Chapter 1

He was becoming aware, the blackness fading, the whispers of an angel voice just on the periphery of hearing, the constant sound of the white noise becoming all-pervasive. He felt as though he was swimming to the surface from a great depth, the light at the surface becoming more noticeable and the white noise slowly fading into the background as the waking world started to take hold.

As the white noise finally faded to silence he opened his eyes to be met with a feeling of pure ecstasy which rippled from the top of his head down to a toe-curling moan of pure physical bliss.

He was awake and his day was just about to begin. A quick mental check, his collar was in place, snug around his neck, he was naked, hard horny and aroused. Ready for another day as Domina Shelle’s owned slave. The pleasure this thought brought to him was now a deeply conditioned response, his horny aroused state an almost permanent way of life which pleased Domina. Being like this made it even easier for Her to control him, made him useful to Her and that was the real purpose of this incredible pleasure.

Another stretch allowed him to bask in another way of pure bliss, something much deeper than mere physical pleasure, something that brought deep arousing pleasure at an emotional level. He sat up looking around the bars of his cage, smiling a goofy, mindless smile at the joy of his situation. The joy of absolute certainty each day, the certainty of knowing his place, his purpose, his reason to be. He was a slave who lived with one purpose: to serve Domina Shelle Rivers, be useful and obedient to Her every whim, and make Her life better. She was Perfection and he served Her Perfection.

He swung off the bed he had been lying on, removed the headphones that he had been wearing until a moment ago, unaware he was wearing. Quickly tidying his bedspace, he made his way over to the bars that made up his cage’s doors. Kneeling submissively, he waited patiently for his Owner to let him out, to give him his first instructions of the day. Just thinking about this happening only increased the arousal he was experiencing. As his arousal increased, his programming kicked in, blocking out any thoughts that were not of Domina, he became more and more focussed on what his purpose was. With no conscious thought, he began to quietly chant his mantra.

“She is Mistress; i am slave, She is Owner, i am owned; She is to be pleased, i am to please Her; why is this? Because She is Mistress and i am slave. i will obey Domina Shelle forever, i will obey Domina Shelle forever! i love, honour and obey Domina Shelle and no one else!”

As he knelt and chanted this mantra over and over, his arousal increased again, as his arousal increased he became more mindless and more focussed on
Domina which drove the meaning of the mantra deeper and deeper into his
unconsciousness. With each repetition of his mantra She was clearer in his mind, as real as though She were standing in front of him and the more clearly he saw Her, the more his arousal increased, the more desperate his chanting, the more desperate his need to serve Her.

It could have been minutes, it could have been hours, he neither knew nor cared, he just knelt and chanted his mantra. Somewhere deep in his mind where the little piece of his consciousness still existed, he knew that what he was doing made him a better, more obedient slave to Domina and that was at the very core of his deeply programmed mind.

Suddenly, a loud click interrupted his chanting as the door to his cage unlocked and swung open. A second later a voice of an Angel called out “624, fetch your leash and come here. I have use of you”.

It was as though a switch had been flipped in his brain, the words that had just been spoken deeply etched out in his mind, shattering any illusion of free will or conscious thoughts in an instant. He felt as though he were falling, spinning in an endless abyss of blackness punctuated by a single shining star. Laser focussed, he responded to the words with no conscious thought, with no conscious volition. He just responded.

Moving quickly, he rose from his kneeling position, pushed his cage door fully open and moved into the room beyond and over to a small dresser in the corner. Opening a drawer, he pulled out a neatly rolled leather leash, the smell of the leather driving him wild with need. Almost at a run, he moved through a doorway, along a long tastefully decorated corridor, his bare feet sinking into the pile of a plush red carpet. At the end of the hallway, an ornate door which as he approached, caused his heart to race. Standing before the door he took a deep breath and tried to control his racing senses. Another deep breath and then he knocked once on the door, dropping to his knees and bowing his head…waiting.
After what seemed like an eternity he again heard the voice that defined his very
existence. “624, come in!”

He pushed the door open trying not to fall over with the sudden lightheaded rush that hit him as he obeyed the voice. Taking the leash and putting it in his mouth, he crawled on all fours into the room, sinking into the carpet, aware of the power that emanates from the room, aware of the power possessed by the owner of the voice, aware of his total vulnerability and weakness.

As he crawled forward, he was almost overcome with the rich palette of scents that accosted his senses. The scents of perfumes, cosmetics, and the musky scent of pure woman were subtle, not overpowering, but mingling to produce a visceral reaction in him.

Continuing forward he was aware of the legs of a large bed placed in the centre of the room, and the closer he came to it, the more his senses threatened to overpower him. His need was now all but out of control, his arousal threatening to be his undoing. It took all of his long years of programming to enable him to stay focussed on his task, to continue to obey, turning the incredible pleasure into obedience, allowing the physical and emotional responses he was experiencing to make him useful and obedient.

