I will be writing a series of short stories on a number of topics that I know would be of interest to you. Think of them as bedtime stories that I am reading to you after I tucked you into bed. This first one has to do with the Unethical Therapist and Her efforts to enslave unsuspecting patients, who come to her for therapy, into a life of servitude to Her greedy demands. WICKED? But I know you will find it quite stimulating.


Mr. Douglas, I’m happy to see that you were able to make it a little earlier for this week’s session. I think with this extra time, we can get at the bottom of your unsettled feelings about the direction your life is taking at this time. Take a seat….no, better to just lie down on the couch. Let’s try something new and different this time. I need you to trust me and just relax. I’m going to help you focus on what your priorities are and ways to achieve them.

Does that sound like the direction you want to go? Oh, good. Now just close your eyes. Relax and just focus on My voice and listen carefully to everything I tell you. Together we will begin to release the stress that is making you so unsettled and unhappy. I want you to learn to let go for Me and slip into a deeply relaxed pleasurable trance. You will awake with the feeling of the most relaxing sleep you have ever had. Close your eyes, and take long, deep breaths. Feel the muscles in your face and body begin to relax, from your head to your toes. You are breathing deeply and comfortably. All the muscles of your body are relaxing, more and more deeply with each breath.

You are so glad to be here, alone with your Therapist. You love spending more time with Me, so intimate and personal. You trust Me to help you solve all your problems, so let go and fall deeper into sleep…think of the random times I come into your thoughts and dreams….

Feel the stimulation of My voice and words. Your mind is at ease, so obedient, submissive and receptive to Me. You feel yourself aroused by my words. My voice is extremely pleasurable and your reaction is perfectly natural. You are completely relaxed, comfortable, sleepy and focused on my voice. you lie there and see yourself as My obedient, submissive patient. I want you to sink even more deeply, and see and experience all the things that I am about to describe to you

My voice and words trigger your arousal. Get closer to Me. Come to depend more and more on My suggestions and instructions. Let everything just drift away. you want to leave your troubles behind by focusing more attention on Me. I am your pleasure and you obsession. You now live for these moments with Me, to give of yourself to your therapist.

you seem so aroused. Are you lost in the pleasure of submission and obedience just listening to My instructions? Did you know this about yourself, Mr. Douglas? You are a perfectly submissive man, greatly in need of a dominant Woman like Myself. We both can benefit from an arrangement where you will serve Me and only Me. That’s what makes this so special, personal and intimate. Think of Me as the gateway to your happiness. Pleasing Me will make you happy. It will make you healthier. The more you please Me the happier and healthier you will become. You desire this profoundly, and I am here to help you. It’s pretty straightforward. Just listening to my voice relaxes you more and more completely. Deeper and deeper, you become more and more obedient. So good to be obedient and relaxed. Feel how good it is to relax, feel yourself slip away, deeper and deeper, more and more obedient and relaxed. your whole body is completely relaxed and your mind has become completely submissive and obedient and open to all My instructions. Now listen and obey.

Let the relaxation flow deeper. The more you obey the more comfortable and aroused you become. I can see how big and hard you have become. That is the reward of submission and obedience. Now feel My ownership. you love to hear Me talk to you like this, don’t you? you want to belong to Me and have Me take total control over you, don’t you, Mr. Douglas? No worries to think about. Just think about pleasing Me….. Everything is more exciting that way.

Simply listening to my voice, you must obey. Relax further and deeper. Each time you hear me speak to you like this, you become more and more submissive, more and more obedient. Listening to my voice and obeying me is all you want to do. So, now what will be the next steps in your therapy and recovery? Just follow what I’m about to tell you as you will always want to obey Me.

Whenever you hear My voice say ‘Mr. Douglas, obey Me, now’, you will find
yourself becoming sexually aroused. Whether I say it in person to you or on the phone, you will find yourself immediately becoming more and more sexually excited with thoughts of serving and obeying your Therapist. In fact, just thinking about Me will also trigger your sexual arousal.

You won’t be able to keep it from happening. It will simply happen each and every time you hear my words. Every time you hear my voice, you will find yourself becoming even more and more aroused, more and more sexually excited. I now control your arousal and your orgasms. you want and need My control to help you experience pleasure and happiness.

