One month of real training had passed.

John walked into the front door of his home and felt the need pulling at him to perform his daily chores. Dr. Rivers, or Domina as he now called Her, had literally made Herself at home these last few months. His old bedroom was now Hers while he moved himself to what used to be a home office as it was the smallest spare room in the house. He made sure the house was always clean, prepared all the meals and did anything else She asked him to do.

He had spent the entire day thinking about the last few months and the irritation at acting like a personal servant had started to boil over. It came from deep down inside of him and was starting to surface in anger and resentment. His will had started to resolve, and he was ready to let Her know that this whole thing was through. He was done acting like this simply because his dick got hard whenever She was around. This relationship, for lack of a better word, was over and done with.

The sound of heels clicked on the wooden floor from down the hallway. His head turned to where the sound was coming from and he saw Her walking towards him, “welcome home pet, how was your day?” The sound of Her voice seemed to tear at the resolve he had worked up. The smile She gave was one of amusement, as if there was some hidden joke he was missing.

“Look Shelle,” his angst unmistakable in the tone of his voice, “we can’t go on like this. You can’t stay here anymore.”

In a near child like gesture She softly clapped Her hands together as She went up on the toes of the black heels She was wearing, “I’m so happy you have worked so hard to find your resistance for me pet.”

He tried to understand why She would be so happy about him being mad at Her and asking that She leave. She stood there in tight fitting blue jeans and a black top that put Her cleavage on full display. Her hands had gone to Her hips and She said nothing more, only looked at him.

“Shelle, this is not right,” he gestured in Her direction trying to find the words to vocalize the way he felt.

“Oh good pet, stand your ground. Get your will nice and hard for Me,” Her voice started to have its normal effect on him. He felt his cock start to stir but told himself he was not going to let that distract him this time.

“I can’t be your servant like this, I need more from a relationship than what’s been going on here,” as he spoke She slowly started walking towards him. The sway of Her hips walking in the black high heels was just as antagonizing as Her voice.

“Good My baby, tell Me more,” reaching out She softly took his hand and gently pulled him down the hallway towards the living room.

“Look,” the words were getting harder to say, “I…it’s just that…I don’t think I want this.” His voice was losing the tenacity it had only moments earlier.

She pulled him into the living room and led him to the white leather couch She had moved in with the rest of Her things. Gently he felt himself being pushed down to sit on the couch, “don’t let your resistance to Me run and hide pet. Bring it out for Me,” She straddled his lap, sitting on his thigh looking down into his eyes.

“We can’t…I don’t know if…,” the words were slipping away from him.

“Oh pet,” She said in mock dismay, “have your words left you?” She unfastened his pants and deftly freed his now hard cock out of his pants. “I know My baby, you’re already going under for Me. All that resistance is building up and moved down into your balls.”

The slow stroking started and John’s thoughts seemed to be pulled away from him. Every time a thought tried to coalesce it was pulled away by the strokes. “Yes baby, pulling all those thoughts of resistance down into your sex now. We’re going to free you of them today. I’m going to get that last bit of resistance out of you yet.”

Her voice droned on as he gazed up at Her, his mind fuzzy and incoherent. “We are getting closer pet to making you a slave,” the stroking was slow and steady, his breathing becoming heavier, “once we’ve rid you of any resistance to My wants and needs you’ll be perfect. You want to be perfect for Me don’t you John?”

“Yes,” he breathed out as Her voice echoed in his mind. Her hand on his cock as firmly as Her voice was on his mind.

“That’s right baby, now let’s pull all those thoughts down further into your crotch and feel them building there. You want to let go of them John. You want to give up those thoughts. You want to give up your will and hand it over to Me. Your mind already knows what it needs to do. Your mind wants to free itself to My control. It knows what needs to be done.” Every stroke of Her hand made his whole body quiver. The euphoric fog of his sexual desire was like a drug coursing through his body. Everything about Her stoked his lust making it harder and harder to fight.

“This is so easy for Me John. At first I snuck into your mind through a small crack made by your own lust. Over the past few months I have slowly widened that crack and once I have widened it until there is nothing else you’ll be mine forever. My presence is already too much for you but when you give up the last of your resistance the thought of Me will be just as powerful. Your mind is going to think of Me constantly and those thoughts will make you want to think about Me more. You’re getting caught up now in an endless spiral of joy and lust knowing you will be mine.”

Her words made his body shake as much as the gentle hand that rubbed his cock up and down. She was on top of him immobilizing his entire body with the gentle touch of Her hand and the soft caress of Her voice on his mind. “All your resistance building up so you can release it and be free to My control. The fantasy becoming reality. Your lust is being used to enslave you. You thought it a wonderful fantasy that deep down frightened you to your very core. Now I am taking that fear away so you can embrace your fantasy John. Feel it John. Feel how strongly your want to be My slave.”

Her words evoked every sensation She described throughout his body. Throughout his soul. She was touching parts of his inner self he never consciously acknowledged. The fear was there in his core and the gentle tug of Her hand was pulling it away from him. Pulled down into his groin that added to the pressure that was slowly building.

“Oh so close now pet,” Her breath was hot on his ear, “you’re going to give away that resistance. Give up your will. You’re going to feel it shoot out of you until all that’s left is the desire to serve Me. The desire to continue to take care of My needs and support Me.. The desire to please Me. My brainwashing of you will be complete. Your deep desire to be My slave fulfilled. Feel it John. Feel the burning desire to serve Me pushing that resistance out of you.”

A warm rush ran through his body and the tension between his legs burst like a dam. He swam in an ocean of euphoria. His body lurched and was held down by the one on top of him as he cried out over and over. Her hand continued to rub his cock without stopping. The strokes turned from pleasure to torture and She stroked him.

“Good John. This is what it feels like to be a good slave John. You endure all the ways I torture you and you love it.” His moans were no longer from euphoric rush but from agony in the guise of pleasure. “Being My slave means suffering for Me as well as serving Me. Suffer for Me now John and love Me for it.” “Yes Domina, i love You for it”.


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