In a dark room, in front of his computer, an Asian man sits in front of his computer with his browser open, pointing to the URL: Domina like Paypal Family and Friends best. Clicking on ‘Send’, he realized he has just paid his monthly tribute to his Goddess, his Domina, his Princess Shelle — The Owner of his Mind and Cock. This person is now known as ‘slave ray’, a name bestowed upon him by his Domina, one that She allowed him to have. A day ago, he somehow found his willpower to resist Her, albeit feeble, considering he had sent the monthly tribute the day after resisting. With his momentary resistance he thought his will power had returned. Will power he thought he still possessed.
Ironically, empowered by Her permission for release just a day ago, the first of each month, when Domina graciously allows her slaves to CUM. This monthly ritual, this pattern, a constant scheduled date seemed like a form of repeated indoctrination, an association of release, pleasure, obedience. A deadly combination sweetly allowed by His Domina on a determined date. his logical mind analyses understands this clever wicked ruse of Hers. Her overwhelming sweetness, the graciousness of allowing Her slaves to CUM ties their arousal more and more to Her, forever entwined to Her increasing enslavement. ALL her slaves would truly never be able to find pleasure without Her. slave ray knows all this… But his growing need and desire to CUM overrides his logical thoughts… In his mind he can almost hear Her sweet enchanting voice “Would you like to CUM for Me, my sweet puppy?” And how many of her slaves can truly resist Her? Almost even before he can answer, deep within the recesses of his MIND he can hear Her whisper ..”Never mind I will make THAT CHOICE for you .. CUM my slave. CUM for Domina! CUM for me!” Deep down he knows each allowed orgasm ties his arousal further to his Domina… but he is set up to fail, as his cock throbs uncontrollably begging for release……

You’ve got mail! An alert shows up on Domina Shelle’s mobile phone. Lady H screens the mail and presents the phone to Domina Shelle smiling. “Another poor male enslaved?” A very amused Shelle Rivers asks, Who? Her slave girl, Lady H replies dutifully “it’s that slave ray, again. he just sent his monthly tribute… he’s the one who is about to receive Domina’s panties in his mail soon” and She giggles, sharing a familiar joke with Domina. Shelle feels herself moistening as She recalls how She packed Her pair of dirty panties to mail to this slave, she has named, slave ray. It wasn’t him that aroused Her, just another slave amongst the hundreds, but the process of enslaving this male .. simply made her wet. “It’s almost too easy. once my panties reach him he is doomed to fail… futile resistance.”

Domina whispers to Lady H who is kneeling beside her. Scent addiction.. coupled with hypnosis would be a very powerful weapon indeed.. Lady H could only nod in agreement, barely able to resist the heavenly scent of her Mistress who was so close to her… “he is doomed and obsessed…” she nods in agreement as she looks at Her Domina’s panties. Domina Shelle smiled knowingly at her and whispers “you may proceed…” while she reads the mail from this enslaved male .. slave ray … a bemused smile forming on Her lips as She recalls how hard it was to remember his name … it was w22 .. how irrelevant now … slave ray is a much better name ….

Part 2 – slave ray
slave ray .. that was not his initial name. He was w22, a relatively confident man in his work, quite talented and earning decently for his own needs and family. He prided himself mostly over his logical thinking mind.. always being able to pick the right choices and making smart decisions, at work or at home. Since he was young, his first exposure to seductive powerful women, came from watching vampire movies or movies of seduction.. watching enthralled men fall victim to seductive women.. A vampiress.. weaving their spell of seduction, tantalizing lips and curves, sway of their bodies, seductive whispering voices.. The complete loss of control over his own anatomy and mind struck a chord deep within w22.