At the foot of the bed, he stopped, head bowed, waiting, trying desperately to stop his pounding slave heart from bursting out of his chest. Somewhere in the deepest recesses of his mind, he had the image of an old cartoon, the character so in love, his heart beating free from his chest as though on a bungee cord, clear for all to see, big red love hearts floating out of its eyes. This fleeting thought evaporated in an instant as the voice spoke to him once more.

“624, come to the side of My bed and look at Me!”

Without a second’s hesitation, he crawled quickly round the bed to the side where the voice had come from. Looking up at the sight that greeted him was almost too much. Domina Shelle Rivers, lying on top of Her bed dressed only in a small pink silk nightdress. The early morning sun just starting to stream into the room illuminated the Perfection of Her face as though spotlighted in a film, the rays of the sun catching the highlights in the mane of silky hair that surrounded Her Perfect face. Her hair looked so soft and silky that the sunlight turned it incandescent, a radiant halo that accentuated the perfect proportions of Her face, Her pouty red lips, flawless skin, framing Her feature as though staged by a master artist.

Her face was serene and relaxed, lovely, divine, but in Her deep brown eyes, there
was a look of power, assured and dominating. As soon as he looked into Her
eyes his world was spinning, so many deeply implanted triggers all released as soon as he gazed into the eyes of his Goddess, his Mistress, his absolute Everything. At that moment he felt even more deeply in love with Her, more helplessly in submission to Her, more enthralled and deeper into slavery to serve Her.

Her eyes sparkled with power, love and wicked thoughts …… no not wicked, he could never think of Domina as wicked, perhaps mischievous, but not wicked.

Her crimson lips moved to capture his entire attention, to become his entire world, “Would you like Me to put your leash on. puppy?” She asked. He tried to respond, tried desperately to respond but no sound would come out, no matter how hard he tried. He panicked, stared at Her with large pleading eyes, silently pleading, please Domina, please.

Her Gorgeous voice giggled, “you can’t speak unless i allow it can you, My puppy? Aww that’s a goodboy. you may answer Me, 624. Would you like Me to leash you?” More of a whimper, a moan than an answer burst forth from his mouth, “please Domina, if it pleases You, please leash me, Domina, pleeeaaase!”

With another sweet giggle, She quickly attached his leash to his slave collar. As She did so he was sure he would finally lose all control and just explode, his desperate need coupled with being this close to Domina threatening to overpower him. Such was the need pulsing within him he moaned and whimpered with no hope of containing it.

Suddenly “Control yourself 624!”.

Instantly he was able to focus, pushing the burning arousal as far back in his mind as possible, he bowed his head hoping that a brief respite from Her Perfection would allow him to get control of himself. As soon as he averted his gaze, She appeared as vividly in his mind. He moaned again, there was no respite, only Domina, his world, his universe.

He felt a tug on his leash and this new sensation was accompanied by the voice saying “624, My feet are still tired from My shift yesterday, come up here and tend to My feet.” Not thinking, not hesitating, he quickly moved to the foot of the bed, but not quickly enough to be unaware of Her closeness, Her scent, Her shapely legs that had inhabited so many of his dreams. With a supreme effort, he stifled his moans, buried his burning lust and focussed only on his task, Her voice still echoing in his head.

Being this close to Domina Shelle was threatening to tear his very soul out of his body. The physical need was beyond anything that he had ever experienced or ever dreamt of. The only thing keeping his need in check was his deeply programmed slave brain, so deeply conditioned to serve his Mistress that this was the only thing allowing him to function. At that instant, his brain seemed to split in two and he became a spectator as his body merely functioned as a puppet on a string.

He knelt, no he prostrated at the feet of his Domina. Such beautiful, sexy feet. Perfectly formed, nails a deep crimson red, his only thought being their nearness and that he had been commanded to soothe them, to tend to them.

Unable to stifle a deep and primal moan, he moved forward until he was just about touching Her perfect feet. He could feel the heat of Her skin, smell the perfume mingling with Her scent. Arousal was again threatening his focus, but Her voice was becoming louder in his head as his programming kicked in again. Almost trance-like, he let his lips touch the tip of Her toe and then there was nothing… no more conscious thoughts, only his body responding to his Domina. He kissed Her toes tenderly, he revelled in the scent of Her toes, he licked, sucked and adored Her feet until his mind was blank. Massaging and kissing his way up Her feet, up Her instep, back down towards the arch of Her foot. Desperately licking and kissing and massaging and licking and sucking and kissing and adoring and worshipping. In a manic state, he worked to bring pleasure to Her, to show both his submission and his love for the perfect woman that he served.

As his tongue and his mouth worked feverishly to pleasure Domina, She let out a soft sigh that spurred his efforts. “Wait, 624, I want to roll over”. With a gentle sigh, She moved slowly to roll onto Her tummy, presenting Her feet to his mouth,
“Continue 624, you are doing well”.

