With a stern look she cut me off. “There are some fundamental rules inside this room. First – You will only speak, when I ask you a question or allow you to speak. Second, you will address me as Ma’am or Mistress. Third -you will never question my therapy.”
“It was well discussed and agreed between Michelle and I so be assured they are in your own best interes. Do you understand?” “Yes Ma’am!” “Good – as your Doctor I also decided to support your case and development. There are some sexual practices that might benefit from medical supervision.
For today we will just do a general checkup. So get undressed now.” Eager to obey I was naked in less than a minute and as the cold air hit my skin I started to feel my bladder. I had to press my knees together and wiggled from side to side. “Do you have any questions?” Indeed, I had a lot of questions and the most urgent one I wanted to ask right away.
“Could you please explain what kind of practices you were referring to, Mistress?” she examined the skin of pubic area and answered “Well, to start with I will hand you a lotion to treat the skin irritation from the body shave. But it’s more like treating punishment marks, prostate check ups or infection prevention in case of prolonged chastity, implanting microchips under your skin, supervising hormone treatments and so on. Any other question?” “Yes, Mistress, May I please use the restroom, Mistress? ” She started to smile wickedly: “Well the ultrasonic was just a pretext to fill your bladder. Michelle told me so much about your pee-show. I just have to see it on my own! – Get on your knees and look at my breasts right now!” – She started to unbutton her blouse revealing the top of two smooth boobs bulging out of a black bra. One Mississippi – she took a beaker – two Mississippi and positioned it under my cock and then my pee show started. With the flow that emptied my bladder, my mind went empty and I started to recite my personal humiliating poem:
You have that power over me
when I see breasts i have to pee
there is no chance: a single glance
will trigger me to wet my pants
and when i stare and admire cleavage
the only joy for me is leakage
When i see breasts i have to pee
Would you please make fun of me!
I ended ashamed with a rock hard erection. The doctor was still laughing hard “Oh that was really hilarious! Next time I make a video and use it for one of my case studies on hypnosis! ” The nurse entered and clapped her hands in front of her mouth when she saw me kneeling in the middle of the room naked and shaved with a rock hard erection. The doctor instructed: “he is ready for a sperm sample. Please do a mucosal swab. Take a blood sample and last but not least he well need some anesthetic cream applied to his penis. Than I will be back for a last consultation”
I was still naked when the doctor entered again. “That was a tough 45 min for you . How do you feel right now?” “I think it is much better that you know about my situation Ma’am. Hiding all the kinky things -especially with my doctor – is very difficult. I am grateful for your tolerance and understanding, Ma’am. I guess it is not very common to be surrounded by such kind of people, Ma’am ” “That is good to hear! Actually these were exactly Michelle’s words when we discussed the situation. You are in good hands – be assured of that! The other thing I discussed with Michelle is your chastity cage. I will install a new medical grade one on you today. It involves a piercing that will heal while the belt is locked on. Is the numbing cream already taking effect?” I carefully pinched and pressed my cock
“Yes ma’am, I do not feel anything down there. Mistress”
“Fantastic – this will start to wear off in about 30 min – so let’s get started. Lay on the table please and I guess it is better when I cover your head with a surgical cloth – you might prefer not to watch.” At first I felt the coldness of the disinfection but after that I could not tell what she was doing.
After not more than 10 minutes she smiled and wiped me clean. What I saw was a tiny thing of shiny metal, not more than an inch in length. I could neither figure out the role of the piercing nor how it was locked and held in place. “Tiny and tight – you will love how comfortable it feels! And about the usage – it will be easy for you to figure out on your own how to urinate – you are the expert for that, regarding the other uses – well, there are none for you. For cleaning just rub a little soap everywhere and rinse it extensively. That is all for today, I will give you a next appointment in 3 days to check on it. Do you have any questions?”
Indeed I had question: “How does it unlock and where are the emergency keys, Ma’am? I used to have an emergency key at home in case of medical trouble, Ma’am” She answered with a smile: “Well, that will be much easier for you with this new device, Your Domina has one key and the second key remains here with me. In case of trouble or just for checkup you can come to me and you do not need to remove the belt,. I will, if necessary”
There was nothing to say but “Thank You, Ma’am!” But before I was released into a new life Mistress, Doctor asked .“One last question – just out of curiosity: Michelle can remove the trigger easily in just one appointment anytime. Are you aware of that?
“Yes, Ma’am i figured that out – but it is not important anymore, I am sure Domina will remove it when it is in my best interest.”


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