Back then, of course, w22 didn’t realize he had submissive tendencies. It was only till puberty at 12, he first masturbated to PORN which interestingly, was a femdom erotica text story, he realized his submissiveness when he ejaculated. A hazy pleasure-filled mind when everything clicked together.. he was a submissive to women and the idea of being under the control of a Dominant Woman was exactly what his heart desired! His first foray into the world of Mind Control came from reading stories at The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive where green stories always indicated a femdom theme…It was almost self-hypnosis in that aspect, the amount of femdom erotica he read weekly.. A vicious self-consuming cycle, eroding his own vanilla-ness if there was such a thing.. he became more and more drawn with the thought and fantasy of being enslaved, being controlled, being MIND controlled… being hypnotized.

That was just the start…. his fantasies included things like.. being in a position of power, but losing that power inevitably to a manipulative and seductive Woman, who had plans for him. Plans of indoctrination, mind control, enslavement. Plans to instill dark sinful fetishes into his mind…

He discovered certain fetishes along the way. Reading so many stories had their effect on him, instilling fetishes he never knew he had…. Some stories like “Panties on his Mind” made him curious about sniffing panties… Of course this did not sit well with the women he tried to date. Naturally, his wife found him weird when he requested her dirty panties. She is vanilla and more submissive than he is. he had no true outlet for his submissive desires. Over the years of growing up, being very internet savvy, he found huge collections of hypnotic files online, legal, illegal, just there for consumption, and he collected them all, compulsively.. Futile attempts to feed the submissive hunger growing within.. or at least to satisfy them. (slave ray has confessed this to Domina Shelle, of course.. he can no longer be dishonest with Her)

He discovered that it was much to no avail. The hunger did not subside and continues to grow over time. Of course, his only way to find some relief from this submissive hunger, was to indulge in more femdom stories, MP3s, videos feeding his mind and his need of being controlled. This led mostly to masturbation which would at times, give him some relief, lessen the hunger in his mind, after some Dominatrix or Hypno-domme controlled him in a video and allowed him to CUM in the safety of his bathroom, private from his family. his little sanctuary where he could be his submissive self… Over the years, his collection grew so extensively that he had most of the files of every Hypno Domme out in the market…But being a very hypno resistant person with an overly logical mind, w22 was not an easy person to hypnotize. Not at all at least he so he thought.

Back in the dark room, slave ray is not so sure anymore. he sits there contemplating his previous life as w22… It was a life where he could buy whatever he wanted and needed… but now he realized he is starting to spend more on his Domina who has become the focus of own wants and needs. slave ray continues to type this essay as his arousal peaks, knowing he is under the control of his Domina Shelle to continue typing this essay as part of her COMMANDS in her latest file, “Reform School Day 1”. slave ray listened to many hypno files but none seemed to have a lasting effect on him until one of his work trips overseas, it kind of happened.

That fateful work trip, w22 brought a collection of hypno files along with him, a compilation of files from several hypnodommes. his initial plans were to masturbate every night to a different hypnodomme at night, relishing the thought of being controlled by a Dominant woman and seeking the increased pleasure from releasing, whilst under the control of a Hypno Domme… It was this single work trip that backfired on him, his desire to relieve his own submissive desires, led to his ultimate enslavement. slave ray became Domina Shelle’s owned property, puppy, pet, plaything, toy, puppet, slave…Whatever She wanted him to be. And his hunger is now all focused on Domina Shelle..

slave ray tries to recollect how it happened…A little hazy but he recalls listening on that fateful night.. He decided to listen to Domina Shelle out of all the Dommes he brought with him… it must have been Her southern sweet voice, Her irresistible allure and gentleness… and the wickedness of Her giggles that made him decide to listen to her files first that trip…. Chastity 1 and 2, which seemed to encourage holding off orgasm for Domina to achieve greater pleasure… The idea took hold after several listens. And slave ray kind of liked the frustration, thinking that he would hold off and get a greater orgasm when he got off work back at his hotel room.. Then there was that eventful sale of Domina Shelle, she labeled it as ‘Spring Sale 50% off every file’ . A logical mind, of course, considers the benefits of the sale as w22 wisely thought to himself. I will email Domina Shelle and ask Her if She can give me the sale considering it’s almost end of the Spring period… To his amazement, She was such a gracious Domina and replied quickly relied..