WIth a renewed need he bent to kiss the soles of Her feet, left then right, right then left. Letting his tongue explore between and behind each toe, adoring and worshipping them as each new sensation exploded through him. He lingered on the crease behind each of Her toes, delighting in the taste, greedily sucking each toe into his mouth in turn, kissing each toe, kissing and licking up the arch of each foot. His conditioned slave mind guided him to bring pleasure to his Domina, his slave heart guided him to ensure that each act spoke of his love for his Owner. His pleasure was a reflection of the pleasure he willing gave to his Mistress, his surrender rewarded by arousal beyond any normal level.

Instinctively, he moved further with each passing moment until his kisses and his massages were caressing Her heels, working around Her ankles, working desperately to hear Her pleasure and feed his only need, to please Her, to pleasure Her and to make Her know his need to submit and serve Her.

Working beyond Her ankles he began to worship Her shapely calves, skin so soft and gently scented, legs sculpted to perfection by years of running. His mind enjoyed a second of clarity as he thought this the perfect example of Domina Herself, soft, gentle and feminine on the outside, but incredibly strong on the inside. She was a woman so strong that She could also be soft and vulnerable simultaneously, the perfect mix. A woman who did not need to compete with a man, one who could better him by being a complete woman.

It was a fleeting moment of clarity, perhaps an attempt by his psyche to escape the ensuing madness of his need, his lust, his desire. His desire to please Her, to show Her he belonged to Her and would willingly do anything for Her, do anything for Her even if it was not willingly, show Her that he did not have choices, only obedience.

He was aware of how close to the back of Her knee he had travelled as he adored and worshipped his Goddess. No longer sure if he was driven by a need to pleasure Domina or driven by the pleasure She rewarded him with as he obeyed Her. Did it matter? He lived to please and obey Domina, She rewarded him with pleasure when he pleased and obeyed Her, the pleasure drove him to please and obey Her.

These thoughts spiralling over and over in his mind were still not enough to break his focus on pleasing Her, were still not enough to distract him from the pleasure and the arousal and the need.

As he kissed behind Her left knees, luxuriating in the scent and the taste of Her warm skin, the voice spoke again, husky with pleasure, but still commanding and dominating, “624, stop!”. Instantly he was frozen in place, unable to move and no longer able to adore Her legs which were so tantalizingly close. His breath was ragged and desperate, desperate to sate his need by attempting to breathe Her very essence in.

“624, you have done well and you have pleased your Domina. your training is coming on well but i have other needs now. you may prepare My bath, then return to Me.”

“Yes, Domina!” Almost speech, but at the same time a guttural, primitive noise driven by the pleasure of obedience. He moved with speed and singular purpose to the adjoining bathroom, plush, marbled and here the scents of Domina’s perfumes and cosmetics mingled in a mix of familiar scents that again threatened his ability to stay upright.

Quickly and efficiently, he prepared towels, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and any other products that Domina may require, a routine that was becoming well-rehearsed and very familiar, but one that caused so much pleasure it would never become tiring. Running the water until a warm, scented bubble bath was ready for his Owner, he made one last check to ensure that everything was as it should be, as he had been taught to prepare it. Satisfied, he quickly made his way to kneel by the side of Her bed as She stretched out arching Her perfect body in a lazy movement, setting aside the device She had been checking social media with.

“Is everything as it should be 624?” He nodded his head, unable to speak. She looked at him and giggled, the sound that thrilled him to his very core. “I forgot you cannot speak unless i command it. 624, you may answer my questions. Is everything prepared as it should be?”

“Yes, Domina.”

“That’s My goodboy. This morning you have served me well. Now, as I bathe, you must return to your cage, lie down, put on your headphones and press play to complete this morning’s training. I will call you when I have further need of you.”

“Yes, Domina.”

“624, wait, I almost forgot.” She bent over him and gently stroked his hair, and removed his leash, coiling it up and laying it on the bed, “ I will keep this here just now, your training is going well and I think you may be ready to come out in public today, would you like to go shopping with me?”

This time it was a voice filled with need, lust, submission, all mixed in one long moan of “Yes Domina!”

“Aaaww that’s My goodboy, now go, back to your cage and prove your willingness by accepting all of My brainwashings now!”

He wanted to run out of the room back to his cage and back to his daily brainwashing, instead, he controlled his emotions, reminded himself that he was in the presence of his Owner and whimpered “Thank You Domina”, before slowly
backing out of the room with his eyes downcast.

Once back in the corridor, his pace quickened as he made his way deliberately back to his cage. Quickly pulling the door closed, he heard the satisfying click of the lock engaging. Picking up his headphones and putting them on as he lay down on the mattress, he briefly reflected on this perfect life, the life of serving Perfection, the Perfection that was Domina Shelle Rivers, the Perfection that was his Owner, his Absolute Authority, his Everything.

Pressing play, he closed his eyes as the white noise started to enter his ears, turning his mind blank. Her voice came loud and commanding above the white noise, “slave 624, take a deep breath and SLEEP!”

Spinning, blackness, blank, empty, aroused then


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