My pet, for this week your assignment is to make a “hard” copy of your Oath. Only if it is safe for you to display it, have it framed to keep in the place where you mantra. OR, if appropriate for your situation, keep it in a safe and secure place. Here is your Oath and commitment to Domina/Princess Shelle. you are to put your slave name, even hand written, in the appropriate space before duplicating it. your oath of PROMISE —- I take this oath and accept it’s meaning. This is my life, from this day forward. As Domina/Princess Shelle’s collared slave, I  __________________ do solemnly swear, from this day forward, to place the needs, wants and desires of my owner, Domina Shelle above my own. i will at all times think of Her, love Her, serve Her, and strive to please Her. Domina Shelle will always be at the forefront of my mind. i will constantly seek ways to please Her and make every effort possible to make Her life as pleasant as possible. i will make every effort possible to further my training, so as to become the best possible slave i can be for Domina Shelle. i will listen to Domina Shelles files so as to become more and more open to Her will and control. i will obey Her every command without thought or hesitation. This promise i make to You, Domina/Princess Shelle. i am Yours to command own and control, i am Your property, to do with as You will. From this day forward, my life is Yours. My Promise— I have been so pleased with you, My pet, that I want to express My appreciation for your commitment to serving Me as your Domina Owner. I have plans to reward you in a number of ways for your outstanding obedience, for your expressions of devotion to making My life easier and more pleasant, for your sacrifices and considerations on My behalf, and, particularly, for your acknowledgement of My ownership with your expressions of love by generously supporting Me with tributes and gifts. I, your Mistress Owner will reward you. That is MY oath to you. Download your copy of the oath to print out.


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