“Yes, I will offer you the Spring Sale.. what files do you need?” Lady H types into the mobile phone for Domina Shelle as Domina instructs her to reply to the mail from this submissive who calls himself w22. Lady H exclaimed in bewilderment “Why Domina? Why give these inferior males such a BIG discount?” Shelle pats Her head gently. “In due time you will see My pet slave Girl.. giving is receiving.. as these submissives will learn.” Shelle explains smiling a devious smile, with a twinkle in her beautiful eyes. Lady H realizes that each file serves as a training hook that will bait these submissives into becoming her Domina’s slaves, becoming the enslaved males they should be. “What a silly name w22…” Lady H jokes to Domina Shelle Rivers. “I know..” Domina Shelle giggles back and starts to think about the slave name to christen this submissive…..

slave ray reflects She was saying ‘Pick your Poison puppy’ with her giggles echoing in his mind….
His first lost of control that night with the arousal from the chastity files. Listening to both “The Key” after listening to “The Lock” neither worked because slave ray managed to CUM after the file told him to go ahead and try.. So slave ray isn’t even quite sure why he bought “The Key”,but the act of following orders in the file, slave ray realizes is a kind hypnosis by itself… slave ray finds himself thinking and trying to analyze what was happening…. if the hypnosis did not work… but he is still following the orders within the File.. So did the hypnosis work or not? Or did the hypno file intend for the listener to follow the orders? slave ray is not sure anymore as he purchased his first ‘bulk purchase’ of hypno files from Domina Shelle.

You’ve got mail! Lady H exclaims in surprise as she reads the content to her Domina Shelle. “W22 has paid $281 via paypal” .. “He really bought all the new files Mistress!” Shelle smiles at Lady H and states “Of course, We’re not going to let this one escape, are we?” Lady H nods in agreement and she saw a wicked grin on her Domina’s beautiful face.. Her luscious lips forming a slight curved smile as She starts planning his brainwashing.

slave ray recollects in his dark room, his aroused state comes and goes.. He contemplates how it became like this..Is he really brainwashed now or is it just his submissive needs overpowering him, causing him to buy every new file. immediately? His logical brain tells him “What are you doing? Wait for the next big sale if you really want these files, its more logical!” .. But his MIND is overwhelmed by his throbbing COCK. In his obsession, he writes to Domina begging to purchase the next file, knowing that paying via paypal would benefit his Domina from taxes as well as she paying a much lower commission. He does this to please Her when sees the incoming paypal notification….
He remembers just a few days ago typing an email to Domina, confessing about how he possesses her files downloaded prior to becoming her Contracted slave..

“Dearest Domina, I must confess to you.. as I can no longer be dishonest to you… I have a large collection of unauthorized files from your hypno collection.. please forgive me, I have bought all your new files ever since I became Contracted, can you forgive me please?” Lady H reads aloud to Domina relaxing on her white couch. “Such obedience.. and honesty, Yes I want this slave ray to become WHOLLY mine … we are going to train his Mind and Cock to be irrevocably tied to Me, is that understood?” Shelle instructs Lady H on her plans for W22.. Lady H feels a slight tinge of jealousy but knows that She will eventually get to CONTROL him as well and even punish him.. “Lets name him slave ray….”

slave ray falls deeper in his memories and recalls that fateful day when a message appeared in W22’s mailbox and it reads “My sweet puppy.. would you like to be CONTRACTED? I will allow you into Slave for Shelle website and all those benefits and My attention, if you are CONTRACTED to me…” W22 eagerly replied ‘Yes Domina, Please allow me to SIGN the contract’. In his heightened state of arousal from chastity files #1 and #2, having just humped his hotel bolsters in frustration and NEEDING to CUM….