This is how you will serve Me, Mr. Douglas, spoiling Me whenever you will feel the need, the craving, the desire to orgasm. How does that sound? The idea is so arousing, isn’t it? Admit the truth to yourself. You CRAVE My Orgasm Control and you need to receive My permission for each and every orgasm. This is how you want to serve and obey me, how you NEED to serve and obey. you are a naturally submissive and obedient man. I think we have achieved a breakthrough, Mr. Douglas. I understand you. This is your destiny. It’s going to be so exciting for you to see just how far you will go to please Me.

The more you want and desire My control, the more your body will become ready to release. It is simply how it will be. you will want to please your Therapist and come beg Me for release. You will think of only Me when you are excited and release regardless of whether you are alone or with your sex partner. I know you are married……… Yes, I can definitely help you with that problem, as long as you become My slave and think only of Me.

We can discuss this more at the end of our session and work out an arrangement. I will give you permission to call Me if you need to hear My voice telling you what to do or want My instructions when you are with your wife…

I can give you a pair of My worn, dirty panties. And a pair of My stockings to put on your hand when you stroke yourself. You can kneel naked, submissive and obedient, stroking yourself and I can give you My picture or maybe record a little theme for you to repeat while worshiping your Mistress.

As I believe it will be useful and effective, I will give you a collar next session to wear as a reminder that I am now your Mistress who you are devoted to please. The feel of my collar around your neck will reinforce your conditioning. You should imagine being subservient to your Mistress in certain ways like kissing and licking My feet. We will practice that for next time with a more hands on session. I can have some of other tools I will be using for your therapy ready and waiting as well.

But now we need to agree on a satisfactory arrangement for My compensation, since you will come to Me with all your problems and issues at work and at home. I will allow you to focus on your wife for your lovemaking. She will become more desirable. You will be more aroused for her because you will be serving Me when you are with her. you will find yourself very focused on serving your Mistress whenever you have a need for release.

My guidance makes your arousal stronger. you will reward Me with a gift for being so helpful to you are we personalize our relationship, for bringing you the pleasure of submission and obedience.

This therapy is intended to help relieve all stress and help you focus on your new priorities. Clearly, and I know you will completely agree, your first priority is to make Me happy and satisfied if you wish to remain My patient? Very good, Mr. Douglas. We are making progress. Shall we agree on a payment schedule and future appointments?

I can have you come into the office every two week and on the other week you can feel free to call Me to see if there is anything you need. In the meantime I can get some used panties and stockings to take home as a therapeutic aid.

What financial arrangement do you find appropriate, Mr. Douglas? Yes, $500 for office visits and $200 for an hour phone session is very appropriate. I will be happy to take a check for today’s session, but in future I will expect cash. I believe we will have a very productive relationship. I am pleased that you show initiative for taking responsibility for your therapy and recovery.

In the meantime, is there anything else I can do for you, Mr. Douglas?……………….
It’s not something I would do personally for you, but it certainly sounds like something I can arrange for you, at an additional cost, of course. I have a very talented assistant with exactly the kind of skills you need. I see you are a generous man and I’ll get back to you on the details before your next visit.

I’ll get you My panties and stockings while you write Me your check for today. If you want to pay extra for them you can add $200………..and I know you will wish to, as it will please me very much. I haven’t washed them, but I am sure you will prefer them “au natural”. Use their fragrence to keep Me fresh in your mind and put them in your pockets. Be sure your wife doesn’t find them. I’ll send some pictures of Me wearing panties and stockings if you continue to make progress like you have today.

I expect this to be a very successful arrangement. I will see you next time and have everything in place for you. But, we’ll talk before then. I expect to hear from you, soon. Yes, you may stroke yourself later today for Me, Mr. Douglas. Your future orgasms will be fee events, however, so it might be more convenient for you to have My bank information so you can just make the required deposits from home whenever we talk on the phone, or you need to relax and release or want My approval to be with your wife. Secretly wearing My slave collar will work wonders for you. I’ll let you decide what is an appropriate tribute for these additional therapeutic services you need from Me. I know you will not disappoint me. It will show how much you appreciate Me for the improvements I will make to your life. Submitting to me and receiving these therapies cannot be valued too highly, I’m sure you will agree.

Next time, we’ll discuss some additional arrangements concerning My assistant. And I’ll have a special name for you, instead of Mr. Douglas. Have a good day.


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