Memories come back. His life has changed a lot after he signed the slave CONTRACT.. He recalls begging for a lifetime contract and Domina Shelle admonished him for being too HASTY.. she wanted his slavery process to be progressive and enjoyable, for her own amusement and pleasure…It is only for 6 months because Domina wanted to make sure Her slave measured up before allowing him a longer contract..

Lady H laughs when Domina Shelle described how slave ray wanted to seek a lifetime contract right away.. “Such a weak male” she muses.. and they both break out laughing. “We will break him surely… he has confessed he has a wife and I will allow him to perform his marital duties of course… allowing SEX even…” Shelle explained to her slave girl. “However, what he doesn’t realize is.. as much as I graciously allow him to… he will soon find that he is UNABLE to unless it is as My sex toy, My slave following My instructions” … she snickers softly, while Lady H kneels beside her, painting and polishing her Mistress’s glossy red nails, both hand and feet. Lady H raises a brow and Shelle proceeds to explain “See.. my brainwashing of all male slaves make their arousal IRREVOCABLY tied to Me. There is no ESCAPE. They are ONLY AROUSED by Me. How can they have sex with their wives, except as My beta male slave?” She lets out an evil laugh. “Such ingenuity Mistress!” Lady H exclaims excitedly, knowing deep down Her own desires as the same for Domina, needing to please Her Domina. “Write giving him the contract rules… There will be no PORN allowed in his life from now on… only source of RELIEF is going to be My pictures, My voice.. and My PERMISSION WITH A TRIBUTE.. slave ray is to remain strictly LOYAL to ONLY ME.. Send this to all slaves as well.. Without my permission, slave is unable to CUM.. make it in the LOOP files and have them listen for weeks.”

Sometimes his mind wanders after CUMMING and feels some resistance coming back and wonders if he can ESCAPE Her after 6 months of slavery… But the very next moment the HORNINESS and AROUSAL takes hold and slave ray BEGS Domina to increase her HOLD and DOMINATION over his Mind… “Please Domina, could you create more CURSE files that would make me perpetually aroused and unable to CUM? AND LET THE NEXT CONTRACT BE FOR A LIFETIME,” he emails Her desperately, as AROUSAL takes hold of him and clouds his mind again…

“Domina .. I don’t know what I am becoming and I am afraid… I bought anal toys that can be controlled over the internet (lovense edge), a cock collar.. butt plug… chastity cage cb6000s… I would normally not buy these things. I also spent close to $400 sgd on Domina’s files in June… I hardly have time for anything else after work.. all I want is to listen to YOUR VOICE whenever I have free time… I am afraid Domina. What is happening to me… Yet I CRAVE a deeper addiction.” Domina Shelle nods Her head, “he will be ready soon for more enslavement and brainwashing.. he doesn’t realise it, yet but he has already changed into an enslaved mindset…. he needs My CONTROL more everyday as he is coming to realize.” Lady H is amazed how fast this slave has become so enslaved to her Domina… The sheer hypnotic power of Her Domina is very impressive considering how slave ray explained he had little time and privacy to fully listen to Domina’s files all the time…

“We may have to come up with some personalized CURSE file for him to break him down further.. Maybe My Purple Virus. Maybe I send him to you to use his toys against him. ” Shelle touches the chin of Her slave Girl and tilts her face upwards looking into her eyes. “You know I will use these same ideas to break you further too, understand?” She toys with Lady H who shudders in sheer pleasure of having her Domina looking down at her, knowing her true place is at her feet. “Yes Domina” Lady H moans in pleasure of her servitude to Domina Shelle..
slave ray, in his dark room, suddenly chants to himself mindlessly and starts stroking:
She is Mistress and i am slave.
She is Owner and i am owned.
She commands and i obey.
She is to be pleased and i am to please.
Train me to beg for Your orgasm control.
To please and spoil and earn the privilege to stroke,
To obey whatever i’m told and win Your permission,
To live in total servitude and enslavement to Domina.
Princess Shelle owns me.. i will obey Her forever


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